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The KET School Video Project website is a place to share Kentucky school, government, and non-government organization public service videos in a safe online environment. Student-produced school news programs, public service announcements, art and music videos, classroom projects, example teacher videos, and videos for our special KET School Video Project Challenges can all be shared online at KET from your own personalized channel. Login or register a new account to begin uploading. See our Terms of Use for uploading and technical information.

Features of the KET School Video Project website include:

  • A unique YouTube-like “channel” for your school or organization. You can customize the look of your channel with a title, a background picture, and your school colors.
  • Upload and share video, audio, and document files. Pass-on helpful tutorials and classroom resources or examples of student-made video background music.
  • Upload from mobile devices such as iPads and smartphones.
  • Save playlists and favorite user channels.
  • Communicate with other users within the site to exchange multimedia production information and ideas.

KET School Video Project Challenges – Upload and Win Free Gear!

2017-2018 KET School Video Project Challenge: How do you see the future?

People have always imagined what reality might be in the future. Some predictions, such as digital photography, 3-D printing, Facetime, and cell phones, autonomous cars now exist; other fanciful ideas were off the mark—so far no underwater kelp farming to solve world hunger, flying cars, square tomatoes, or losing our ability to read because of television. Most of the predictions we know of came from adults, but we want to hear from you, our youth, who will help shape the future. Looking at the world as it is now and using your imagination and creativity, what do you see in the distant future, fifty or more years from 2017? What kind of world will your kids, grandkids and great grandkids (and lots more greats, if you like!) live in?

KET regularly offers special video challenge projects throughout the year.  Curriculum-focused, they end in a prize drawing for free video production equipment.

Past project challenges include…

KET’s last KET School Video Project Challenge was My Kentucky Home, student-produced documentary-style videos about hometowns and what’s special about them. Kentucky public, private, and homeschools were eligible to participate.  Winner of the project’s prize drawing on May 1, 2017, was Ms. Crystal Neal, Library Media Specialist at Powell County Middle School.  Ms. Neal shared the excellent student-made documentary, Buzzing About Bees, about local bee farming and the importance of bees to plant pollination.

For more information contact Cynthia Warner, KET Education Division, 800-432-0951 ext. 7263; 859-258-7263.