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Food and cultures from around the world.

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Closed Captioned Connecting the Dots in America #1108 [TV-G]
In this program, Burt travels across the U.S. talking to people who have made our nation economically stronger - creative entrepreneurs with great imaginations who started small businesses based on their innovative ideas and technology and made fortunes for themselves and the people who helped them get started.

  • KET Saturday, October 18 at 2:00 pm EDT

Venice, Italy #1301 [TV-G]
Burt and travel expert Steve Perillo take a water taxi through the canals and visit the Basilica of San Marco and the Bell Tower.

  • KET2 Sunday, October 19 at 12:30 pm EDT
  • KET Saturday, October 25 at 2:00 pm EDT

Closed Captioned Cruising the Danube #801 [TV-G]
Burt cruises down the Danube, starting in the Hungarian capital of Budapest.

  • KET2 Thursday, October 23 at 6:00 pm EDT

Florence, Italy #1302 [TV-G]
Burt, travel expert Steve Perillo, and Burt's youngest son Nicholas, visit the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum, find out how product placement influenced the artworks of the Renaissance, and tour the great tourist attractions of the city.

  • KET2 Sunday, October 26 at 12:30 pm EST
  • KET Saturday, November 1 at 2:00 pm EST

Closed Captioned Milan, Italy #802 [TV-G]
Burt visits a 16th-century Italian palazzo filled with authentic furnishings and objects from the Renaissance and discovers why Milan is the source of some of Italy's best cooking.

  • KET2 Thursday, October 30 at 6:00 pm EST

What's Cooking In Rome? #1303 [TV-G]
Burt visits the Coliseum, finds out why the Pantheon was never broken down for its marble, and takes a private tour of the Vatican.

  • KET2 Sunday, November 2 at 12:30 pm EST
  • KET Saturday, November 8 at 2:00 pm EST

Closed Captioned Going Platinum #803 [TV-G]
Platinum is an extraordinary metal, 30 times rarer than gold and virtually impossible to corrode. Burt travels around the world to find out why the highest level of many credit card offers is the platinum card.

  • KET2 Thursday, November 6 at 6:00 pm EST

Siena and Assisi, Italy #1304 [TV-G]
Burt visits the Basilica of St. Francis, the great Church in Siena, and tours of one of Italy's most important wineries.

  • KET2 Sunday, November 9 at 12:30 pm EST
  • KET Saturday, November 15 at 2:00 pm EST

Closed Captioned Rome, Italy #804 [TV-G]
A Rome shopping spree takes Burt to international fashion houses, famous Italian tailors, jewelry makers, and great restaurants.

  • KET2 Thursday, November 13 at 6:00 pm EST

Luzern for Fun and Profit #1305 [TV-G]
Burt explores the beautiful area surrounding the Swiss city of Lucerne and the Rosengart Museum.

  • KET2 Sunday, November 16 at 12:30 pm EST
  • KET Saturday, November 22 at 2:00 pm EST

Closed Captioned What's Cooking in Switzerland #805 [TV-G]
The Valais area of Switzerland is the home of the country's most famous mountain, the Matterhorn, as well as a noted cheese- and wine-producing region. Among other delights, Burt samples raclette—the ultimate melted cheese dish.

  • KET2 Thursday, November 20 at 6:00 pm EST
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