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Closed Captioned #900

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Closed Captioned #1001 [TV-G]
A tiny endangered fish called the Boulder darter, which is being given a new home in the Elk River; fishing for smallmouth bass in Yellow Creek; instructions on tying some basic knots; and a tour of the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga.

Closed Captioned #1002 [TV-G]
A "dragonfly world" protected by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, diving the Tennessee River in search of mussels, landscaping for wildlife, and a fishing family continuing a tradition that has lasted for generations.

Closed Captioned #1003 [TV-G]
The Stream Savers program, which turns creeks into classrooms; the Governor's One Shot Turkey Hunt in the small town of Pulaski; crappie fishing with Brother Doug Westmoreland of the Tusculum Hills Baptist Church in Nashville; a recipe for crappie fish cakes; and artist and funny fish painter Norris Hall.

Closed Captioned #1004 [TV-G]
The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency's crime-busting canines; tournaments for kids and for handicapped anglers sponsored by the Haywood County BASS Club; the B.I.T.E. program, designed to improve management of black bass populations; Calfkiller River high up on the Cumberland Plateau; and Gerry "The Tub Man" House, who does most of his fishing on Marrowbone Lake near Nashville.

Closed Captioned #1005 [TV-G]
Mine reclamation in the Tackett Creek Public Hunting Area in the mountains of East Tennessee; Irlene Mandrell's annual celebrity turkey hunt; a new kind of duck hunt at the Bogota Wildlife Management Area; building your own inexpensive, low-maintenance rain garden; and fishing the Hiwassee River.

Closed Captioned #1006 [TV-G]
A look at how urban sprawl affects wildlife; fishing for crappie on Kentucky Lake with Garry Mason; outfitting a seasonal tackle box; Jeff Hargrove, an undertaker in Columbia who fishes Duck River for some very lively smallmouth bass; and a day of fun and adventure for kids on Hurricane Mills Creek in Humphreys County.

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Closed Captioned #1201 [TV-G]
One of the world's largest cave gates is helping the gray bat make a comeback. Also, turkey hunter Bob Dill, protecting hawks, crappie fishing, and a musician who writes songs for anglers.

Closed Captioned #1202 [TV-G]
The hemlock woolly adelgid, an imported insect that is killing hemlock trees in the Eastern forests, and the beetles that are being used to combat it; a turkey hunt and a turkey kabob recipe from the Wild Side Gourmet; a trip to the Holston River for some trout fishing at night; and a kayak festival in Chattanooga.

Closed Captioned #1203 [TV-G]
Efforts to prevent the spread of the invasive silver carp, bow-and-arrow deer hunting, soft plastic fishing lures, the Spicer family and Reelfoot Lake, and long-time Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency employee Jim Elkins.

Closed Captioned #1204 [TV-G]
Basic boating safety tips, a project to repopulate sturgeon, an effective and attractive camo, fishing with the kids, and the Knoxville Bird Walk.

Closed Captioned #1205 [TV-G]
A ride down the Stones River, the 80,000-acre Catoosa Wildlife Management Area on Tennessee's Cumberland Plateau, wood duck hunting, a young fisherman with a passion for striper, and the importance of safety precautions around dams.

Closed Captioned #1206 [TV-G]
Irlene Mandrell's favorite sport, shooting; the unique habitat and peril of the Cinch River; women in outdoor sports; champion bass angler Nick Kelly; and a free fishing day for families.

Closed Captioned #1207 [TV-G]
Innovative ideas that have brought new life to Tennessee's major river, lessons handed down to children during a family hunting trip, and tips on using some unusual fishing baits.

Closed Captioned #1208 [TV-G]
The history of the Tennessee Wildlife Federation, disabled hunter Scott Gilliam, the Junior State Bass Championship, and outdoor artist Bill Puryear.

Closed Captioned #1209 [TV-G]
Whooping cranes, a hunting adventure for kids with parents serving in the military, fishing in the Holston River, and fly-fisher Shirley Lundy.

Closed Captioned #1210 [TV-G]
The endangered bog turtle, the ecological benefits of rooftop gardens, Tennessee bayous, protecting snake habitats, and Quality Deer Management techniques in wildlife management areas.

Closed Captioned #1211 [TV-G]
Trading cards featuring native Tennessee animals, hunting rules and regulations, the Tennessee Heritage Conservation Trust Fund, a traditional rabbit hunt with a pack of beagles, and life in rivers and streams.

Closed Captioned #1212 [TV-G]
Fishing for Smoky Mountain brook trout, the expanding habitat of black bears and their inevitable clash with civilization, a recipe for venison pie, an annual duck hunt for young people, and Reelfoot Lake's special duck call.

Closed Captioned #1301 [TV-G]
Advice on devising successful fishing lures, an expert lure painter, efforts to protect the Hardin County crayfish, a youth squirrel hunt, and striper fishing on Cheatham Lake.

Closed Captioned #1302 [TV-G]
Dunbar Cave in Clarksville, the first deer of the season, fish census studies, fly-fishing with retired minister Jim Beasley, and stream fishing.

Closed Captioned #1303 [TV-G]
Tennessee humorist Cotton Ivy; the return of the alligator gar; Ducks Unlimited, one of the oldest conservation groups in the country; backyard bird identification tips; and a day of fishing for members of the 101st Airborne "Screaming Eagles" from Fort Campbell.

Closed Captioned #1304 [TV-G]
An environmental camp for kids, a discussion of the idea of nationwide hunting licenses, the Caney Fork Sluice Gate, secrets for setting the hook, and the World's Biggest Fish Fry.

Closed Captioned #1305 [TV-G]
The battle between developers and conservationists for Rocky Fork, turkey hunting, an apprentice license for one-day hunting, guide Joey Monteleone's 25,000th bass, and the Trout Warriors.

Closed Captioned #1306 [TV-G]
Falconry, the Cumberland Trail Wildlfe Management Area, tips on staging a successful hunt, a competition where students test their wits and hunting knowledge, and Nashville songwriters Sam and Annie Tate.

Closed Captioned #1307 [TV-G]
Duck River mussels, landscaping a yard for wildlife, trophy catfish, frog giggin', and young volunteers who are cleaning up a park.

Closed Captioned #1308 [TV-G]
An old-fashioned cowboy shooting match, a project to reintroduce elk in the Royal Blue Wildlife Management Area, challenges for hunters confined to wheelchairs, TWRA gun ranges, and firearm safety officers.

Closed Captioned #1309 [TV-G]
Fly-fishing with Juni Fisher; measuring the stream flow of the Stones River; the Shoot for the Future event for wheelchair-bound sportsmen; and Ranger Ranger, who not only teaches about wild animals but also shows how to have conversations with them.

Closed Captioned #1310 [TV-G]
The Scholastic Clay Target Program Invitational Scholarship Shoot, turkey-hunting regulations and locations, a recipe for stuffed turkey breast, TWRA's Archery in the Schools Program, and 12-year-old archer Alexis Seibert.

Closed Captioned #1311 [TV-G]
The Grand Junction Field Trials, caring for injured animals, Charlie Brewer's slider worm and slider fishing technique, a special welcome-home hunt for returning wounded 101st Airborne soldiers from Fort Campbell, and FLW bass fishing.

Closed Captioned #1312 [TV-G]
Different retrieve speeds, the work of the Nature Conservancy, the National Wild Turkey Federation's Women in the Outdoors event, taxidermist Ralph Dallas and his striper mounts, and the watercolors of artist and fisherman Dan Sharley.

Closed Captioned #1401 [TV-G]
Nature photographer Byron Jorjorian, preserving natural green areas in Memphis, a father-son turkey hunt with Chuck and Clint Borum, fly rods for beginners, and the Bass-N-Buddies program.

Closed Captioned #1402 [TV-G]
The painted snake coiled forest snail, reel tips, fish attractors, fishing with Jimmy Naifeh, and the North Chick Challenge.

Closed Captioned #1403 [TV-G]
Hiking areas, burrowing crayfish, Elk River trout, a free fishing day, and TWRA fish hatcheries.

Closed Captioned #1404 [TV-G]
The Cumberland sandwort, hunting for charity, turkey calls, an Easter Seals fish tournament, and mountain biking.

Closed Captioned #1405 [TV-G]
Pecan-crusted turkey, a "bird box" that helps children learn about avians, Cumberland River carp, turkey hunting, and artist Howard Massey.

Closed Captioned #1406 [TV-G]
Dale Hollow smallies, Bellamy Cave, early-season geese, a tip on fishing with a drop shot rig, and Stones River Boat Day.

Closed Captioned #1407 [TV-G]
Covey Camp for kids; rattlesnakes along the Hatchie River; Project Tennessee, which aims to get boys and girls involved in the outdoors; and recipes for cooking dove.

Closed Captioned #1408 [TV-G]
The 2007 SCTP championships, a Hiwassee bow hunt, tips on bow preparation and bow fishing, and a mental health program where participants paint birdhouses.

Closed Captioned #1409 [TV-G]
Species of bats that live in Tennessee and the advantages of having bats near your home, the Field and Stream Outdoors Challenge, Oxbow bass, and musician Dan Tyler and his connection to his local river.

Closed Captioned #1410 [TV-G]
The Alamo Duck Hunt; a Boy Scout project to monitor water conditions; the importance of duck stamps; the Tennessee Junior Olympic State Championships, where youngsters from across the state participate in competitive clay target shooting; and hunter and writer John Sloan.

Closed Captioned #1411 [TV-G]
Governing the great outdoors; deer hunting with Rodes Hart; the Hunters for the Hungry program, which encourages hunters to donate a pound of meat from each harvest to help the needy; a look back at the history of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency; and cowboys and cowgirls showing off their shooting and riding skills.

Closed Captioned #1412 [TV-G]
Watauga River trout, using the red spruce tree to protect unique ecosystems, big buck hunting, pitching and flipping, and canoeing on Duck River in Columbia.

Closed Captioned #1501 [TV-G]
Tennessee's Wildlife magazine; backyard bird photography; the hellbender salamander, one of the largest aquatic salamanders in the world; author Daniel Mires and his book The Hunt; and outdoor artist David Searcel.

Closed Captioned #1502 [TV-G]
Boat school, Great Outdoors University, a deer hunt with guide Joey Monteloeone, the Williamsport wildlife management area, and a recipe for spicy blackened crappie.

Closed Captioned #1503 [TV-G]
Wildlife at Hampton Creek Cove, a young boy on a squirrel hunt, the American Cancer Society skeet shoot, backyard bird identification, and Chad Slagle's family tradition of making longbows.

Closed Captioned #1504 [TV-G]
Hiking tips for beginners, a lesson on crankbait color, a project to trap turkeys to send to Texas, Holston River smallies, and Safe Haven Family Shelter hikes for the homeless.

Closed Captioned #1505 [TV-G]
The excitement of fishing in a tournament, the B.I.T.E. program for bass, protecting the mussels of the Clinch River, a youth quail hunt, and knife throwing with the Pearl family.

Closed Captioned #1506 [TV-G]
Artist Helen Nash's paintings of sporting dogs in the wild, a scenic tour of the northern Cumberlands, the Mandrell family turkey hunt, a recipe for turkey chili, and a cleanup project on the Stones River.

Closed Captioned #1507 [TV-G]
The Tennessee Angler Recognition Program, a study of box turtles, 85-year-old Bill Conners' first turkey hunt, spinning vs. baitcast reels, and a black-powder shooting match in the hills of Fentress County.

Closed Captioned #1508 [TV-G]
Eggert's sunflower, boat safety tips, the annual Wilderness Wildlife Week in the Smoky Mountains, trout fishing on the Caney Fork River, and angling for catfish on a small pond.

Closed Captioned #1509 [TV-G]
Smoky Mountain wildflowers, the disappearing crayfish, how to make a rain garden at home, a turkey hunt, and kids who are learning to shoot.

Closed Captioned #1510 [TV-G]
A recipe for quail, the danger of low-head dams, a women's quail hunt, "men of the microphone" who keep outdoor enthusiasts abreast of the latest techniques and equipment, and a watercolorist who paints the natural beauty of the Smoky Mountains.

Closed Captioned #1511 [TV-G]
Fishing for crappie, the Land Trust's efforts to preserve vistas and natural spaces, a comparison of personal flotation devices, tracking salamanders, and photography at Machine Falls.

Closed Captioned #1512 [TV-G]
A look at using live bait, the elk population, archery at Tennessee Tech University, catching trout at night in Dale Hollow Lake, and singer/songwriter Jay Clementi.

Closed Captioned #1601 [TV-G]
Using jugs to catch catfish, a fish habitat study in the Smokies, baitcasting basics, the 2008 Wild Life Society Conclave, and nature photographer Bill Lea.

Closed Captioned #1602 [TV-G]
Taking students outdoors for nature lessons; a Spring Break turkey hunt; cool bird products; Nature Fest, which allows children to enjoy nature while staying close to home; and Dave Etnier, a retired professor from the University of Tennessee who changed the way people look at the state's environment.

Closed Captioned #1603 [TV-G]
Women learn to fly-fish, expert guide James "Big Cat" Patterson shares tips on finding and catching catfish, and special-needs kids spend a day fishing. Also, a recipe for catfish on a stick and a look at the plight of the endangered Barrens topminnow.

Closed Captioned #1604 [TV-G]
Practical advice on living with squirrels, tips for identifying songbirds, a kids' creek adventure, a project to save mussels in the Cumberland River, and an annual squirrel hunt that's also a reunion of friends.

Closed Captioned #1605 [TV-G]
A child's-eye view of a wildlife officer and the animals he protects, a man who uses his love of rock climbing to help others, a hike to Virgin Falls with members of the Tennessee Parks and Greenways Foundation, a dove-hunting expedition for young people, and advice on leasing and managing hunting fields.

Closed Captioned #1606 [TV-G]
Fishing for Smokey Mountain brook trout, a group of senior adults go hiking for inspiration; meet Brother Doug Westmorland - a fisher of men and crappie; the green salamander, who makes its home in a few select places, and tips on using the right fishing lures.

Closed Captioned #1607 [TV-G]
The legend of Bell Witch, who some say still lives in a cave along the Red River; Walker Branch state natural area is home to a dragonfly and damselfly preserve; youth hunt for a cure; facts about hunting; and the Porter Wagoner Fish Tournament.

Closed Captioned #1608 [TV-G]
Jig modifications on reels; smallmouth bass fishing on Pickwick Lake; the reforestation of Copper Hill, a 50 square mile area of devastation; the 2008 Scholastic Clay Target state championship; and meet Mary Dunlap, a gardner who has spent a lifetime admiring and learning about nature.

Closed Captioned #1609 [TV-G]
Cruise down the mighty Cumberland River for a glimpse at Blue Heron; finding the perfect fishing hole; preserving Rankin Botton; meet Thomas Southerland, a traditional bow hunter; and "Wear It Tennessee," a program designed to make the use of lifejackets a habit, not an afterthought.

Closed Captioned #1610 [TV-G]
Brown trout stocking at Dale Hollow Lake; protecting the hawk population; college students study the Cottonmouth snake, also called the Water Moccasin; brown trout fishing at Caney Fork; and go to the TWF "extravaganza."

Closed Captioned #1611 [TV-G]
A bike ride along the Mississippi River Trail; fly fishing in the Elk River; one coal mining area where wildlife is flourishing and hunters are happy; a recipe for venison pie; and a mother and son deer hunt.

Closed Captioned #1612 [TV-G]
Protecting the eagle population at Reelfoot Lake; fishing for freshwater stripers, or rockfish, in Cumberland River; Mike Lorance is an excellent tournament fisherman - who happens to be blind; fathers and sons go duck hunting; and the importance of keeping natural areas free of trash.

Closed Captioned #1701 [TV-G]
How wildlife refuges help all of us; Tennessee artist and painter Norris Hall; a specially designed, low maintenance seasonal tackle box; fishing with Vernon Summerlin on Piney River; and the joys of duck hunting.

Closed Captioned #1702 [TV-G]
The challenge of grouse hunting; how Boy Scouts learn to respect their firepower no matter what the hunt brings them; Craig Morgan tests your Wildlife Management Area (WMA) hunting knowledge with a game of fact or fiction; Dayton Blair goes fishing for sauger; and visit Poindexter's Tennessee Bait Shop, alive and thriving for more than 50 years.

Closed Captioned #1703 [TV-G]
Rock climbing, fly-fishing for skipjack on the icy waters of Old Hickory Lake, photographer Byron Jorjorian shows how to find great nature photographs right in your own backyard, Project WET (Water Education for Teachers); and a youth rabbit hunt.

Closed Captioned #1704 [TV-G]
A visit to Kentucky Lake, the crappie capital of the world; a recipe for crappie fish cakes; an organized team turkey hunt; TVA clean up efforts of the Emory River from a coal ash spill; and the Dunbar Cave Spring Fling. designed to underscore the importance of preserving the cave and the natural world in general.

Closed Captioned #1705 [TV-G]
The future of the Whooping Cranes, turkey hunting with a bow and arrow, fishing for smallmouth bass on Duck River, new turkey hunting products, and 400 kids fish at the 18th annual Mountain Music Kids Bass Tournament on Douglas Lake.

Closed Captioned #1706 [TV-G]
Bass fishing in West Tennessee, Duck River clean-up, using a drop shot rig, a youth turkey hunt, and a blanket of wildflowers at Short Springs State Natural Area in Coffee County.

Closed Captioned #1707 [TV-G]
Chattanooga turkey hunt, river racer Joe Royer, maintaining a healthy relationship between the Emory River and the Spotfin Chub, fishing with hockey player Jordon Tootoo, and new fishing products.

Closed Captioned #1708 [TV-G]
West Tennessee humming birds, Cumberland River eagles, fishing for muskie on Collins River, swim baits, and a father and son go turkey hunting.

Closed Captioned #1709 [TV-G]
White squirrels in Kenton, women get in touch with their outdoors skills, fishing for a world record catfish, a first time turkey hunt, and tips on turkey hunting.

Closed Captioned #1710 [TV-G]
Fishing for trout at night a tribute to Gary Myers, former TWRA executive director; and native wildlife.

Closed Captioned #1711 [TV-G]
A recipe for tender wild turkey, the struggle of the Appalachian Brook Trout, a father-daughter turkey hunt, showing prized catches the Tennessee Aquarium, and efforts to preserve the bluebird.

Closed Captioned #1712 [TV-G]
The black bear comeback, Pigeon Rivier smallies, using electronics in fishing, children living in the city go fishing for a day, and age-resistent environmentalist Bertha Creitzburg.

Closed Captioned #1801 [TV-G]
Taking kids fishing; country songwriter Gary Shiebler, who writes songs about fishing; buffalo fish and their spawning runs in Citico Creek; Matt Crabill, a bass tournament angler; and fishing with handicapped kids.

Closed Captioned #1802 [TV-G]
How to plant a butterfly garden, training for the Mississippi River Canoe and Kayak race, Bogota Wildlife Management Area, how teachers are learning to move their classes outdoors, and Governor's Bass Tournament.

Closed Captioned #1803 [TV-G]
Fishing on Brown's Creek Lake for trophy bass, a journey of discovery in Pogue Creek state natural area, a recipe for turkey kabobs, a mother-son turkey hunt, and the 2009 Tennessee Scholastic Clay Target Program Championships.

Closed Captioned #1804 [TV-G]
Meet McDonald Craig - the singing logger; top water lures; returning open fields once covered by thick forests to their original landscape, fishing with father and son, Bill and Cody Flatt;; and a free fishing day for kids.

Closed Captioned #1805 [TV-G]
Meet some winged wonders at Butterfly Hollow; basic knots; fishing for striper on the Pickwick Reservoir; the reintroduction of lake sturgeon to its former home, the Cumberland River; and the Mill Creek clean-up.

Closed Captioned #1806 [TV-G]
One of the last remaining wetlands in Tennessee is threatened; meet "she-cat," aka Cleo Rogers, an avid Tennessee football fan and viewer;bow preps; hunt for a big boss gobbler with the man affectionately known as the "baron of Buckthorn"; and a clay target shooting event to support the NRA.

Closed Captioned #1807 [TV-G]
Tennessee's wetlands, rod care, Sandhill Crane Days, the Noichucky smallies, and white nose syndrome on bats.

Closed Captioned #1808 [TV-G]
Battles fought with paintball, getting rid of moles, a Mississippi River excursion, saving Hemlock trees, and insights into tournament fishing with veteran bass tournament angler David Gnewikow.

Closed Captioned #1809 [TV-G]
How to choose the right fishing rod, a special program that takes kids to the creek and turns the creek into a classroom, history of the TWF, the Roan Mountain goats, and fisherman Dayton Blair.

Closed Captioned #1810 [TV-G]
Tree stand safety, Calfkiller Creek, muzzleload hunting, TVA coal ash update, and the Tennessee coneflower.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #1811 [TV-G]
An endangered species of catfish, Reelfoot Lake eagles, meet wildlife photographer Kathy Butt, martial arts expert Bill Taylor applies his expertise to fishing, the 2009 Junior Bass State Championship, and butterfly photos.

Closed Captioned #1812 [TV-G]
The annual West Tennessee Youth Outdoor Jamboree, how hundreds of young people learn about the outdoors; decoyl, a new product to keep decoy anchor cords untangled and neat; outdoor artist Bill Puryear; a clean-up of lower sections of the Conasauga River; and the 2009 Youth Duck Hunt.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #1901 [TV-G]
Irlene Mandrell introduces viewers to fellow shooter Rick Uselton, and his "Rick Uselton's Indoor Shooting Range" in Goodlettsville; high school students plant trees to to improve the riparian zone along Aenon Creek; Nashville crayfish; traditional archery, and fishing for winter bass on Percy Priest Lake.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #1902 [TV-G]
A troop of Boy Scouts clean Hardin Cave; Sauger fishing on Cheatham Lake; information about the feeding and nesting habits of bluebirds; and Tennessee's first elk hunt in more than a century.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #1903 [TV-G]
Women compete in a weekend day of clay shooting; a recipe for battered quail; Gibby Gibson's fishing lure collection; keeping the heritage of quail hunting alive; and students from Austin Peay State University go rummaging through one of Tennessee's oldest forests.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #1904 [TV-G]
Meet fisherman and author Don Wirth, eagle watching on Dale Hollow Lake, members of the Harpeth River Watershed Association are working to restore one of the nation's more biologically diverse watersheds, the urban trout release program, and the Tennessee Partners Project.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #1905 [TV-G]
A recipe for pecan-crusted turkey, helpful hints about turkey hunting, canine law enforcement members of the TWRA, a look at watersheds, and go on a turkey hunt.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #1906 [TV-G]
Maintaining natural nesting sites in your own backyard, fishing on Marrowbone Lake, a TWRA youth turkey hunt, a retired minister now catches and releases trout, and a discussion with conservationist John Noel.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #1907 [TV-G]
Fishing on Stones River; the Bass Information for Tournament Entries (BITE) program; rooftop gardens; the Trout Warriors are heroes from America's wars - citizen soldiers from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq; and a fundraising dove hunt.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #1908 [TV-G]
The tough standards for scoring by certified officials of the Boone and Crockett Club, a recipe for venison steak, the life of a stream, energy-efficient vacation villas, and veterans spend time outdoors at the annual Wounded Warriors Weekend.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #1909 [TV-G]
Keeping home bird feeders clean, fishing for walleye pike at Dale Hallow Lake, a look at the Tennessee Cave Salamander, meet fly-fisher Shirley Lundy, and a turkey hunt.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #1910 [TV-G]
Canoeing the South Holston River, mussels in the Hatchie River, kayak racing, protecting the backyard snake, and a family dove hunt.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #1911 [TV-G]
A recipe for crappie, techniques for fishing crappie, the World's Largest Fish Fry, restoring wetlands along the Hatchie River, and a young man with a threatening illness has the "Hunt of a Lifetime."

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #1912 [TV-G]
A couple who know how t attract hummingbirds, the story of four men getting lost in the wilderness and tips for survivial from Gretchen Cordy of Survivor fame, two expert fishing guides go out to catch some fish, determining the overall health of turtles on Reelfoot Lake, and a new website dedicated to watchable wildlife.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #2001 [TV-G]
A survey to determine how well the Florida bass stocking program is working, the Tennessee River 600 raises money for Children's Hospitals, search baits, a man bought 100 thousand trees and gave them out to anyone willing start planting, and the Hardin County Youth Deer Hunt.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #2002 [TV-G]
The Project Tennessee Coon Hunt; the return of the alligator gar fish; the advantages of having bats around; exploring trails built for kids; and Casting for Recovery, a fishing weekend for women battling breast cancer.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #2003 [TV-G]
Rattlesnakes, Caney Fork River Sluice Gate, fishing with songwriters Sam and Annie Tate, reel tips, and the 2010 Archery in the Schools Tournament.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #2004 [TV-G]
Wolf River, Hardin County crayfish, Shoot for the Future, dove fields, and Ronnie Harbinson's Annual Dove Hunt.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #2005 [TV-G]
Wildlife Action Plan to protect Sandhill Cranes, Holston River smallies, Wayne Sanders, line basics, and a first time fishing adventure for a special boy.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #2006 [TV-G]
High school skeet tourny, youth hunting, native chestnuts, a squirrel hunt, and an outdoors grandmother.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #2007 [TV-G]
Traditional archery, the John Uselton Deer Hunt, wildlife painter Howard Massey, Tennessee Outdoors Youth Summit (TOYS), and rain catchers.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #2008 [TV-G]
South Holston River trout, fish studies, Clinch River mining, 2010 Tennessee Scholastic Clay Target Skeet and Trap competition, and rowing.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #2009 [TV-G]
Hiking, Wildlife Management Area overview; meet Paula Doster, a a teacher and taxidermist; jerk baits; and go fishing with a pro.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #2010 [TV-G]
Learn how quail is making a comeback, Cross Family deer hunt, fish attractors, outdoor writer John Sloan, and nature play for kids.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #2011 [TV-G]
The first annual Ladies Charity Aim for Asthma Classic, aquatic nuisance fish, Harpeth River flood damage, the Glendale Outdoors Club Rabbit Hunt, and crappie.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #2012 [TV-G]
Making TWRA maps, Gibson Co. lake, Great Outdoors University in Nashville, Mississippi River Duck Hunt, and the Hope Center Fish Tournament.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side | Connecting the Cumberlands #2101 [TV-G]
A recipe for quail; Tennessee Heritage Conservation Trust Fund; a quail hunt; reel tips on cranking; and meet Jett Williams, outdoor lover and daughter of country music legend Hank Williams.

Tennessee's Wild Side #2102 [TV-G]
Kids of men and women in the military go on a hunt, Cheatham Lake striper, range safety officers, artist Dan Sharley and his fish watercolors, and barbi crayfish are bigger than you might think.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #2103 [TV-G]
A Knoxville bird walk, frog giggin', backyard bird identification, fly-fishing in schools, and the Dunaway Youth Rabbit Hunt.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #2104 [TV-G]
Trophy catfish, TWRA hatcheries, Stones River Boat Day, a look at rattlesnakes, and the Ratajczak Family Deer Hunt.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #2105 [TV-G]
Becoming an Outdoors Woman, a recipe for stuffed turkey breasts, the North Chick Greenway Challenge Adventure, Box Turtles, and restoring the Alabama Lampmussel population in the Elk River.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #2106 [TV-G]
Soft plastic reel favorites, elk river trout, hunt for a cure, water safety with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, and Dr. Jim Byford's retirement from the University of Tennessee's College of Agriculture.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #2107 [TV-G]
Life-saving information when fishing in unpredictable tailwaters; preserving natural areas in Memphis; experts share wildlife experiences and ideas; visit Cummins Falls, the largest privately owned falls in Tennessee; and Wounded Warriors Fish Tournament.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #2108 [TV-G]
Pro angler David Gnewikow, The Nature Conservancy, women in the outdoors, an Alabama turkey hunt, and tips for altering your baits.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #2109 [TV-G]
How to care for injured and orphaned wildlife in your own backyard, fishing for Oxbow bass, modern day cowboys perform shooting skills, the Shady Valley bog restoration, and Humphreys County Youth Deer Hunt.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #2110 [TV-G]
Boat safety certification, meet a family of knife throwers, college students participate in the Wildlife Society Conclave, travel the Fiery Gizzard Trail, and Hunters for the Hungry hold a sporting clay fundraiser.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #2111 [TV-G]
The drop shot rig, an old crappie fishing technique; the Scholastic Clay Target Program; artist Louise Bales' watercolors; the successful protection efforts of bald eagles; and Free Fishing Day with a Boy Scout troop and their parents.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #2112 [TV-G]
Children with the Bass-N-Buddies program find fun on a soggy fishing day, using the right turkey call, music composer Dan Tyler and his river song, Hampton River Cove is a vital habitat for rare and endangered species, and the Mercer family turkey hunt.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #2201 [TV-G]
Angler Joey Monteleone catches his 25,000 fish, duck stamps, meet a man with a passion for the longbow, the Park and Float program, and the Daniel Greer Memorial Duck Hunt.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #2202 [TV-G]
Meet outdoorsman Al Buckley, the first annual Scholastic Clay Target Program Invitational Scholarship Shoot, a recipe for dove, saving a critical mussel species, and the annual Governor's Dove Hunt.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #2203 [TV-G]
Wood duck hunting, Duck River canoeing, picking up trash, wilderness foxes, and cicada fishing.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #2204 [TV-G]
Setting your hook, volunteers clear plants at Nashville's Percy Warner Park, taxidermist Ralph Dallas and his striper mounts, banding Sandhill Cranes, and an environmental arts fair.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #2205 [TV-G]
Fishing inspires a country hit, a look at Red Spruce trees, squirrel hunting, taking butterfly photos, and smallmouth bass fishing.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #2206 [TV-G]
Meet fish painter Frank Gee, a recipe for venison pie, a hunter gets his first deer, and Williamsport Wildlife Management Area

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #2207 [TV-G]
The American Bass Anglers fish for members of the 101st Airborne Screaming Eagles from Fort Campbell, Kentucky; a mountain bike endurance ride; baitcasting basics; an update on the White Nose Syndrome found in bats; and a refuge for young boys to learn about nature, competitive sports, and God's word.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #2208 [TV-G]
Meet the "Indiana Jones" of crayfish, Great Outdoors University is providing adventures for inner-city kids, and go fishing with country music artisit Darryl Worley.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #2209 [TV-G]
Land Between the Lakes Hummingbird Festival, meet women who are pioneers of shooting sports, saving mussels in the Cumberland River, a fishing tournament on the River Bassin' Trail, and a real tip on the differences between streams and lakes.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #2210 [TV-G]
Easter Seals fishing tournament, a boy scout is monitoring the water condition of Harpeth River, bagging a big buck, the Junior World Skeet Championships, and some "green" tips.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #2211 [TV-G]
Quality Deer Managment at Catoosa Wildlife Management Area, the "Hunters for the Hungry" program, fishing for the Hellbender Salamander, Stones River cleanup, and fishing with Grammy-winner Bill Miller.

Closed Captioned Tennessee's Wild Side #2212 [TV-G]
Meet fishing guide Brent Callicott, a youth squirrel hunt, the Forrest L. Wood (FLW) bass circuit, a recipe for spicy blackened crappie, and the Obey River hides acid mine drainage from centuries past.

Closed Captioned #2301 [TV-G]
Radio talk show couple Cathy and Vernon Summerlin, a recipe for venison stew, Thomas Southerland still enjoys the thrill of traditional bow hunting, young people gain strength and confidence at the Latimer High Adventure Reservation, and the Isaac Bode Skeet Fundraiser.

Closed Captioned #2302 [TV-G]
Bank fishing, a visit to The Walls of Jericho Wildlife Area, the effects of urban sprawl on wildlife, a deer hunt, and the CATCH (Caring Adults Touching Children's Hearts) annual fishing event.

Closed Captioned #2303 [TV-G]
Reel tips for fishing success, the float and fly technique is demonstrated on Dale Hollow Lake, a traditional rabbit hunt, examining the many species of bats at Roan Mountain, and volunteer tree planters are working to restore Tennessee native forests.

Closed Captioned #2304 [TV-G]
Kids track wild turkeys and fit them with tiny radio transmitters, the results of a survey looking at small animal species, meet Wildlife Officer Ranger Randy, the Wilson Benton Turkey Hunt, and the importance of knowing what kind of pattern your shotgun makes.

Closed Captioned #2305 [TV-G]
The South Holston River offers world-class trout fishing and a great weekend retreat, a Japanese student goes on his first American fishing trip, tips on catching big bass, go four-wheeling at Royal Blue Wildlife Management Area, and volunteers clean the Percy Priest Lake area.

Closed Captioned #2306 [TV-G]
A growing number of women are learning to fly-fish, follow a group of raccoon hunters into the night, a story about the prehistoric looking alligator snapping turtle, and the unspoiled beauty of the Pogue Creek state natural area.

Closed Captioned #2307 [TV-G]
Grabbin' is the practice of catching huge catfish with bare hands, concerned citizens are protecting the wildlife in Bellamy Cave, the story of pioneer sportwoman Jeanette Rudy, and TWRA's deer survey.

Closed Captioned #2308 [TV-G]
Edge Ministries help teens literally take a leap of faith as an escape from their everyday pressures, a remedial education on bass fishing, a look at the the Painted Snake-Coiled Forest Snail, and fishing for trout on Caney Fork River.

Closed Captioned #2309 [TV-G]
Tips on bank fishing, a look at the Cumberland Sandwort, the dangers of low-head dams, a modern approach to stream management at Friar Branch in Chattanooga, and Maryville Middle School Bass Club.

Closed Captioned #2310 [TV-G]
Meet nature photographer John Netherton, a Mississippi River Canoe Race, meet "Tub Man" Gerry House, and the impressive Royal Blue Elk.

Closed Captioned #2311 [TV-G]
Women learn about outdoor sports at BOW (Becoming an Outdoors Woman) events; meet craftsman Robert Clifft, who makes highly-prized turkey box calls; retired guide Mack Pritchard continues to preach preservation, and the Mills Family turkey hunters.

Closed Captioned #2312 [TV-G]
Toddlers fish at the Bucksnort Trout Farm; fish along the Caney Fork River, considered one of the best trout fishing streams in America; families go creek stomping on Hurricane Mills Creek; and the Cross Family deer hunt.

Closed Captioned #2401 [TV-G]
Kids learn to shoot, breeding Hellbender salamanders, fly-fishing for gar, topwater tactics, and Dragon Boat races.

Closed Captioned #2402 [TV-G]
Dunbar Cave Spring Fling, Duck River cleanup, Mike Crittenden's story, a review of tree stands, and Mabry Harper's world record.

Closed Captioned #2403 [TV-G]
A visit to Poindexter's Tennessee Bait Shop, Short Mountain, 2012 Governor's 1-Shot Turkey Hunt, a recipe for Cajun crab-stuffed turkey, and dogs on the run.

Closed Captioned #2404 [TV-G]
A mother-son deer hunt, Conservation Fisheries Incorporated (CFI) is dedicated to preserving the biodiversity of rivers and streams, a children's fishing tournament, reel tips on water clarity and lure selection, and nature photographer Byron Jorjorian.

Closed Captioned #2405 [TV-G]
A women's quail hunt, hit to Virgin Falls, a new species of grasshoppers, fishing at Morris Ferry are featured.

Closed Captioned #2406 [TV-G]
A study on Cottonmouth snakes, action-minded students are getting involved to protect their watershed, fishing on Carroll County Lake, mixing native and exotic plants, and the Lost Loon Race Triathlon are featured.

Closed Captioned #2407 [TV-G]
A black powder shooting match in the hills of Fentress County, protecting hemlock forests from the hemlock wolly adelgid, fishing for bass in bad weather conditions, elk hunting, and a recipe for sauteed elk.

Closed Captioned #2408 [TV-G]
Fishing for brown trout on Caney Fork River, saving Rocky Fork from development, a kids turkey hunt, turkey decoys, and meet wildlife artist Phillip Crowe.

Closed Captioned #2409 [TV-G]
Meet singer, songwriter, and fishing guide Jay Clementi; students conduct a fish habitat study; students at a school in Murfreesboro plant a garden; meet outdoors advocate Julie Schuster; and learn ways to reduce, re-use, and recycle.

Closed Captioned #2410 [TV-G]
College professor David Etnier has literally changed the way people look at Tennessee's environment, view the bald eagles along the Cumberland River, Bethel University in McKenzie has an official bass team, a duck hunt for those in wheelchairs, and more on recycling.

Closed Captioned #2411 [TV-G]
A salamander survey, meet nature enthusiast Mary Dunlap, a father-daughter turkey hunt, fishing on Spring Creek, and turkey calls.

Closed Captioned #2412 [TV-G]
The works of outdoor artist David Sercel, the Water Education for Teachers project, artists paint Duck River, Tennessee outdoor writing history, and balancing altered baits.

Closed Captioned #2501
A search for an endangered fish, an old-fashioned rabbit hunt, tips on deer scouting and finding antler sheds, and nature photographer Bill Lea are featured.

Closed Captioned #2502
A scientific study of the urban forest at Radnor Lake, deer hunting with some wounded warriors, a tasty recipe for sauger, and a monster cat at the Tennessee Aquarium are featured.

Closed Captioned #2503
The first artificial cave built for hibernating bats, a student who prefers the woods to the beach, new turkey hunting gear, fishing for catfish, and a modern-day arrow maker are featured.

Closed Captioned #2504
Volunteers give back on National Trails Day, a young lady on a historic elk hunt, find out why Citico Creek is filled with fish, tips on catching panfish, and the excitement of kids encountering nature are highlighted.

Closed Captioned #2505
How a new threat to rattlesnakes could tip the balance of nature, turkey hunting vocabulary, identifying birds in the backyard, the benefits of outdoor classrooms, and cool characters carved from common wood are explored.

Closed Captioned #2506
Highlights include a week-long trail ride around the Buffalo River, fly fishing for muskie, a young man catches his first fish, and enjoy the spring wildflowers at Short Springs Natural Area.

Closed Captioned #2507
A historic habitat almost gets bulldozed, why tailwater fishing is almost too good to be true, tips on catching catfish, tracking the green salamander, and the wonder of wildflowers are featured.

Closed Captioned #2508
Students get up close with nature, learn about Tennessee muskie, see why goats are helping save Roan Mountain, and meet a young man who lived in a wigwam for his senior year of high school.

Closed Captioned #2509
Join 4-H members for a fun day of outdoor education, celebrate a rite of passage for young hunters, fish a bass tournament on Kentucky Lake, learn tips on fishing in cold water, and meet a woman dedicated to preserving nature.

Closed Captioned #2510
Learn about black bears, fish for catfish on the Tennessee River, hunt turkey with one excited young lady, and explore the history of the Fiery Gizzard Trail.

Closed Captioned #2511
Removing a low head dam, hunters helping feed the hungry, ways to get kids to play outside, fishing with young anglers, and a boat race with some unusual boats are featured.

Closed Captioned #2512
A plan to close boat access at some dams in Tennessee and Kentucky, how a landowner's patience is paying off, young anglers compete in their own tournament, and a man who traveled by canoe from Franklin to New Orleans are featured.

Closed Captioned #2601
BEECH (Bridgestone Environmental Education Classroom & Habitat), a first turkey hunt, a turkey wrap recipe, sporting clays, and fishing at Chickasaw State Park are featured.

Closed Captioned #2602
A married couple who love the outdoors, a first turkey hunt, using small boats to catch big fish, and Machine Falls are featured.

Closed Captioned #2603
A hands-on learning camp for teenagers, controlling the wild hog population, bass fishing on Chickamauga Lake, two knots every angler should know, and one man's mission to protect the bluebird are featured.

Closed Captioned #2604
River etiquette for paddlers and anglers, an elk hunt, how conserving water at home can help wildlife, and artist Anne Goetze are highlighted.

Closed Captioned #2605
Native brook trout coming home to Sycamore Creek, tips on preparing for a fishing tournament, crankbait colors, rabbit hunting, and a man who creates flintlock longrifles are featured.

Closed Captioned #2606
A paddling trip on Percy Priest Lake, a first duck hunt, a great recipe for crappie, and the migration pattern of tree swallows are featured.

Closed Captioned #2607
The effects of the ash spill at TVA's Kingston Steam Plant on wildlife, serving the hungry, deer season success, search for striper, and how one man's dream helped build Trails for Kids are featured.

Closed Captioned #2608
Cleaning up an urban stream, an old-fashioned West Tennessee duck hunt, free fishing day, rigging soft plastic bait, and the love of fishing are featured.

Closed Captioned #2609
The Conasauga River, crappie fishing, a southern family dove hunting tradition, and a laid back recording artist are highlighted.

Closed Captioned #2610
A nature camp where kids learn to cope, deer hunting with wounded servicemen, why every hunter should have a map, tips for bass fishing, and an ancient forest are featured.

Closed Captioned #2611
A lost landscape, quail hunting, a "supreme" quail supper, sturgeon in the Cumberland River, and geocachers in search of treasure are featured.

Closed Captioned #2612
Women embracing an outdoors attitude, a mother and son turkey hunt, Porter Wagoner's love for fishing, why fish always eat minnows, and hummingbirds are featured.

Closed Captioned #2701
Find out how a day of outdoor exploration helps kids connect in class, join a father and his two sons for their annual deer hunt, get some tips on getting ready for archery season, and more.

Closed Captioned #2702
Learn why an animal that looks like a stick is the key to the future of a beautiful part of the wild, head to Kentucky Lake with some young anglers, ride a wave of technology to enjoy a greener getaway, and more.

Closed Captioned #2703
Searching for biological treasure living unspoiled in a modern city, stalking deer with some young hunters, clearing out your tackle box, fly-fishing from a paddleboard, and more are featured.

Closed Captioned #2704
Witness a return to nature, made possible by the caring volunteers at Appalachain Bear Rescue.

Closed Captioned #2705
Students trade city noise for outdoor tranquility, fishing for striper on the Cumberland River, tips on fishing lures, and more are featured.

Closed Captioned #2706
A look at a bee's life, women hunt quail and pheasant, a clay target competition for kids, backyard rain catchers, and more are explored.

Closed Captioned #2707
What happens when a river floods, tracking a bull elk, fishing with some American heroes, and serious row-boaters are featured.

Closed Captioned #2708
The return of a tiny mussel to the Elk River, training a retriever, water safety, types of fishing line, and a fishing dream come true are featured.

Closed Captioned #2709
How removing a low head dam has affected fish, students go squirrel hunting with their coach, a "bad" day at the office for a fishing guide, cooking blackened catfish, and hiking the Savage Gulf are featured.

Closed Captioned #2710
Why eagles are thriving at Reelfoot Lake, stalking turkeys, the sweet sounds of beagles running a rabbit trail, and a Kentucky artist helping preserve a historic part of Tennessee are featured.

Closed Captioned #2711
A giant crayfish, a man who uses turkey hunts to share his faith, cool custom arrows, fishing like a pro, and a man who is setting records for paddleboarding are featured.

Closed Captioned #2712
Sandhill cranes being carefully monitored, fly-fishing in schools, State Nursery, and a gift of 100,000 trees are featured.

Closed Captioned #2801
Hiking in the South Cumberlands, the Olympic Games with young shooters, planting trees, and how to be a better kayaker are featured.

Closed Captioned #2802
An environmentally friendly golf course, a river fishing tournament, tips on fishing soft plastics, and learning about clean water are showcased.

Closed Captioned #2803
Building part of the Cumberland Trail, releasing a rescued eagle, a flower that is a rare treasure in Tennessee, and more are featured.

Closed Captioned #2804
The life of botanist Dr. Elsie Quarterman, singer Daryl Worley's "fishin' hole," cranking to catch more fish, and ancient cypress forests at Reelfoot Lake are explored.

Closed Captioned #2805
Get up close to birds known for flying great distances, meet some special campers, learn the history of Montgomery Bell State Park, and take the "Polar Plunge" for a good cause.

Closed Captioned #2806
Witness the resurrection of a river, find out why cool temperatures can lead to some hot fishing, make your yard a natural haven for butterflies, and go butterfly watching at the Savage Gulf.

Closed Captioned #2807
Hike the trails of Long Hunter State Park with members of the Nashville Hiking Meetup, fish for largemouth bass on the Cumberland Plateau, and travel to the North Cascade Mountains with some young people from Memphis.

Closed Captioned #2808
Meet young people teaching others about nature, stalk mountain trout in the Rocky Fork Creek, customize fishing lures, test your paddle power at the Cumberland River Paddlefest.

Closed Captioned #2809
A unique park for watchable wildlife, smallmouth bass fishing, a beautiful hardwood forest, and paddling on scenic streams are featured.

Closed Captioned #2810
A rare resident of some Cumberland Plateau streams, future wildlife professionals, rock climbing, and what wading in a river means to a Grammy-winning artist are highlighted.

Closed Captioned #2811
Why trout are being raised to fill rivers, a Memphis family helping protect frogs in the rain forest, an island full of trash, and young people learning about nature are featured.

Closed Captioned #2812
An extreme stream makeover, youngsters catching fish for the first time, a unique place to enjoy nature in West Tennessee, and a man who visited every state park in less than a year are featured.

Closed Captioned #2901
Enjoy scenic wonders and family fun at the Trials & Trilliums festival, trout fish on Roan Mountain, experience high adventure at a new camp for young people, and see how horses are trained to joust.

Closed Captioned #2902
Meet a new species of grasshopper with an unusual name, test endurance at a triathlon helping folks in need, fish with kids from the city, and enjoy a spring wildflower hike at Edgar Evins State Park.

Closed Captioned #2903
Protect the Duck River with elementary students, learn how to catch fish in cold weather, find out if exotic plants can co-exist with natives, meet people who are dedicated to helping wild animals in need, and hike with volunteers giving shelter dogs time outside.

Closed Captioned #2904
See white pelicans at Reelfoot Lake, watch dogs run at a special competition, see how hard work transformed Morris Ferry into fishing paradise, and watch flint fly at the National Rolley-Hole Marbles Championships.

Closed Captioned #2905
Seek out the rare white fringeless orchid, try cold water catfishing, witness an underwater mission of conservation, and meet a man who traded an advertising career for outdoor life.

Closed Captioned #2906
Long Hunter State Park, bass fishing, the outdoor legacy of Mack Prichard, and bald eagles are featured.

Closed Captioned #2907
Riding bikes across the Tennessee countryside, fishing with a mouthful of teeth, spinner baits, outdoor education for kids, and explore high bluffs with conscientious climbers.

Closed Captioned #2908
A disease that's killing bats, a fall fishing trip, a trail run competition, and an ancient forest in an urban area are featured.

Closed Captioned #2909
Searching a rare salamander, fishing with middle school students, modifying artificial baits, a young man's fight with cancer brings a community together, and rock climbers tackle sandstone cliffs.

Closed Captioned #2910
Volunteers plant 50,000 trees, see why anglers love cicadas, learn how water clarity can affect lure selection, study science by gardening, and explore Tims Ford Lake using paddle power and a new blueway.

Closed Captioned #2911

Closed Captioned #2912
Life returns to the Pigeon River, the story behind Mabry Harper's world record walleye, making a neighborhood more water friendly, and racing dragon boats on the Cumberland River are featured.

Closed Captioned #3001
Search for the rare valley flame crayfish, hunt turkey with wounded soldiers, join some 4-H members for a fun day of outdoor education, and experience a bit of horseback heaven on the Cumberland Plateau.

Closed Captioned #3002
Paddle the Duck River with 4th graders learning about mussels, see why cool weather can mean hot fishing, search for songbirds in the hardwood forests of the Hatchie River, and enjoy cool characters carved from common wood.

Closed Captioned #3003
Work with volunteers trying to save the famous Fiery Gizzard trail, cast a line for tasty Tennessee sauger, get some Reel Tips on fishing topwater, aim at a target many people would have trouble seeing, and experience tree-top adventure at Fall Creek Falls.

Closed Captioned #3004
Aim for a championship with student shooters, learn about Tennessee muskie, explore the wild wonder of Roan Mountain, and paint pictures of the world-renowned Duck River.

Closed Captioned #3005
Search for a rare plant in the rocky terrain of a cedar glade, fish with the Chattanooga Crappie Club, paddle the Cumberland River in downtown Nashville, and experience rock climbing without ropes.

Closed Captioned #3006
Visit a restored mountain bog in Shady Valley, witness a young man catch his first fish, get some hot tips on fishing cold water, race to the finish in "plywood" boats, and learn about taking your dog paddling.

Closed Captioned #3007
Band endangered gray bats at Bellamy Cave, find out if outdoors writers are becoming a lost breed, see why bass fishing is such a big deal at Paris Landing, learn how we can reduce our environmental impact, and meet a couple of high-tech birders.

Closed Captioned #3008
Journey into the rugged wilderness of Pogue Creek Canyon with back country rangers working to save lives, meet a hunter who has triumphed from tragedy, learn how to be better recyclers, and take a nine day trip down the Buffalo River with some fishing friends.

Closed Captioned #3009
Learn about North America's largest salamander, serve the hungry with sheriff's deputies, fish a small pond in kayaks, and connect with nature through the arts.

Closed Captioned #3010
Explore a thousand acres of natural beauty in need of protection from development, cast a line with Japanese kids who love fishing, learn why fish always eat minnows, and paddle the Harpeth River.

Closed Captioned #3011
Young people clean up a creek on the comeback, fish for big cats on the Tennessee River, volunteers help people enjoy the outdoors, and meet a man who loves to hunt with his hand-crafted flintlock rifle.

Closed Captioned #3012
Learn about the Tennessee Ornithological Society's 100 year conservation legacy, catch fish in Chattanooga's tailwaters, experience nature with students, and race for a good cause with triathletes on the Harpeth River.

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