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The series combines basic traditional quilt techniques every quilter needs to know with contemporary art designs and techniques.

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Let's Try It! #1512 [TV-G]
Lesley Riley creates a charming fabric book with fabric fragments, transferred images, and text.

  • KET Saturday, May 16 at noon EDT
  • KET Saturday, August 15 at noon EDT

A Little of This, A Little of That #1513 [TV-G]
Sue Spargo shares some basic handwork techniques for wool applique, which is all the rage.

  • KET Saturday, May 23 at noon EDT
  • KET Saturday, August 22, 2015 at noon EDT

Tradition with a Twist #1501 [TV-G]
Traditions spark inspiration for today's quilt artist. A pincushion is created from hand-dyed wool.

  • KET Saturday, May 30 at noon EDT

Back to Basics #1502 [TV-G]
Amy Ellis demonstrates how to create a perfectly mitered corner to make modern table fashions.

  • KET Saturday, June 6 at noon EDT

Collage with Fabric and Paper #1503 [TV-G]
Using the art of collage, visual elements are cut from fabric to create a whimsical art quilt.

  • KET Saturday, June 13 at noon EDT

On The Surface #1 #1504 [TV-G]
Lyric Montgomery Kinard layers texture onto fabric using thermal print screens.

  • KET Saturday, June 20 at noon EDT

Be Your Own Designer #1505 [TV-G]
Memory quilt designer Trish Bowman uses novel design concepts to create sensational memory quilts.

  • KET Saturday, June 27 at noon EDT

On The Surface #2 #1506 [TV-G]
Break loose with Rebekah Meier as she sprays, paints and pours dyes to create her own fabrics.

  • KET Saturday, July 4 at noon EDT

Memory-Keeping #1507 [TV-G]
Tammie Bowser translates a child's drawing into a beautiful art quilt.

  • KET Saturday, July 11 at noon EDT

Fabric Fun #1508 [TV-G]
Artist Rebekah Meier shows fun and easy ways to stitch complex surface design fabrics.

  • KET Saturday, July 18 at noon EDT

Fast and Fun Gifts #1509 [TV-G]
Pearl Krush makes a charming owl quilt using feathers, fibers, and jewels.

  • KET Saturday, July 25 at noon EDT

Shows and Exhibitions #1510 [TV-G]
Luana Rubin shows miniature quilts and intricate quilted handbags from the Tokyo Quilt Festival.

  • KET Saturday, August 1 at noon EDT

Pins and Pinning #1511 [TV-G]
Amy Ellis covers the facts about all different kinds of pins and tells how and when to use them.

  • KET Saturday, August 8 at noon EDT
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