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This series showcases short films from Kentucky filmmakers. A KET production.

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Kentucky ProgrammingWatch Online! Living Lightly by Robin Burke #115
Robin Burke's film Living Lightly documents a family in New Brunswick, Canada and their simple life that revolves around hard work and the love of their land.

  • KETKY Saturday, July 19 at midnight EDT

Kentucky ProgrammingWatch Online! Films by Kris Rommel, Thom Southerland, and Natalie Baxter #116
In Balance, a film by Louisville filmmaker Kris Rommel, two men find themselves trapped in a mysterious room where they reflect upon their lives. Also featured Holidays by Thom Southerland, and Middle Ground by Natalie Baxter.

  • KETKY Saturday, July 26 at midnight EDT

Kentucky ProgrammingWatch Online! Bellewood Youth Film Festival #117
Bellewood Youth Film Festival is featured in this episode. All the films are made by students ages 12-18. Students were required to incorporate an assigned theme and use a specific word and object in their film. The films featured from last year's festival are Definition of Grit, Steps to Successes, The Cul De Sac Kid, Game Set Match, and Everyday Heroes. Also featured is RE:AL, a film about the power of mentoring produced by Chris Sweigart, a former Bellwood employee.

  • KETKY Saturday, August 2 at midnight EDT

Kentucky Programming Films by Heather Freeman and Eric Anderson #118
Pennipotens created by Heather Freeman, former professor of media at the University of Kentucky, is an animated re-interpretation of a Flemish fairytale, called "Black Caroline, White Caroline" which was first printed with illustrations by Edmund Dulac in 1916. Also featured in this episode is Horses on Mars, an animation by Eric Anderson.

  • KETKY Saturday, August 9 at midnight EDT

Kentucky ProgrammingWatch Online! Films by Thom Sutherland, Justin Hannah, Travis Taylor, and Ashlee Prewitt #119
Central Kentucky filmmaker Thom Sutherland's film Fourteen tells the story of a 14-year-old girl who spends Thanksgiving dealing with the eccentricities of her family and the challenges of her new found beliefs. Also featured is Do it Yourself, produced by Justin Hannah and Travis Taylor, and Decadence by Northern Kentucky University student Ashlee Prewitt.

  • KETKY Saturday, August 16 at midnight EDT

Kentucky ProgrammingWatch Online! Films by Josh Flowers and Kip McGinnis #120
Josh Flowers, a filmmaker from Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, produced Bubbly. Two extremely negative people are invited to a birthday party, which they both reluctantly agree to attend. Once at the party, annoyed by everyone else's "bubbly" behavior, they find that they are meant for each other. Also featured is a biographical film produced by Kip McGinnis, highlighting artist Bettye Brookfield from Kentucky's Saint Catherine College.

  • KETKY Saturday, August 23 at midnight EDT

Kentucky ProgrammingWatch Online! Films by Dillon Fisher, Candace Hughes, Olivia Sizemore, Cory Coots, AJ Hamilton, Sarah Kadish, and Natalie Baxter #121
Features films created by the Appalachian Media Institute (AMI), a media training program for central Appalachian youth. Films include Missing Generation, about children being raised by their grandparents, produced by Dillon Fisher, Candace Hughes, and Olivia Sizemore; Up in Coots Hollow, about a family who has shared the same plot of land for generations, produced by Cory Coots, AJ Hamilton, and Sarah Kadish; and Carrie Jean Wells, a biopic of the fiddle player and Eastern Kentucky native, produced by Natalie Baxter, an established Eastern Kentucky filmmaker and mentor in the AMI project.

  • KETKY Saturday, August 30 at midnight EDT
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