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#101 [TV-G]
Meet a family at the beginning stages of caregiving and another dealing with driving issues of an aging parent.

#102 [TV-G]
This program illustrates the constant burden placed on the caregiver and how it can be overwhelming for the entire family.

#103 [TV-G]
Three families discover they can't do it all and reach out for help from institutions, elder care professionals, and attorneys. This highly emotional decision can be extremely costly if you don't have long-term care insurance or qualify for government assistance.

#104 [TV-G]
Explores the final chapter of caregiving and how palliative care can change the way both the patient and his or her caregivers take this final journey. Steve Lopez, renowned writer for the Los Angeles Times, reveals his own personal story of caring for his aging father. And, the stories of three remarkable "super seniors" who are re-defining what it means to grow old.

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