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Aimed at pre-schoolers, this series follows the adventures of Bob and his machines: Scoop the leader/digger, Muck the digger/dumper, Dizzy the cement mixer, Lofty the crane and Roley the steamroller. Bob's business partner Wendy and Pilchard the cat all help out in the builder's yard. Other characters include Farmer Pickles, his tractor Travis and the naughty scarecrow Spud -- who is always up to mischief.

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Scoop the Artist/Roley's Rovers #702 [TV-Y]
Scoop is star struck when he meets famous artist, David Mockney, and decides he wants to be an artist too! When the machines find an old football to play with, Wendy jokes that they need a mascot.

  • KET2 Saturday, July 25 at 10:30 am EDT

Lofty's Big Day #603 [TV-Y]
A comet is due to pass through the night sky, and Bob and the team get to work building an observatory so that everyone can watch. Lofty worries that he won't get a good look and decides to get closer to the comet by driving to the top of a mountain. Unfortunately, he gets stuck.

  • KET2 Saturday, August 1 at 10:30 am EDT

Dizzy in Charge/Lofty's Helpful Day #703 [TV-Y]
When Bob is called away, he leaves Dizzy and Scratch to tidy up the builder's yard. Lofty really wants to be as helpful as he can, but ends up taking on so many jobs he gets confused.

  • KET2 Saturday, August 8 at 10:30 am EDT

Work, Rest, and Play #604 [TV-Y]
As Bob and the team build a drive-in cinema, cameras finally roll on Oscar Flicks' sea monster movie at Bobland Bay. Spud volunteers to be a director's assistant, and soon he's causing all sorts of chaos.

  • KET2 Saturday, August 15 at 10:30 am EDT

Scrambler's Best Idea/Start from Scratch #704 [TV-Y]
When Roley wins the Playtime Build Competition, Scrambler is disappointed and decides to go ahead and build his own treehouse anyway! Scoop shows Scratch how to juggle and kick a football. Bob is impressed.

  • KET2 Saturday, August 22 at 10:30 am EDT

Two New Machines! #605 [TV-Y]
A big, booming cement mixer named Tumbler arrives to help build the Bobland Bay skate park, and Dizzy is given the job of showing him around. But Tumbler's larger-than-life arrogance becomes a little too much for his guide, and Tumbler soon finds himself alone in Sunflower Valley.

  • KET2 Saturday, August 29 at 10:30 am EDT

Night Time Scratch/High Time for Lofty #705 [TV-Y]
Scratch is so excited about installing new floodlights at the football field, he hardly sleeps a wink! Will he be too tired to see the floodlights turned on for the first time? Dizzy gets trapped at the harbor and Lofty tries to save her. Dizzy thinks Lofty is very brave to rescue her.

  • KET2 Saturday, September 5 at 10:30 am EDT

Scoop's Challenge #606 [TV-Y]
Bob and the team are building an ice cream parlor, and Packer volunteers to pick up both the ice cream and an oversized model of an ice cream cone for the roof.

  • KET2 Saturday, September 12 at 10:30 am EDT

Splasher to the Rescue #613 [TV-Y]
Splasher, an amphibious vehicle, arrives into town for his first day of work taking the hotel guests for sight-seeing tours by land and sea. After a brave water rescue, he becomes known as Super-Splasher. Bob and the team are going to surprise Gripper and Grabber, who are coming from the city, with a new shelter.

  • KET2 Saturday, September 19 at 10:30 am EDT

Spud Hits the Airwaves #610 [TV-Y]
While DJ Mike Turntable is out running an errand, Spud runs the radio station. Mike tells him that in the world of radio, "bigger is better," but Spud takes the advice a little too literally and concocts a series of wild stories.

  • KET2 Saturday, September 26 at 10:30 am EDT
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