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Garden design expert P. Allen Smith demystifies the process of designing beautiful gardens and opens up new possibilities for homeowners looking to create their own garden paradise.

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The 12 Principles #901 [TV-G]
P. Allen Smith gives an overview of the 12 design principles that will be discussed throughout the season using examples at the Garden Home Retreat. Allen also shares a few tips on properly maintaining a lawn and gets advice from an expert on espalier fruit trees. Also, a look at what it means to be "green."

  • KET2 Tuesday, October 6 at 2:30 pm EDT

Framing the View #904 [TV-G]
P. Allen Smith takes a look at the design principle of framing the view with inviting window treatments and energy efficient windows. He shows how to frame pressed leaves to make botanical artworks and as always, a view of all the beauty of the garden. Plus, a first look at the new "Allen's Collections" segment, featuring a unique table setting with glass bottles, old prints, and a few items from the garden.

  • KET Saturday, October 10 at 2:00 pm EDT
  • KET2 Tuesday, October 27 at 2:30 pm EST

Enclosure #902 [TV-G]
P. Allen Smith explores the design principle of enclosure in and around the Garden Home Retreat. He takes a look into a peaceful garden setting at the Baptist Hospital in Little Rock, known as the Healing Garden, while a visit to the Whitehall House demonstrates some beautiful examples of enclosure.

  • KET2 Tuesday, October 13 at 2:30 pm EDT

Entry #905 [TV-G]
Allen explores the design principle of entry by showing the grand front door and containers full of herbs. Allen demonstrates the use of some of nature's unique gifts to decorate his front door. Allen also visits a plant in Indiana that goes above and beyond the call of duty with recycling. Plus, a look at a unique home for Allen's chickens called "The Chicken Temple".

  • KET Saturday, October 17 at 2:00 pm EDT
  • KET2 Tuesday, November 3 at 2:30 pm EST

Shape and Form #903 [TV-G]
P. Allen Smith introduces the design principle of shape and form with several examples from the Garden Home Retreat and an exciting trip and tour of Churchill Downs. He also visits the Governors Mansion in Arkansas, where bare root roses are being planted. Plus, he talks about clearing land at the Garden Home Retreat for his one-acre vegetable garden.

  • KET2 Tuesday, October 20 at 2:30 pm EDT

Focal Point #906 [TV-G]
P. Allen Smith takes a look at the design principle of creating a focal point. Allen takes a tour of some of the special points of interest and also shows a way to have a grand centerpiece for your next party and still hold a conversation with the person across the table. He visits an amazing garden that uses its space for the arts, along with a visit to the poultry show at the state fair.

  • KET Saturday, October 24 at 2:00 pm EDT
  • KET2 Tuesday, November 10 at 2:30 pm EST

Structure #907 [TV-G]
P. Allen Smith examines the design principle structure, sharing how he uses it in his garden. Allen shows the different constructed features at the Garden Home Retreat; along with visits to the greenhouse at Churchill Downs; a raised vegetable bed in Union Springs, Ala.; and a butterfly conservatory in New Jersey. If you don't really have room for a garden or the time to invest in one, Allen shows how to plant a mini garden by way of a terrarium.

  • KET Saturday, October 31 at 2:00 pm EST
  • KET2 Tuesday, November 17 at 2:30 pm EST

Color #908 [TV-G]
P. Allen Smith looks at the vibrant design principle of color. From simple bouquet arrangements to the color of paint, and through the glorious color of peacocks, Allen shows the impact of clever uses of color. Plus, he reveals unique tropicals in the greenhouse, shows how to use nature's bounty for dinner, and explores even more of the colors around the Garden Home Retreat.

  • KET Saturday, November 7 at 2:00 pm EST
  • KET2 Tuesday, November 24 at 2:30 pm EST

Texture, Pattern, and Rhythm #909 [TV-G]
P. Allen Smith demonstrates texture, pattern, and rhythm throughout his garden. Allen gives tips on taking care of espalier fruit trees. Also, meet a man who has an interesting way of recycling wood. Plus, tips on how to select the right grass for your yard.

  • KET Saturday, November 14 at 2:00 pm EST
  • KET2 Tuesday, December 1 at 2:30 pm EST

Abundance #910 [TV-G]
Allen shares the bounty of the garden, talks daffodils and larkspur, plus, shrubs that re-bloom. He also visits a pumpkin patch and has an abundance of lambs to show you.

  • KET Saturday, November 21 at 2:00 pm EST
  • KET2 Tuesday, December 8 at 2:30 pm EST

Whimsy #911 [TV-G]
Allen introduces some comical additions to the garden home retreat, Khaki Campbell ducklings, and a few tips on keeping insects off of the herbs in the one-acre vegetable garden. Meet an ironworker who makes gingerbread houses and other lighted displays for Garvan Woodland Gardens.

  • KET2 Tuesday, December 15 at 2:30 pm EST

Mystery #912 [TV-G]
Allen shows a few examples of mystery, plus some helpful information on citronella geraniums, grafting Japanese maples, and an easy way to plant potatoes.

  • KET2 Tuesday, December 22 at 2:30 pm EST

Time #913 [TV-G]
Allen explains the design principle of "time" and the way the element is expressed in various garden styles through the ages. He also shares tips for growing asparagus, container gardening, and even how chickens can help children learn. Plus, he reveals his fascination with glass bottles and demonstrates decorative ways they can be used.

  • KET2 Tuesday, December 29 at 2:30 pm EST
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