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KET Volunteers
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KET Network Center Volunteers

KET is a nationally recognized leader in quality programming and educational services ... and much of it wouldn’t happen without the enthusiastic volunteers who donate their time to work with the KET staff at the O. Leonard Press Telecommunications Center in Lexington.

From civic groups looking for a project they can do together to dedicated individuals who’ve been “on call” as KET volunteers for years, these amazing supporters pitch in behind the scenes to make everything from live television productions to special mailings possible—and have a lot of fun doing it! If you have a few hours to spare and would like to join their number, please fill out our sign-up form and let us know where your interests lie.

Meanwhile, many thanks to the following current KET Network Center Volunteers:

Elizabeth Allen
Lindsay Allen
Eva Ayer
Charles Babb
Mildred Bailey
Kate Barr
Ken Barr
Lauren Bennett
Patricia Bingham
Klinton Blair
Marc Blevins
Dora Boaz
Donna Bonci
Julie Brock
Charles Brooks
John Burton
Kurt Buterbaugh
Janet Cabaniss
Daniel Callahan
Libby Carlson
Margaret Chase
Pete Clark
Elizabeth Couch
Joseph Couch
Pat Cox
Bobbi Craig
Elizabeth Crossfield
Matt Daugherty
Martha Deener
Debra Denning
Dwan Edwards
Stephanie Edwards
Lillian Fisher
Virginia French
Elliott Fritsch
Travis Fritsch
Tom Fullington
Jenny Fultz
Ann Glyer
Goodie Graetz
Helmut Graetz
Eric Gray
Judy Hamblin
Correnia Hale
Teri Harper
Josh Heaton
Andrew Helton
Betty Hickey
Daniel Hodges
Trish Hodges
Bridgette Hurt
Camesha Johnson
Beverly Lane
Rene Lassourreille
Brad Lawrence
Helen Lazear
Thomas Luke
Scott Marksberry
Ryoko Marlin
Nora McCain
Jason McCarty
Nicole McCurdy
Rainey McDonald
Harry Miller
Melissa Morgenson
Wanda Neal
Rachael Nealis
Carol Niswonger
Dominic Nkengfack
Jan Nottell
Connie Osborne
Diane Owens
Brittany Owens
Lillian Perkins
Dave Pike
Jenny Poole
Julia Pratt
Catherine Price
Virginia Price
Cindy Rieker
Lou Roberts
Jean Salladay
Everett Schaeffer
Roberta Schaeffer
Mark Schneider
Melissa Schutt
Jennifer Scisco
Edna Sharif
Thelma Snodgrass
Damon Snyder
Tim Struttmann
Julia Tackett
Alisia Taylor
Don Trivette
Joyce Trivette
Jewel Vanderhoef
Katherine Van Erden
Lena Wamsley
Ron Welch
Lisa West
David Williams
Margaret Williams
Alice Zollicoffer

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