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Lynda Thomas
Lynda Thomas
Web Site Writer/Editor

Lynda Thomas can usually be found producing KET professional development seminars, but jumped at the chance to delve deeply into a difficult subject to help increase awareness and understanding. Lynda's role was to assemble the content and work with the Web designer to construct the site.

"This project is the first at KET to combine a Web site with an open broadcast television production, although that's going to happen more and more. Now we can offer additional content, increase the educational components we can offer to teachers and students, and keep it fresh."

Lynda's hope is that this project spurs interest in conducting more research at the local level, uncovering forgotten stories and locating historic sites. "It would be wonderful to need to make a sequel to the documentary in a few years because there's more information. In the meantime, the Web site can be a discussion forum."

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