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Aimed at pre-schoolers, this series follows the adventures of Bob and his machines: Scoop the leader/digger, Muck the digger/dumper, Dizzy the cement mixer, Lofty the crane and Roley the steamroller. Bob's business partner Wendy and Pilchard the cat all help out in the builder's yard. Other characters include Farmer Pickles, his tractor Travis and the naughty scarecrow Spud -- who is always up to mischief.

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The Big Dino Dig Special (Pt. 2) #802 [TV-Y]
Rubble discovers a Pterodactyl skeleton! Bob comes up with a new design for the flying ride - based on Rubble's Pterodactyl! Roley is flattered when Scratch tells him he thinks he's the best flattener in the world! So flattered, that he becomes determined to live up to Scratch's expectations.

  • KET Saturday, April 19 at 4:30 am EDT
  • KET Saturday, April 19 at 6:30 am EDT

The Big Dino Dig Special (Pt. 3) #803 [TV-Y]
Today's job is to build a railway that will travel around the Dinosaur Fun Park. Scratch discovers a huge Stegosaurus skeleton! Muck and the other diggers excavate the skeleton and construct a properly designed bridge. On the last day of the dinosaur park project, the team builds a fence around the park.

  • KET Saturday, April 26 at 4:30 am EDT
  • KET Saturday, April 26 at 6:30 am EDT

Bob's New House #601 [TV-Y]
When Bob moves his mobile home to Bobland Bay so it can be his site office, Lofty frets about where Bob will sleep. But his attempt to turn the machine shelter into a makeshift house causes chaos.

  • KET Saturday, May 3 at 4:30 am EDT
  • KET Saturday, May 3 at 6:30 am EDT

Take Your Time! #804 [TV-Y]
The team is building a new workshop for Bob, and Dizzy decides to show him she is the fastest machine on the job! The team has a big job today, building Travis a surprise garage.

  • KET Saturday, May 10 at 6:30 am EDT

Share Your Problem #805 [TV-Y]
A wild fox turns up as the team builds a jungle-themed mini golf course. Roley plays a game with it.

  • KET Saturday, May 17 at 6:30 am EDT

Following Clues (Pt. 1) #808 [TV-Y]
The pillars at Fixham Museum need to be replaced. The museum's curator, David Mockney, asks Bob and the team to help with the repairs. Mr. Mockney explains that Fixham was built years ago by Brickbeard the Pirate and legend tells of him burying a Golden Hammer. Bob and the team are helping Toyshop owner Mrs. Toosey build a new window for her shop. Spud and Scrambler are using the picture of the bear to continue their search for the Golden Hammer.

  • KET Saturday, May 24 at 6:30 am EDT

Following Clues (Pt. 2) #809 [TV-Y]
Spud and Scrambler are still searching for the Golden Hammer. When they see school teacher Ela's class practicing their Chinese dragon dance in costume, they think the dragon is real. They decide to follow it in hopes of locating the Golden Hammer. Following the latest clue, Spud and Scrambler start their search at Fixham lighthouse. Bob and the team are also called to a restoration job at Fixham Lighthouse.

  • KET Saturday, May 31 at 6:30 am EDT

Following Clues (Pt. 3) #810 [TV-Y]
While working on the Fixham Theater, Spud and Scrambler follow clues to find the Golden Hammer. At Fixham Harbor, Roley befriends a seagull that gets very angry when the team begins to lift an old ship out of the water.

  • KET Saturday, June 7 at 6:30 am EDT

Scoops' Sea Rescue/Scratch's Star Turn #707 [TV-Y]
Scoop dreams of being a brave sea captain and, before long, he has to make a real sea rescue! It is Fixham History Day and Dickie Olivier, the famous actor, is putting on a show. Bob and the team turn an old ship into a stage and Scratch is thrilled when he lands a part in the play.

  • KET Saturday, June 14 at 6:30 am EDT

Scrambler's Scouts! #611 [TV-Y]
While taking the Sunflower Valley kids on an overnight "Badger Patrol," Scrambler is determined to follow the troop's motto: Be prepared. Mr. Bentley needs a proper mayor's office so he can stop filing his paperwork in Mrs. Bentley's greenhouse. Bob sets about building him one out of unusual recycled materials.

  • KET Saturday, June 21 at 6:30 am EDT

A Very Important Visitor #614 [TV-Y]
Everybody is getting ready for the Big Summer Party in Bobland Bay and Bob and his team are going to build two shelter stops for Splasher's new ferry route. Splasher just can't wait for them to finish! Mr. Carruthers, the Chief Building Inspector, arrives in Sunflower Valley to inspect the Team's work.

  • KET Saturday, June 28 at 6:30 am EDT

Part of the Team #710 [TV-Y]
Bob is building a new garage for the team. His design includes roll-up doors for each machine's berth and Muck is particularly thrilled and decides that she wants to be first out the door! A machine wash is to be built at the yard and Scrambler doesn't think that it sounds amazing like everyone else does - he secretly thinks it sounds pretty scary! When he sees all the huge fixtures and fittings, Scrambler's fears grow - he must avoid getting washed!

  • KET Saturday, July 5 at 6:30 am EDT
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