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Dear Colleagues,

As a language arts teacher in the middle school, Kentucky's Underground Railroad-Passage to Freedom, tells the story of a very exciting piece of African American history in Kentucky. Not only does it give an explicit account of slavery in Kentucky, it offers teachers a variety of activities that would broaden the perspectives of all students.

The cultural value of the video allows students to compare and contrast the music, art, geography, and economics of the time. It also lends itself to a great deal of writing. Students won't have any trouble coming up with topics for short stories, persuasive pieces, newspaper articles, plays and poems.

This video would be useful at the elementary, middle and high school levels. The content of the video could easily be used in shorter segments without destroying its meaning. I would recommend that it be made available to every library in the state so that everyone can use this information to educate Kentucky children about their heritage. There also could be an avenue for teachers to share curriculum activities that they have created to go along with the video.

I believe this video will allow students to appreciate their Kentucky heritage, and will clear up some misconceptions about Kentucky's past. Knowledge is the key to understanding, so let's help our children understand the diverse culture we live in.


Kimberly Parker-Brown
Language Arts
Morton Middle School
Fayette County

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