Outreach Tools Available Free from KET

KET provides outreach tools to those interested in recruiting new learners or sharing information on how to access programming and products. These include downloadable print materials, sharable digital images and videos, as well as, full episodes or series for broadcast.

Resources for Recruiting Learners

These resources may be used to promote KET’s FastForward program to learners, stakeholders, and employers interested in high school equivalency prep programs or to increase awareness of opportunities and issues related to adult education. Studies show that 90% of FastForward test takers earned their GED® credential.

FastForward Print Resources

Customizable posters and videos are available FREE of charge. Posters may be printed and customized with local contact information if desired. Suggested locations to share printed material: local learning centers, libraries, government offices, lottery stations, laundry centers, etc. Images may be shared across social media platforms also. Find print resources at KET.org/FFRecruit

Digital Resources

In today’s digital, mobile society, video is commonly used to tell stories. People relate to inspiring stories. KET is pleased to offer digital content FREE of charge for the purpose of reaching potential learners or groups that influence them. These videos may be embedded into social media posts as well.
Find videos at KET.org/FFRecruit or on KET’s Adult Ed YouTube Channel.

Dropping Back In

Dropping Back in is a series of half-hour documentary programs that examine the plight of adult learners and successful efforts to support them in achieving high school credentials. Partner stations or groups interested in community engagement around these issues can find videos and related resources at DroppingBackIn.org.

Partner Station Program

Public media stations nationally are welcomed and encouraged to partner with KET to promote adult learning and impact communities through a variety of media platforms. Stations who partner with KET on this mission develop stronger community relationships while earning 20% of sales from KET’s FastFoward online program. Details about the program can be found on this one-pager.

Partner Station Toolkit

KET has written the book (literally) on how to become a successful partner station. The handbook includes outreach strategies, printed content for news releases, links to documentaries, social media suggestions, marketing tools and more. Click here to review and download the toolkit.

Contact us with your outreach idea.

Creative ways to partner with KET to impact individuals, families, and communities for generations to come are endless. Call us today to discuss how our missions might align for the good of all.