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Quilts #101 [TV-G]
Tips from experts about evaluating the treasures that may be locked away in your attic.

Enameled Ware #102 [TV-G]
Tips from experts about evaluating the treasures that may be locked away in your attic.

Roseville Pottery #103 [TV-G]
Tips from experts about evaluating the treasures that may be locked away in your attic.

Early American Toys #104 [TV-G]
Tips from experts about evaluating the treasures that may be locked away in your attic.

Perfume Bottles #105 [TV-G]

Furniture Evaluation Special #106 [TV-G]

Native American Baskets #107 [TV-G]

Samplers #108 [TV-G]

Early American Ironware #109 [TV-G]

Spongeware #110 [TV-G]

Political Memorabilia #111 [TV-G]

World War II Edged Weapons #112 [TV-G]
Tips from experts about evaluating the treasures that may be locked away in your attic.

The All-Appraisal Show #113 [TV-G]
Tips from experts about evaluating the treasures that may be locked away in your attic.

The Scott Antiques Market #114 [TV-G]
Tips from experts about evaluating the treasures that may be locked away in your attic.

Vintage Luggage #115 [TV-G]
Tips from experts about evaluating the treasures that may be locked away in your attic.

Flow Blue #116 [TV-G]
Tips from experts about evaluating the treasures that may be locked away in your attic.

Vintage Fabrics #117 [TV-G]
Tips from experts about evaluating the treasures that may be locked away in your attic.

Costume Jewelry #118 [TV-G]

Victorian Children's Clothes #119 [TV-G]

Lunch Boxes #120 [TV-G]

Victorian Majolica Pottery #121 [TV-G]

Tin and Paper Boxes #122 [TV-G]

American Cut Glass #123 [TV-G]

Autographs #124 [TV-G]

The Huston Museum #125 [TV-G]

Peachblow #126 [TV-G]

Historical Blue and White #127 [TV-G]

Royal Bayreuth #128 [TV-G]

Tiffany with Joe and Helaine #201 [TV-G]
Joe and Helaine visit the Tiffany Exhibit at the Knoxville Museum of Art.

Preparing To Buy at Auction #202 [TV-G]
Joe visits Richard Hatch at his Auction House in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

Fiestaware #203 [TV-G]
Helaine talks with Tom Wallwork of Harpers Ferry, WV.

Civil War Swords #204 [TV-G]
Joe talks with Joey Groseclose of Kingsport, TN.

Children's Bonnets #205 [TV-G]
Helaine talks with Marcie Schmidt of Frederick, Maryland.

Nippon #206 [TV-G]
Joe talks with Dottie Maske of Germantown, Maryland.

Cap Pistols #207 [TV-G]
Joe talks with Gary Davis of Jefferson City, TN.

Blenko Glass #208 [TV-G]
Joe talks with Richard Blenko III of Milton, WV.

Etchings #209 [TV-G]
Joe talks with Conrad Graeber, Glydon, Maryland.

Eyeglasses #210 [TV-G]
Helaine talks with Mike Henry, Myersville, Maryland.

Buttons #211 [TV-G]
Joe and Helaine look at a great collection.

Quimper #212 [TV-G]
Helaine talks with Joan Datesman, Annapolis, Maryland.

Hat Pins #213 [TV-G]
Joe and Helaine look at an extensive collection.

Furniture #214 [TV-G]
Helaine talks with John Coker of New Market, TN.

World War II Aviation Patches #215 [TV-G]
Joe talks with Joey Groseclose of Kingsport, TN.

Figural Inkwells #216 [TV-G]
Joe talks with Richard Hatch of Hendersonville, TN.

Southern Pottery #217 [TV-G]
Helaine talks with Carol Wahler, Knoxville, TN.

Fine Art #218 [TV-G]
Joe talks with Woody Staub, Panacea, Florida.

Vintage Tools #219 [TV-G]
Joe talks with Bill Henry of Oak Ridge, TN.

Metal Furniture #220 [TV-G]
Helaine talks with Rick Fung of Knoxville, TN.

American Belleek #221 [TV-G]
Helaine talks with Rick Crane of Knoxville, TN.

Political Memorabilia #222 [TV-G]
Helaine talks with Andy Simon of Maryville, TN.

Fountain Pens #223 [TV-G]
Joe talks with Dr. Dan Vick of Silver Springs, Maryland.

Thimbles #224 [TV-G]
Joe and Helaine examine a special collection of thimbles.

Daguerreotypes #225 [TV-G]
Helaine talks with John Coker of New Market, TN.

Souvenir Spoons #226 [TV-G]
Joe talks with Richard Hatch of Hendersonville, NC.

Pearls #227 [TV-G]
Joe talks with Joe Mackley of Knoxville, TN.

Civil War Pistols #228 [TV-G]
Joe talks with Joe Groseclose of Kingsport, TN.

Shopping Tag Sales #229 [TV-G]
Joe shops Junior League "Bag-a-Bargain."

Most Frequently Asked Questions #230 [TV-G]
Joe and Helaine answer viewers' most asked questions.

Closed Captioned Original Posters #301 [TV-G]
Joe talks with Jim Lapides of International Poster Gallery in Boston about European posters: their color, their fascinating and beautiful graphics, and their unexpectedly high values.

Closed Captioned Pullman Cars #302 [TV-G]
Helaine talks with long-time collector and train station restaurateur David Duncan of Knoxville, TN. Duncan explores the bygone era when train travel was an event to be savored and discusses the vast array of memorabilia available from the now-vanished Pullman cars.

Closed Captioned Cold Painted Bronzes #303 [TV-G]
Joe talks with Joe Zobel of Crompand, NY about painted bronzes. These romantic creations include lamps depicting scenes from the Arabian desert and a wide variety of figures, from cute and cuddly animals to mechanical pieces that change as they are opened or have parts removed.

Closed Captioned Napkin Dolls #304 [TV-G]
Bobbie Zucker Bryson of Tuckahoe, NY talks with Helaine about charming dolls that were designed to hold napkins on the kitchen table—now highly collectible and hard to find.

Closed Captioned Trade Blankets #305 [TV-G]
Trade blankets were once a part of many American homes: Children took them to camp or made tents out of them in their rooms. Now their Native American-inspired designs make them highly collectible.

Closed Captioned Outsider Art #306 [TV-G]
Joe and Luise illuminate the much misunderstood subject of folk or "outsider" art.

Closed Captioned Industrial Art #307 [TV-G]
A fun, fast-paced examination of a wide range of collectible household items.

Closed Captioned Vietnam Memorabilia #308 [TV-G]
Despite the fact that the Vietnam era is still a very sensitive subject with many Americans, certain kinds of memorabilia from that painful conflict are now considered rare and valuable.

Closed Captioned Tramp Art #309 [TV-G]
Helaine, a specialist on tramp art, talks with fellow expert Jonathan Taylor of New York City.

Closed Captioned Goofus Glass #310 [TV-G]
Joe talks with Annie Parrott of Knoxville, TN about goofus glass. Much maligned in the past, this type of glassware is now a hot commodity on the antiques market.

Closed Captioned Hooked Rugs #311 [TV-G]
People used to literally walk all over them, but now many hooked rugs are considered works of art. Helaine talks with New York gallery owner Laura Fisher about these underfoot creations.

Closed Captioned Stamps #312 [TV-G]
Joe talks with Harry Hagendorf of the Columbian Stamp Company in Scarsdale, NY. In a switch from the usual emphasis, they focus on stamps that, for the most part, are not valuable.

Closed Captioned Copper #313 [TV-G]
Eve Stone of Woodbridge, CT joins Helaine for a look at some unusual copper molds.

Closed Captioned Japanese Woodblock Prints #314 [TV-G]
Telling the difference between a reproduction Japanese wood-block print and the real thing can be difficult. Joe talks with Sally Pleet of Things Japanese Gallery in New York City about how to distinguish between valuable old prints and a myriad of fakes.

Closed Captioned Kitchen Collectibles #315 [TV-G]
Helaine talks with Bobbie Zucker Bryson of Tuckahoe, NY about the sometimes astounding values of certain kitchen items.

Closed Captioned Coins #316 [TV-G]
Are those state quarters really going to be valuable someday? Joe talks about that question and other aspects of modern coin collecting with Bob Walter of Sam Sloat Coins in Westport, CT.

Closed Captioned Handbags #317 [TV-G]
Beaded purses, mesh bags, leather bags, and Nantucket bags are all collectible—and increasingly expensive. Helaine sorts out what's truly valuable in the world of handbags with Cheryl Clark of Greenwich, CT.

Closed Captioned Letters on Military Memorabilia #318 [TV-G]
Joe and Joey Groseclose of Kingsport, TN answer viewers' questions about antique weapons and items related to military service.

Closed Captioned Sunglasses #319 [TV-G]
Sunglasses are a relatively new area for collectors. Helaine talks with Vince Plescia of New York City about the history of this type of eyewear and the fun of finding unusual or rare examples.

Closed Captioned Violins #320 [TV-G]
Joe talks with John Larrimore of Richmond, VA about how to spot the truly valuable violins.

Closed Captioned Andirons #321 [TV-G]
Helaine talks with Janice Strauss of South Salem, NY about how to distinguish valuable "fireplace furniture" from the not-so-valuable.

Closed Captioned Radios #322 [TV-G]
Almost every attic shelters an old radio. Joe talks with Charlotte Mager of WAVES in New York City about the values of some common models.

Closed Captioned Arts and Crafts #323 [TV-G]
Arts and Crafts, or Mission, furniture has an intense following among collectors. Helaine talks with Beth Cathers of Cathers and Dembrosky in New York about the factors that separate the merely good from the better and the best among these early-20th-century pieces.

Closed Captioned Tea Cups and Saucers #324 [TV-G]
Collecting tea cups and saucers is a popular hobby for beginners because many items are relatively inexpensive. Helaine talks with tea cup expert Jayme McMurry of Knoxville, TN.

Closed Captioned Cameras #325 [TV-G]
Joe looks at a variety of cameras with Jonathan Taylor of New York City and discusses their values.

Closed Captioned Clocks #326 [TV-G]
Clocks are an integral part of our lives and come in a vast variety of shapes, sizes, and types. Helaine and Ken Sposato of White Plains, NY examine both common and unusual examples.

Closed Captioned Beer Steins #327 [TV-G]
Joe talks regimental steins with Joey Groseclose of Kingsport, TN. They introduce several made by the Villeroy and Boch Company at its famous factory in Mettlach, Germany.

Closed Captioned Frequently Asked Questions #328 [TV-G]
Joe and Helaine answer questions most often asked by viewers.

Closed Captioned Jewel T—Autumn Leaf #401 [TV-G]
Joe and Helaine examine a great collection of Jewel T Autumn Leaf china.

Closed Captioned Album Quilts #402 [TV-G]
Shelly Zegart and Helaine talk about "album quilts." Joe and Elaine compare old and new Fiesta pyramid candlesticks.

Closed Captioned Devil and Cards #403 [TV-G]
Joe talks with Nancy Rein about her collection of Royal Bayreuth "devil and cards."

Closed Captioned Fish Decoys #404 [TV-G]
Helaine looks at Dan Slagle's fish decoys.

Closed Captioned Door Stops #405 [TV-G]
Sharon Slagle shows Joe her collection of door stops.

Closed Captioned Civil War Reunion Memorabilia #406 [TV-G]
Joe and Joey Groseclose discuss Civil War reunion memorabilia.

Closed Captioned Blue and White Export #407 [TV-G]
Jeff Cupp shows Helaine his collection of "blue and white export."

Closed Captioned G.I. Joe #408 [TV-G]
Clay Owen's childhood collection of G.I. Joe action figures.

Closed Captioned Railroad Menus #409 [TV-G]
Helaine and David Duncan share their collection of railroad menus.

Closed Captioned Flour and Feed Sacks #410 [TV-G]
Shelly Lou Cook shows Joe her collection of flour and feed sacks.

Closed Captioned View Master #411 [TV-G]
Joe takes a look at Greg Terry and Mike Kaplan's View Master collection.

Closed Captioned Quilts #412 [TV-G]
Helaine and Shelly Zegart display three types of quilts.

Closed Captioned Civil War Medical Equipment #413 [TV-G]
Joe checks out Bob Paddleford's collection of Civil War medical equipment.

Closed Captioned Jewelry Detective #414 [TV-G]
"Jewelry detective" Jeanenne Bell helps Joe investigate jewelry.

Closed Captioned Carnival Glass #415 [TV-G]
Rick Crane and Helaine study carnival glass.

Closed Captioned 20th-Century Modern Furniture #416 [TV-G]
Rick Phung and Joe look at 20th-century modern furniture.

Closed Captioned The Basics of Silver #417 [TV-G]
Joe and Helaine explore the basics of silver.

Closed Captioned Works on Paper #418 [TV-G]
Madeline Grant shows Joe her collection of works on paper.

Closed Captioned Hair Jewelry #419 [TV-G]
Joe and Helaine brush up on hair jewelry.

Closed Captioned Old Newspapers #420 [TV-G]
Walter Pulliam and Helaine examine old newspapers.

Closed Captioned #421 [TV-G]
Some of Helaine and Shelly Zegart's favorite pictorial quilts.

Closed Captioned Painted Tin #422 [TV-G]
Ann McElvey shares her passion for painted tin.

Closed Captioned Matchbooks #423 [TV-G]
Helaine and Joe strike up a conversation about a collection of matchbooks.

Closed Captioned Transistor Radios #424 [TV-G]
John Shook shows his collection of transistor radios.

Closed Captioned Silhouettes #425 [TV-G]
Helaine looks at Mary Jane Sharpe's collection of silhouettes.

Closed Captioned Toy Airplanes #426 [TV-G]
Joe is flying high as he checks out Jim Hamilton's collection of toy airplanes.

Closed Captioned #501 [TV-G]
Helaine discusses Adirondack furniture with Jeff Cherry, and Joe appraises a Barbie watch.

Closed Captioned #502 [TV-G]
Joe talks with Nancy Pennypacker about cookie cutters, and Helaine appraises a piece of pottery.

Closed Captioned #503 [TV-G]
Helaine talks cuff links with Gene Klampus, and Rick appraises a fish platter.

Closed Captioned #504 [TV-G]
Guest Jeff Bridgeman discusses American flags, and Helaine appraises a roundabout chair.

Closed Captioned #505 [TV-G]
Joe and Lisa McAllister explore Mocha pottery, and Helaine appraises some outside art.

Closed Captioned #506 [TV-G]
Helaine and Ed Heild discuss American folk portraits, and Joe and Helaine appraise a child's chair.

Closed Captioned #507 [TV-G]
Helaine examines a weathervane that reminds her of a "kitchen witch" and then explores fire memorabilia.

Closed Captioned #508 [TV-G]
Joe and Helaine explore the anatomy of a chair, and Dr. Bob Paddleford appraises Civil War diaries.

Closed Captioned #509 [TV-G]
Joe and Don Calhoun discuss cowboy memorabilia.

Closed Captioned #510 [TV-G]
Joe and Norma look at Delft pottery.

Closed Captioned #511 [TV-G]
Helaine examines vintage garden furniture, and Joe appraises a lamp.

Closed Captioned #512 [TV-G]
Helaine and Max Wolf explore the world of antique pewter, and Rick Crane appraises a piece of Rumrill pottery.

Closed Captioned #513 [TV-G]
Taylor explains "tussie mussies" to Helaine, and Joe appraises a piece of Old Sleepy Eye.

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