Virtual Physics Labs

KET is pleased to present our Virtual Physics Labs©. The KET “VPL” offer you the opportunity to deepen your students’ understanding of physical principles through innovative and interactive online learning experiences. Created for use in AP® Physics B and Honors Physics courses, they are now used in many high schools and colleges in a number of countries. It is not a digital learning course, but a virtual resource to use in your own classroom for demonstrations, pre-lab activities, homework, or full lab replacement. The subject areas include: Kinematics and Dynamics, Circular Motion, Rotational Equilibrium, Calorimetry, Standing Wave in a Gas, Magnetic Fields, Plane and Spherical Mirrors; Concave and Convex Lenses, Radioactivity, Equilibrium of Forces, Linear Momentum, Buoyancy, Ideal Gas Law, Electrostatics, Magnetic Induction, Slit Diffraction.

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