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KET's Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

KET’s mission is to make Kentucky a better place and strengthen its communities by educating, inspiring, informing, and connecting its citizens through the power of public media.

Our Vision

KET distinguishes itself as the most-trusted, preeminent source of high-quality educational and public media—in classrooms, homes, and communities—to meet the diverse needs of Kentucky.
KET produces and provides innovative and relevant programs and services, giving all citizens access to in-depth information and to cultural and educational opportunities.

Our Values

  • Learning—lifelong pursuit of knowledge
  • Equity—equal access to needed resources
  • Fairness—respect for all voices
  • Creativity—encouragement of imagination, invention, and expression
  • Innovation—appropriate use of advanced techniques and technologies
  • Excellence—achievement of high quality and effectiveness
  • Integrity—adherence to the highest standards of conduct
  • Diversity—inclusion in our workforce, services, and content
  • Community—working together toward common goals