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Garden design expert P. Allen Smith demystifies the process of designing beautiful gardens and opens up new possibilities for homeowners looking to create their own garden paradise.

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Getting Ready for Christmas #1212 [TV-G]
Allen uses tons of fresh greenery inside the home, including fireplace mantles and a children's room. Plus, he makes simple cinnamon pinecones and other fun holiday luminaries.

  • KET Saturday, December 13 at 1:00 pm EST

Relaxing Environment #1011 [TV-G]
Allen hits the road to visit a few amazing garden destinations around the country including the Denver Botanic Gardens, Arlington National Cemetery, and Bridge Gardens in Bridge Hampton, N.Y. Allen and his friend, Elizabeth Lear, go to an amazing Parterre Garden and Labyrinth plus he talks about the air purifying ability of houseplants. In the kitchen, Allen makes a scrumptious chilled squash soup.

  • KET2 Tuesday, December 16 at 2:30 pm EST
  • KET Saturday, March 14 at 1:00 pm EST
  • KET2 Tuesday, March 17 at 2:30 pm EST

Mystery #912 [TV-G]
Allen shows a few examples of mystery, plus some helpful information on citronella geraniums, grafting Japanese maples, and an easy way to plant potatoes.

  • KET2 Tuesday, December 23 at 2:30 pm EST

Seasonal Change #1213 [TV-G]
Allen shows us ways to change out the seasonal decor in our homes from fall to winter, force bulbs indoors, recycle Christmas Trees, and attract birds to your yard in the winter.

  • KET Saturday, December 27 at 1:00 pm EST

Teaching Children #1013 [TV-G]
Allen participates in a Student Career Days activity in Atlanta, Georgia, and talks to William Hildebolt about encouraging children to volunteer during the yearly clean up at the Arlington National Cemetery. Plus, he visits a garden with a dinosaur theme and a ship that's a replica of Christopher Columbus' Nina. Also, how chickens can help children learn and a special guest in the kitchen helps make a vegetable pizza.

  • KET2 Tuesday, December 30 at 2:30 pm EST
  • KET Saturday, March 28, 2015 at 1:00 pm EST
  • KET2 Tuesday, March 31, 2015 at 2:30 pm EST

Closed Captioned Sacred Places, Sacred Spaces #1001 [TV-G]
Allen visits the historic Arlington National Cemetery for its annual Renewal and Remembrance event. He learns about the history of the grounds and what Memorial Day means for this historic cemetery. Allen also pays a visit to the Mt. Vernon Estate for a history lesson on the connection between Arlington and the home of our first president. Also, he shares his delicious rosemary chicken recipe.

  • KET Saturday, January 3 at 1:00 pm EST
  • KET2 Tuesday, January 6 at 2:30 pm EST

The Rose Show #1002 [TV-G]
Allen makes a trip to the Southampton Rose Society to visit with a Rosarian and also drops in on the Madoo Conservancy and talks to Robert Dash about his amazing rose garden. Get some rose care tips, find out what plants are good companions for roses, and sink your teeth into a delicious garden-fresh salad with Allen and guest, Chef Capi Peck.

  • KET Saturday, January 10 at 1:00 pm EST
  • KET2 Tuesday, January 13 at 2:30 pm EST

The Food Show #1003 [TV-G]
Join Allen as he explores Mt. Vernon Estate for a history lesson on the vegetables and herbs that George and Martha Washington grew in their gardens. Allen examines the rosemary hedges at Mt. Vernon and what it takes to care for this versatile herb. Allen also looks at Mt. Vernon's abundance of fig trees that grow on the estate and shares his delicious fig preserve recipe. He also shares tomato planting tips from his farm and learn how to plant sweet potato vine.

  • KET Saturday, January 17 at 1:00 pm EST
  • KET2 Tuesday, January 20 at 2:30 pm EST

Entry with Impact #1004 [TV-G]
Allen gives a tour of the breathtaking Daffodil Hill at the Garden Home Retreat. He talks about color and daffodils, plus clustering containers for a bold affect. Also, learn about beautiful houseplants and an interesting and cheap way to light a path. Joining Allen in the kitchen to make ratatouille is guest chef, Matt McClure.

  • KET Saturday, January 24 at 1:00 pm EST
  • KET2 Tuesday, January 27 at 2:30 pm EST

Exhibit the Season #1005 [TV-G]
Enjoy the tulips in spring at the farm, a mini bouquet of flowers in the summer, visit the beautiful fall foliage at Petit Jean State Park in Arkansas, and a lesson on how to pickle okra.

  • KET Saturday, January 31 at 1:00 pm EST
  • KET2 Tuesday, February 3 at 2:30 pm EST

Entertaining Outdoors #1006 [TV-G]
The outdoor kitchen at the farm, ideas for poolside containers, some beneficial insects, and ideas for a Halloween party.

  • KET Saturday, February 7 at 1:00 pm EST
  • KET2 Tuesday, February 10 at 2:30 pm EST

Art and the Garden #1007 [TV-G]
In New York, artist and writer Robert Dash talking about the Madoo Conservancy; sculptor and master stone carver Simon Vierty, whose work is often garden sculpture; the renowned Longhouse Reserve; and Chef Cassidee Dabney and Allen make a garden pepper marmalade.

  • KET Saturday, February 14 at 1:00 pm EST
  • KET2 Tuesday, February 17 at 2:30 pm EST

Recasting Roles #1008 [TV-G]
An old cotton trailer that's been transformed into a mobile turkey pen, repurposing everyday items to use in the garden, Xeriscaping, mixing produce and flowers for a fun and beautiful table setting, and Regina Charbeneau and Allen make some interesting biscuits.

  • KET Saturday, February 21 at 1:00 pm EST
  • KET2 Tuesday, February 24 at 2:30 pm EST

Making a Bold Statement #1009 [TV-G]
Choosing the right trees, shrubs, and containers to make a bold statement in the garden, changes the auto industry is making to improve the environment, Allen's insectry, a beautiful Knot garden in the Hamptons, and Peter Brave shows Allen how to make a tasty quail recipe.

  • KET Saturday, February 28 at 1:00 pm EST
  • KET2 Tuesday, March 3 at 2:30 pm EST

Adding Charm #1010 [TV-G]
A trip to the breathtaking Cascade Mountains in Oregon proves to be a chilly but exciting adventure for Allen. He's learns about fresh greenery used during the holidays and how one million acres of Christmas trees add more oxygen to the environment. Allen also visits a garden center in Denver where Trela Phelps talks to him about transplanting orchids. He also talks to Kris Willey about an English-inspired country garden and the planting of bare root roses at the Governors Mansion in Little Rock, Arkansas. Plus, Allen jumps in the kitchen with Capi Peck to make a delicious blackberry peach cobbler.

  • KET Saturday, March 7 at 1:00 pm EST
  • KET2 Tuesday, March 10 at 2:30 pm EST

Structure in the Garden #1012 [TV-G]
Allen shows what he did to build a raised bed in his acre garden and goes to an incredible poolside grotto. He also learns about an interesting window box combination and visits the Bernheim Arboretum in Clermont, Kentucky, to learn about their LEED-rated Platinum Visitors Center - this is the highest certification given by the U.S. Green Buidling Council for "green" construction. And, you don't want to miss Allen's asparagus with horseradish dip recipe.

  • KET Saturday, March 21, 2015 at 1:00 pm EST
  • KET2 Tuesday, March 24, 2015 at 2:30 pm EST
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