Champions for Education Community Summit

When community leaders in Northern Kentucky created Vision 2015, their 10-year blueprint for economic growth, they identified educational excellence as one of the critical areas for improvement. The Champions for Education Summit, hosted by the Vision 2015 education team on November 14, 2007, brought more than 800 people together to hear local, regional, and national experts discuss challenges facing education in the area and what can be done about them.

Vision 2015 is a 10-year strategic plan that positions Northern Kentucky to compete in a global, knowledge-based economy. Developed by the citizens of the region, the plan is designed to unlock the area’s full potential through collaborations among business, education, civic, cultural, and government organizations.

KET taped sessions at the summit for online videostreaming. Click on a title below to view that session (Windows Media® or RealVideo® format). For further information on the issues and the speakers, visit the Champions for Education Summit web site.

Summit Sessions

  • Welcome/Introduction (32:50)
    Background on the summit and the issues to be discussed.
    Presenters: Jim Wiseman, vice president for corporate affairs at Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America Inc.; Dr. Jim Votruba, president of Northern Kentucky University; and Helen Carroll, community relations manager for Toyota
  • The ABCs of School Success (49:15)
    Vision 2015 goal: All children will enter kindergarten with the skills necessary to succeed.
    • Moderator: Dawn Denham, director, Boone County Success by 6
    • Dr. Kim Townley of the University of Kentucky discusses research on child development and learning that affirms the critical importance of early learning to the development of a child’s brain.
    • John Pruette, executive director of the North Carolina Office of School Readiness, discusses his state’s More at Four initiative, which is designed to provide high-quality education for all 4-year-olds.
  • It Takes a Village ... (49:22)
    Vision 2015 goal: Northern Kentucky is nationally recognized for its culture of contribution, through service learning in schools and full engagement of the business community in schools.
    • Moderator: Trey Grayson, Kentucky secretary of state
    • Sylvia Lovely, executive director of the Kentucky League of Cities and president of the New Cities Institute, talks about connecting the civic/business community with the education community.
    • Jack Cassidy, president and CEO of Cincinnati Bell, outlines his company’s commitment to Taft High School in Cincinnati, where the graduation rate went from 25% in 2002 to 75% in 2006.
  • Getting There from Here (53:07)
    Vision 2015 goal: All high school graduates are prepared for postsecondary education and work.
    • Moderator: Nancy Spivey, vice president, Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce
    • Kenneth A. Cutler of the Hamner Institutes for Health Sciences discusses Project Suc-SEED, a year-round science enrichment program in North Carolina that has increased interest in science among underrepresented minorities.
    • Dr. Allyson Handley, senior advisor for economic initiatives for the Kentucky Council on Post Secondary Education, presents highlights from a report of a statewide STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) Task Force.
    • Dr. Angie Taylor, vice president of Gateway Community and Technical College, talks about education requirements in the workforce.
  • The Prepared Mind (44:47)
    Vision 2015 goal: Middle and high schools will provide a curriculum for all students that is relevant to student exploration of educational and career goals.
    • Moderator: Polly Lusk Page, Partnership for Successful Schools and NKU Vision 2015
    • Tim Hanner, superintendent of Kenton County Schools, and David Sandlin, an educator in the Walton-Verona Schools, talk about Individual Learning Plans for students and Schools of Study.
    • Polly Marquette, Partnership for Successful Schools, explains how the Kentucky Scholars Initiative helps students ensure post-graduation success by providing a clear road map of rigorous courses designed to meet the changing expectations of employers and postsecondary education.
  • An Offer They Can’t Refuse (54:43)
    Vision 2015 goal: Recruit, develop, and retain highly qualified educators in all areas, with emphasis on math, science, technology, engineering, special education, and world languages.
    • Moderator: Gene Kirchner, deputy superintendent, Walton-Verona Schools
    • Dr. Jesse Register, senior adviser with the Annenberg Institute at Brown University and associate professor for urban schools at the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, talks about a collaborative program in Hamilton County, Tennessee to attract and retain qualified educators.
    • Brent Cooper, president of C-Forward, and Carol Horn, assistant superintendent of the Grant County School District, discuss how Northern Kentucky businesses are uniting to help retain high-quality teachers in the region’s schools.
  • Can We Supply the Demand? (55:44)
    Vision 2015 goal: All adults are prepared for postsecondary education and work.
    • Moderator: Dr. Barbara Stonewater, executive director, Northern Kentucky Council of Partners
    • Helen Mountjoy, executive vice president of the Greater Owensboro Economic Development Corporation, talks about the city’s life science partnership with Kentucky’s world-class research institutions.
    • Dan Tobergte, president of Northern Kentucky Tri-ED; Ryan Rybolt, president of Infinitech; and Rick Jordan, president of LSI Images, discuss their experiences as entrepreneurs.
  • Politics 101: Making Change Happen (53:25)
    Vision 2015 goal: All education institutions in Northern Kentucky have the financial resources and program alignment necessary to support the needs of the region.
    • Moderator: Mary Ann Pietromonaco, Morgan Stanley, vice president and vice chair for business advocacy for the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce
    • Stan Lampe, vice president for business and community advocacy at the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce; state Rep. Arnold Simpson (65th), vice chair of the Northern Kentucky Legislative Caucus; and state Rep. Jon Draud (63rd), vice chair of the House Education Committee, discuss how citizens can advocate for education with state legislators in Frankfort.
  • Creative Inclusion (53:52)
    Vision 2015 goal: Northern Kentucky has a system and outreach programs to make educational opportunities available, accessible, and affordable to every community member.
    • Moderator: Rev. Dr. Michael Posey, St. Paul A.M.E. Zion Church, Covington
    • Michael Brandt, superintendent of Newport Independent Schools, talks about exciting things happening there.
    • Jeff Edmondson, executive director of STRIVE, talks about how the initiative is creating regional collaborations to meet the needs of children from birth through college.
    • Meg Winchell, executive director of the Urban Learning Center, explains how the center provides opportunities for students who once thought it impossible to graduate from high school, much less go to college.
    • Jerome Bowles, president of the Bowles Center for Diversity Outreach, discusses ideas for closing achievement gaps in P-12 schools.
  • The Business Case ... in the Classroom (53:17)
    Vision 2015 goal: Northern Kentucky businesses are involved in school/business partnerships to support classroom education and promote service to the community.
    • Moderator: Gary Beatrice, Business Benefits, chair of education advocacy for the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce
    • Laquinta Strickland, branch manager for the L&N Credit Union; Sandy Schnatz, assistant principal of Caywood Elementary in Kenton County; Helen Carroll, community relations manager for Toyota; and Carolyn Witt Jones, executive director of the Partnership for Successful Schools, discuss the role businesses can or should play in supporting education.
  • Keynote Address: Dr. Kati Haycock (42:51)
    Dr. Kati Haycock, director of the Education Trust, talks about education issues nationwide and proven ideas for improving instruction and learning.
  • Keynote Address: Dr. O’dell Owens (34:34)
    Dr. O’dell Owens, a Northern Kentucky physician and medical researcher and Hamilton County coroner, challenges adults to get involved in education and in the lives of young people.

This video coverage is provided by KET by arrangement with Vision 2015. Opinions expressed by conference speakers are their own.