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Kids' Programs on KET1 and KET2
Kids' Programs on KET and KET2

Here’s what’s on WEEKDAYS ...

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ET/CT Monday-Friday
3:30/2:30 am FRI: News Quiz/Telling Tales  
6:30/5:30   Between the Lions
7:00/6:00 Arthur Zoom
7:30/6:30 Clifford the Big Red Dog (WED: Clifford’s Puppy Days) Reading Rainbow
8:00/7:00 Dragon Tales Caillou cartoon
8:30/7:30 Caillou
9:00/8:00 George Shrinks  
9:30/8:30 Barney & Friends  
10:00/9:00 Sesame Street
11:00/10:00 Between the Lions
11:30/10:30 Teletubbies
12:00/11:00 Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood
12:30/11:30 Reading Rainbow
1:00/12:00   Dragon Tales
1:30/12:30   Zoboomafoo
2:00/1:00 MON-THU: Berenstain Bears  |   FRI: News Quiz/Telling Tales Clifford cartoon
2:30/1:30 George Shrinks
3:00/2:00 Zoom
3:30/2:30 Postcards from Buster
4:00/3:00 Cyberchase
4:30/3:30 Maya & Miguel THU: Hands On: Crafts for Kids
5:00/4:00 Clifford the Big Red Dog (WED: Clifford’s Puppy Days) THU: Dragonfly TV
5:30/4:30 Dragon Tales THU: The Eyes of Nye
6:00/5:00   Arthur
6:30/5:30   Cyberchase

PBS Kids Check out PBS Kids for lots of fun activities and educational materials about many of these programs.

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