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Behind the Scenes: The Making of the Documetary

Move back the curtain and go behind the scenes!

Many talented individuals helped to create the documentary and the web site. Click on each image to learn what role that person played in production and how he or she was affected by learning more about Kentucky’s Underground Railroad.

Guy Mendes Guy Mendes
Mary Beth Marshall Hester Mary Beth Marshall Hester
Associate Producer
Frank Simkonis Frank Simkonis
Principal Videographer and Lighting
Chuck Burgess Chuck Burgess
Sound Design and Audio Post; Music Supervisor
Alicestyne Turley-Adams Alicestyne Turley-Adams
Primary Content Writer
Mike Brower
Video Editor
Mike Brower
Doug Collins
Location Audio
Doug Collins
Mary Ann Carpenter
Computer Graphics and Animation
Mary Ann Carpenter
Mike Ginter
Web Designer
Mike Ginter
Lynda Thomas
Web Site Writer/Editor
Lynda Thomas

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