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Special Collections

Lifelong Learning Videos/Adult Education

  • GED Connection • GED Connection will help you prepare for all five subjects on the GED® exam, with special attention to the calculator used on the exam, the essay, special answer formats, and tips for test day.
  • Pre-GED Connection • These 26 programs were selected from the GED Connection series to go with the Pre-GED Connection workbooks. They cover the reading, writing, math, science, and social studies skills you'll need to do well with GED test-preparation.
  • Workplace Essential Skills • Are you ready for a good job? Workplace Essential Skills covers the skills you'll need to find a job and strategies that will help you get ahead.
  • TV411 • Videos cover practical reading, writing, and math skills in lessons on parenting, money matters, and health.

40th Anniversary Spotlight • programs from across four decades that explore KET’s history and future

The War in Kentucky • more than 10 hours of Kentucky-based programs produced to accompany the premiere of the Ken Burns film The War, plus World War II-related video from our archives (2007)

Specials and Limited Series, by Title

The ABCs of HDTV • an informational program on the national transition to digital television (2008)

College Financial Aid Call-In program archive • annual, 2003-present

ACT Administration Training • programs produced during the 2007/08 school year to train Kentucky educators in administering the ACT test and associated assessments

About Autism • two programs on diagnosis and early intervention (2005)

Alzheimer’s in Kentucky • a KET call-in (2004)

America Responds • programs produced in response to the September 11 terrorist attacks (2001)

bookclub@ket • From the book list, see individual program pages for program video and bonus author interviews. (1999-2006)

Childhood Obesity Prevention • call-in (2005)

The CommonHealth of Kentucky • 13-part series spotlighting community health projects (see individual program pages) (2005)

Country Boys Continued • a KET follow-up to the David Sutherland/Frontline documentary (1/11/2006)

Distinguished Kentuckian • a series of interviews with leaders from many walks of life, from the arts to politics to sports (1974-1992)

Domestic Abuse: A Call-In • a discussion of the help available to victims (2003)

Election Coverage program archive • primary, general, and special election candidate forums and returns programs, fall 2000-present

Electronic Field Trip to Fort Harrod and Fort Boonesborough • (2006)

Electronic Field Trip to the Aviation Museum of Kentucky • plus bonus video of a ride in a WWII bomber (2003)

Electronic Field Trip to the Dentist • (2007)

Electronic Field Trip to the Forest • with bonus footage (2002)

Electronic Field Trip to the National Weather Service • (2004)

Electronic Field Trip to the Post Office • (2005)

Fancy Farm: Pork, Pie and Politics • highlights programs from the annual feast of barbecue and politics (2002-present)

Homeland Security in Kentucky: Living in Uncertain Times and Homeland Security: Living in a Changed World • highlights from the Governor’s Executive Summit on Homeland Security (2002)

Just Ask: A Call-In on Teen Depression • (2003)

The Kentucky-Ireland Parallel • a panel discussion among participants in Greater Louisville Inc.’s 2007 fact-finding trip to Ireland (2007)

Kentucky Time Capsule • historical documentaries made by Louisville filmmaker Al Shands in the 1970s and restored by KET (2003)

Kentucky’s Underground Railroad—Passage to Freedom • one-hour documentary, viewable in segments, plus bonus interview footage (2000)

Living the Story: The Rest of the Story • interviews with Kentucky civil rights pioneers (2002)

Louisville Merger: A Community Conversation • includes two town meetings and a documentary (2000)

Meth in Kentucky • two call-ins on the health and law enforcement issues surrounding the epidemic of methamphetamine abuse (2006)

Mixed Media • KET’s weekly arts magazine (September 2003-June 2006)

Severe Storms: Being Prepared • an annual call-in on coping with Kentucky’s volatile and sometimes dangerous weather (2006-present)

Whodunit/Whowonit: The International Mystery Festival Awards 2007 • the awards ceremony at which the inaugural Angie Awards were presented to outstanding new mystery plays submitted to the International Mystery Writers’ Festival in Owensboro (2007)

Your Child with Special Needs • two programs for parents, teachers, and school staffers on educating special-needs children and helping them make the transition to adult life (2004)


Champions for Education Summit • presentations from Vision 2015’s community summit meeting on education issues in Northern Kentucky (November 2007)

Fancy Farm Picnic • archived video from our live webcast of the political speeches at the 2007 event (8/4/07)

GLIDE Dublin • presentations from Greater Louisville Inc.’s 2007 fact-finding trip to Ireland to explore its economic rebirth (September 2007)

Governor’s Education Summit • a summit on the state of education reform in Kentucky (7/30/2002)

Governor’s Public Employee Health Insurance Forum • a summit on health insurance issues facing state government (10/4/2002)

Gubernatorial Inaugurations • live and archived video of gubernatorial inaugurations (2003-present)

Internet2 Day • discussions and demonstrations of how Internet2 can benefit education in Kentucky (10/27/2006)

Kentucky Chamber Economic Summit • presentations on moving the state forward in the areas of educational attainment, health status, and energy (July 2008)

Kentucky: Tools for Prospering in the New Economy • sessions from a conference on the use of technology in state and local government (April 2001)

Making Money Matter • sessions from a Kentucky Long-Term Policy Research Center conference on how best to invest public education dollars to boost student achievement (11/13/07)

Shakertown Roundtable • full sessions from the 2001 and 2007 public policy conferences

Southern Governors’ Conference 2001

Excerpts and Extras

American Shorts: Poof!clips from the drama and documentary

KET Digital: Introduction to Datacasting • an overview of the KET DataCast service