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This series is entirely devoted to international content with personal conversations, roundtable discussions, and on-location mini documentaries.

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Republic of Kazakhstan: Looking to The Future #1808 [TV-G]
Dennis learns about how Kazakhstan is planning to host millions of visitors in the upcoming "Expo 2017" as it devotes serious effort towards green technology and renewable energy.

  • KET2 Sunday, November 23 at 11:00 pm EST

#1811 [TV-G]

  • KET2 Sunday, December 14 at 11:00 pm EST

#1812 [TV-G]

  • KET2 Sunday, December 21 at 11:00 pm EST

#1813 [TV-G]

  • KET2 Sunday, December 28 at 11:00 pm EST

Todd Moss, The Golden Hour #1803 [TV-G]
Todd Moss discusses his best-selling novel, The Golden Hour, about diplomatic intrigue within Africa.

  • KET2 Sunday, January 4 at 11:00 pm EST

Ambassador Awang Adek Hussin, (Malaysia) #1804 [TV-G]
Malaysian Ambassador Awang Adek Hussin talks about Malaysia's culture, geography, and people.

  • KET2 Sunday, January 11 at 11:00 pm EST

Closed Captioned Ambassador Kare R. Aas, (Norway) #1805 [TV-G]
Kare R. Aas discusses Norway's Arctic focused Foreign Policy efforts and the Norwegian people.

  • KET2 Sunday, January 18 at 11:00 pm EST

#1814 [TV-G]

  • KET2 Sunday, January 25 at 11:00 pm EST
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