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Explore the stories behind historic sites, artifacts and tall tales told in cities across the country, with the help of an inquisitive team of fact-finders with an uncanny talent for uncovering the truth.

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Space Exploration #801 [TV-PG]
A scrap of metallic Mylar that could be one of America's early satellites, the audacious notion that Andy Warhol's art may be on the moon, and a jury-rigged ski boot with a magnetic metal brick bolted to the bottom that may be one of the first prototypes for a NASA space boot.

  • KET2 Wednesday, July 29 at 6:00 pm EDT

Iwo Jima Map/Copperhead Cane/Theremin #802 [TV-PG]
The history of a hand-drawn map taken from the body of a Japanese soldier during the World War II battle of Iwo Jima, a cane topped with a coiled snake with ties to the anti-Abraham Lincoln group the "Peace Democrats," and the origins of the Theremin — one of the first electronic musical instruments.

  • KET2 Wednesday, August 5 at 6:00 pm EDT

Lauste Film Clip/Baker's Gold/Transatlantic Cable #803 [TV-PG]
A clip of the first talking picture, the story behind Gold Rush sketches of five and eight-pound gold nuggets, and a beachcomber finds a section of the first transatlantic cable.

  • KET2 Wednesday, August 12 at 6:00 pm EDT

Andrew Jackson's Mouth/Barton Letter/Spybook #804 [TV-PG]
The reunification of two halves of a vandalized sculpture of President Andrew Jackson; why did Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross, write a letter about a Civil War soldier; and does a Pennsylvania man have a notebook that once belonged to a World War I spy?

  • KET2 Wednesday, August 19 at 6:00 pm EDT

Cromwell Dixon, Bartlett Sketchbook, & Duke Ellington Plates #805 [TV-PG]
A four-inch square of fabric tells the story of one of America's first barnstorming pilots; a sketchbook may illustrate scenes from the first-ever US-Mexican border survey; and a dumpster find could be the printing plates for Duke Ellington's hit "Take the A Train"?

  • KET2 Wednesday, August 26 at 6:00 pm EDT

Korean War Letter/Diana/Lookout Mt. Painting #806 [TV-PG]
The daughter of a Korean War Veteran (MIA) looks for the man her father mentioned in a letter - the letter says this man saved her father's life; the book Diana may be the first true, widely published lesbian autobiography; the story behind the prisoner who painted the Civil War battle of Lookout Mountain.

  • KET2 Wednesday, September 2 at 6:00 pm EDT

St. Valentine's Day Massacre, George Washington Miniature, Stalag 17 #807 [TV-PG]
Family lore says their 12-gauge shotgun played a role in the Chicago St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Is their story true? Then, why is this miniature of George Washington much more than a piece of art? And, a portrait sketched in a World War II prison leads to a moving meeting 65 years later. These three encore segments first aired in 2009.

  • KET2 Wednesday, September 9 at 6:00 pm EDT

Hot Town Poster/Face Jug/Lost City of Gold #808 [TV-PG]
The images and words on a poster suggest a battle is brewing: a clenched fist, police called "pigs." Who made this poster and why? Then, did the artist mean to scare someone with the grimace on a face jug? And, what does the inscription on a rock in Phoenix tell us about when Spain first arrived in America?

  • KET2 Wednesday, September 16 at 6:00 pm EDT

Closed Captioned Jackie Robinson All-Stars, Modoc Basket, Special Agent Five #809 [TV-PG]
Does the roster on a Jackie Robinson All-Stars scorecard signal early steps toward integration of major league baseball? Then, see the name 'Toby' worked into the weave of a basket. Could it be Toby Riddle, the woman congress honored as a heroine of the Indian Wars of the American West? And, why did J. Edgar Hoover endorse a radio script, a crime suspense drama based on an FBI case?

  • KET2 Wednesday, September 23 at 6:00 pm EDT

Closed Captioned WB Cartoons/Galvez Papers/Mussolini Dagger #810 [TV-PG]
A box of cartoon drawings and cels tell an unexpected story about the early days of animation and the people behind the art. Then, why did a regional governor care enough about a slave to sign her emancipation papers? And (in a repeated segment), did a dagger once belong to Fascist Italian dictator, Benito Mussolini?

  • KET2 Wednesday, September 30 at 6:00 pm EDT
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