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Doug Collins
Doug Collins
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As soon as he heard about plans to make a documentary about the underground railroad in Kentucky, Doug Collins wanted to work on the project. "I was always interested in it and it was a story that needed to be told," he explains.

Doug grew up in an antebellum home in rural Fayette County. "I remember being in the slave quarters, and I could see the shackles and irons," he says. "The house had two kitchens, one for whites and one for slaves."

Doug was fascinated by a slave cemetery behind the house which is now buried under a garage built by a subsequent owner, illustrative of the fate of much of the artifacts remaining of Kentucky's slave history.

Doug recorded the "nat sound", or the realistic sounds heard on the program, like the scratching at Maplewood and the running through the woods. He also recorded audio from the many interviews done for the program. "I was touched by the stories," he says, "and wish we could've done this 30 years ago when more people were alive to talk about it. We just barely scratched the surface."

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