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An animated series that is designed to enrich the vocabulary of 4- to 7-year-olds. Based on the classic books by Susan Meddaugh, each episode uses Martha's unique linguistic abilities and the hilarious consequences to engage kids and help build their vocabulary skills.

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Puppy Skits/Dinosaurs In Trouble! #501 [TV-Y]
Martha recalls how T.D. first found Skits. Milo and Truman hope to save the museum's fossil exhibit.

  • KET2 Monday, July 28 at 6:00 pm EDT

The Puppy Tooth Fairy/Martha's Blue Period #502 [TV-Y]
Martha and Skits become the Puppy Tooth Fairies. Martha feels blue when Helen goes to art camp.

  • KET2 Tuesday, July 29 at 6:00 pm EDT

The Puppy Show/Never Forget to Remember #503 [TV-Y]
Television producer Laslo Huckey challenges Martha and the gang to come up with an idea for a puppy show. The kids have different recollections of their last game of Kickup.

  • KET2 Wednesday, July 30 at 6:00 pm EDT

My Mother The Dog/Martha's Must-Have #504 [TV-Y]
Martha gets more than she bargained for when she answers the phone using Helen's mom's voice.

  • KET2 Thursday, July 31 at 6:00 pm EDT

Martha's Puppy/The Cheating Chum Caper #505 [TV-Y]
Martha sets out to train a baby to be a puppy. Helen thinks she has uncovered a cheating scandal.

  • KET2 Friday, August 1 at 6:00 pm EDT

Mouse Patrol/The Big Knockover #506 [TV-Y]
Mice have invaded the neighborhood and Martha uses her superb rodent-ridding skills to help.

  • KET2 Monday, August 4 at 6:00 pm EDT

Stanley Saves The Day/Milo Goes for Gold #507 [TV-Y]
The gang use Truman's cousin Stanley's knowledge of movies when they spot two crooks at a hotel.

  • KET2 Tuesday, August 5 at 6:00 pm EDT

The Return of Ralph/Little Bo's Sheep #508 [TV-Y]
Ralph, the conniving duck who is obsessed with television, returns when the family buys a big TV.

  • KET2 Wednesday, August 6 at 6:00 pm EDT

Alice Tells A Story/Pirates and Princesse #601 [TV-Y]
Alice tells a confusing story. With help from Helen and T.D., she might be able to tell it correctly. Princesses Carolina, Alice, and Helen need a castle but there is only one tree house.

  • KET2 Thursday, August 7 at 6:00 pm EDT

Thou Callest Me A Dog/Martha's Paper Chase #604 [TV-Y]
Martha swallows Shakespeare's Hamlet. Senior Canine Reporter Martha helps Carolina find a front page scoop for the Town Crier newspaper.

  • KET2 Friday, August 8 at 6:00 pm EDT

April Fools/Bully for You! #605 [TV-Y]
T.D. doesn't realize it's April Fool's Day. Martha and Skits stay away from a new dog.

  • KET2 Monday, August 11 at 6:00 pm EDT

Tomato, You Say/Martha Questions #606 [TV-Y]
Helen is eager to know why there is a tomato on T.D.'s shirt. Is Martha only speaking in questions?

  • KET2 Tuesday, August 12 at 6:00 pm EDT

T.D. Gives A Report/Martha's Canine Cleaners #608 [TV-Y]
T.D. has trouble choosing a topic to research. Lily tears up a pillow while sleeping.

  • KET2 Wednesday, August 13 at 6:00 pm EDT

The Martha Show #301 [TV-Y]
Martha has been offered a chance to host a children's TV show with her friends! The gang tries to agree on the perfect kid's show. Having your own kid's show is more complicated than Martha expected. Our talking dog comes up with a whale of a show. But is her new partner - or TV - ready for it?

  • KET2 Thursday, August 14 at 6:00 pm EDT

Skits and Mr. Scruffles/Brave Truman #302 [TV-Y]
Everyone's too busy to play with Skits. While he's moping around the neighborhood, he meets Milo, a lonesome newcomer who just moved to Wagstaff City. The two bond, but when they tell their respective families about their new companion, no one believes they're real. Truman is afraid to try out his new sled on the town's steepest, scariest, lumpiest hill. His friends are convinced that Truman is braver than he seems. Is he?

  • KET2 Friday, August 15 at 6:00 pm EDT

Martha's Millions/Carolina's Gifted #303 [TV-Y]
When Carolina reads about a dog inheriting millions, she's appalled. What could a dog do with all that money? Martha discovers that it isn't who spends it, but how you spend it, that matters most. Everyone is excited for Carolina's birthday, everyone, that is, except Carolina. She still hasn't used her gift certificate from last year's birthday, and it is going to expire... tonight! She and Helen rush to the store to pick out the perfect gift.

  • KET2 Monday, August 18 at 6:00 pm EDT

Alice Covers Up/Carolina Picks A Lily #305 [TV-Y]
Everyone is going to a pool party, including Alice until she becomes involved in a strange cover-up. Carolina adopts a new puppy, and she's so excited. It matches her purse! But when the gang points out the pup won't stay pocketbook-sized for long, she regrets her impulsive adoption. Will they be able to find a home for Lily?

  • KET2 Wednesday, August 20 at 6:00 pm EDT

The Opera Contest/Maestro Martha #306 [TV-Y]
An opera contest! Sounds boring! But before you know it, the kids have cooked up their own ideas of what an opera should be. Bad guys Pablum and Weaselgraft have a plan to turn a charity concert into a heist by using the power of music. Very strange music. Can Martha turn down the volume on their evil scheming before it's too late?

  • KET2 Thursday, August 21 at 6:00 pm EDT

Martha: Deadline Doggie/It's The Giant Pumpkin, Martha #307 [TV-Y]
When Martha begins to sniff out leads for Carolina's paper, the news is not fit to print. Can Martha redeem herself before she puts the paper out of business? With The Ronald Report as her new competition, Carolina needs stories, big stories, to keep her paper afloat. But then she finds a story that's stranger than she bargained for.

  • KET2 Friday, August 22 at 6:00 pm EDT

TD's Magic/Scaredy Cat #308 [TV-Y]
TD has found the best birthday gift of all time for his cousin CD - he's going to put on a magic show at his party. TD wants to really "wow" the crowd, so the bigger the trick, the better. But what happens when his magic gets out of control? To escape a storm, the kids and dogs retreat into the Boxwood's house. TD, Alice, and Helen decide to tell spooky stories to pass the time. But as spooky things start happening in the house, they wonder if their stories might be a little too real.

  • KET2 Monday, August 25 at 6:00 pm EDT

Martha Acts Up/Ronald Is In #309 [TV-Y]
Mrs. Boxwood offers Martha a part in Alice in Wonderland, and Martha is thrilled at her new chance to become a star of the stage. But when Martha finds out what she's cast as, she's horrified. When Ronald finds a book on psychology, he becomes the expert on everyone's "problems." Is his cure worse than the complaint?

  • KET2 Tuesday, August 26 at 6:00 pm EDT

Myth Me?/TD's Myth Take #310 [TV-Y]
On a rainy, boring day, the gang does what everybody does on a rainy day: act out Greek myths! And, as always, they are really better with dogs! TD isn't satisfied with any Greek myth, so he decides to write his own version. With the help of Martha and Truman, he puts on a performance that exceeds everyone's expectations.

  • KET2 Wednesday, August 27 at 6:00 pm EDT

Return Of The Bookbots: The Case Of The Missing Words, Part One & Two #405 [TV-Y]
Armed with the power to bring nouns from books to life, the Announcer is wreaking havoc on Wagstaff City. The Announcer has put the city into grammatical peril. Fortunately, the Bookbots have discovered a secret weapon: adjectives.

  • KET2 Thursday, August 28 at 6:00 pm EDT

Bookbots 3: Fit Fights Fat/Grandpa Bernie Cleans #603 [TV-Y]
Will the Bookbots be able to get fit in time to stop a new literacy-loathing villain? The dogs meet Candy, an elderly dog who claims she was bit by a ball from outer space!

  • KET2 Friday, August 29 at 6:00 pm EDT

Martha Sings/TD Makes the Band #125 [TV-Y]
Martha wakes up singing and not just because she's happy. She can't stop! Helen and Martha visit the vet, some musicians, and an opera singer, trying to discover the source of her musical malady to no avail. Everybody's singing about Shecky the Sea Lion and it's driving TD nuts! He could write a better song than that, and that's just what he's going to do!

  • KET2 Monday, September 1 at 6:00 pm EDT

Skits under the Weather/Martha the Weather Dog #126 [TV-Y]
Martha and Skits hate the sound of thunder. One day Skits gets fed up and tries to outrun the storm, but soon discovers that all roads somehow lead back home. Windy McCloud, Wagstaff City's meteorologist, wants Martha to be her weather dog. Martha's thrilled that she'll be able to change the weather to suit Helen and her friends, until she finds out she's not going to make the weather, she's going to predict it.

  • KET2 Tuesday, September 2 at 6:00 pm EDT

Martha in the Doghouse/Martha Models #127 [TV-Y]
Martha just wants a nice quiet place to take a nap. All she needs is for everybody to be quiet for, oh, 16 hours a day. Is that too much to ask? Helen and the gang try to help by designing a doghouse for Martha. Carolina is over the moon when she finds out that Mindy Munchhausen, host of "Operation Catwalk," will be judging Wagstaff City's dog costume parade. She teams up with Helen to design outfits for Martha and Skits.

  • KET2 Wednesday, September 3 at 6:00 pm EDT
  • KET Sunday, September 7 at 5:00 am EDT

TD and the Steak Tree/TD and Martha Gopher Broke #128 [TV-Y]
TD gets hoodwinked by Weaselgraft and Pablum into buying a steak tree. He's sure if he takes good care of it, soon he'll be harvesting freshly blossomed steaks. Martha, TD, and TD's dad spend the weekend at CK's farm, trying to keep a gopher from eating all the crops. After many failed schemes to catch the gluttonous gopher, they realize the best way to keep him from eating the crops is by offering him a better meal elsewhere!

  • KET2 Thursday, September 4 at 6:00 pm EDT

Virtually Martha/Martha vs. Robot #129 [TV-Y]
While playing with Alice's laptop computer, Martha accidentally hits the wrong button and gets zapped inside! Alice's family gets a robotic pet called Dynamo who can do everything a real dog can do and help you with your math homework. Martha decides to show that she's even more perfect than the perfect pet, so Helen won't replace her with a mechanical mutt.

  • KET2 Friday, September 5 at 6:00 pm EDT

Martha the Witness/Martha Takes a Stand #132 [TV-Y]
Mrs. Demson hates dogs and blames them for everything, which is a problem since she lives right down the street from Martha. But she changes her tune after Martha witnesses an accident that destroys Mrs. Demson's lawn furniture. Something smells bad and it's Martha. Faced with yet another bath, Martha makes a stand for her right to, well, stink. But if Martha is going to stand up for her rights, Dad says she can do it outside.

  • KET Sunday, September 14 at 5:00 am EDT

Here's Martha!/Dog Fight #137 [TV-Y]
Martha hosts a TV show where she helps people understand their animals better by explaining what they're saying. Unfortunately, the only viewers are Martha and her friends, so the producers try a new format, Crime Scene Doggie. Martha and Skits don't want to share their newest, coolest dog toy. Their bickering is driving Helen nuts, and now TD and Alice have taken sides.

  • KET Sunday, September 21 at 5:00 am EDT

Painting for Peanuts/Martha's No Dummy #202 [TV-Y]
The zoo is in danger of closing! Helen and TD volunteer for an animal painting class to try and save it. But it turns out animal painting isn't exactly what they thought. Granny Flo is hosting a variety show. Helen and Carolina team up to perform a pantomime, Alice practices her tap routine, and Truman perfects his water glass symphony, but TD and Martha struggle to come up with an act.

  • KET Sunday, September 28 at 5:00 am EDT
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