KET’s Online Campus service is in its final school year. All currently enrolled students/schools will be able to complete the 2017-18 school year through June 30, 2018.

For questions, contact Brian Spellman at 859-258-7274.

General Questions

Q: Do you offer courses year-round?
A: Starting in early August and ending by mid-June, KET courses are offered on a traditional two-semester basis or a one-semester block schedule. There is no summer session.

Q: What are the start and finish dates for KET courses?
A: These dates are flexible, based on your school calendar and needs. The only limitation is that your schedule must begin no earlier than the first week of August and end by mid-June.

Q: How do KET courses fit into block schedules?
A: With the exception of AP Latin, all KET courses offer suggested block schedules as well as traditional schedules. However, schools and students need to keep in mind that a block schedule is often quite challenging, particularly in the upper level courses.

Q: Can students begin courses in January?
A: Students may start a course in January to complete the one-credit course in the spring semester, ending in late May to mid-June. They also may complete the first half of a one-credit course starting in January and working until in the end of May, and return the next fall to complete the second semester. However, this is not the recommended configuration for content retention, and may incur a re-enrollment fee.

Q: How are students registered?
A: Principals, counselors, or other school personnel may complete the registration process for students online using our registration form. You may also call us at 1-800-333-9764 and we will advise you how to proceed with enrollment.

Q: How much does it cost to register for KET courses?
A: Read about our tuition options.

Q: What are the attributes of successful online learning students?
A: Online learning presents special challenges and rewards for students. In general, successful KET Online Campus students are well-organized, independent self-starters who enjoy interacting with their teachers and are comfortable with electronic communication. Some students report that they actually prefer this mode of learning to conventional instruction. To see if you or a student with whom you’re working is a good candidate for online learning, give us a call at 800.333.9764 and talk with our teachers.

Q: Can students register themselves?
A: No. We require students to go through their school or homeschool to register for our courses to make sure the school is aware they are taking a KET course, as the school must award the credit.

Q: How do students get feedback from their KET teachers?
A: Students receive comments with grading, in blogs, via personal messages, and by video or telephone conferences.

Q: How do students communicate with their teachers?
A: Students can communicate with their teachers in several different ways. They may leave messages in courses; they may email teachers; they may skype or videoconference with the teacher or tutors; or they may call our toll-free number. Teachers usually are available to answer questions and offer help during regular school hours (Eastern Standard Time) Monday through Friday from August through mid-June.

Q: What are your teachers’ qualifications?
A:: All KET Online Campus teachers are Kentucky certified and hold Master’s degrees in their subject areas. Meet our teachers.

Q. Do you give final grades for KET courses?
A: No. We provide a final progress report with a student’s percentage on all work due;  the school can use this final progress report to award a final grade. We do have an online grading program whereby students and facilitators may check student progress and determine a percentage grade at any time during their course. Progress reports are conveyed to schools several times throughout the courses and facilitators always have access to the online grade reports.

Q: Do you award high school credit for KET courses?
A: No, KET is not a credit-granting institution. Credit is determined and awarded by schools. However, all of our courses are designed to meet state and national education standards and/or college preparatory standards.

Q: Are any of the KET courses offered for dual credit?
A: Yes. German 1, German 2, German 3, Latin 1, Latin 2, Latin 3, Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Arts in Culture, Chinese 1, and Chinese 2 are offered as dual credit courses. The college credit is awarded by the Morehead State University Early College Program.

Q: I am homeschooling my children. Can I still use your program?
A: Yes. If you are homeschooling your children, you may use the KET program for course content and teacher support. Although our program does include grade reports and a means to figure a final percentage grade, KET does not award the credit for the courses.

Q: What technology is needed for KET classes?

  • Internet access (Broadband strongly recommended)
  • Webcam and headset
  • Adobe Flash Player for student device
  • Course instructors will direct students to live session meeting rooms (e.g., Zoom or Skype). A download may be required for live session access.
  • Courses are compatible on all devices and operating systems.

Q: How do students get the textbooks or do they need a textbook?
A: Some courses require textbooks. Textbooks are ordered directly from the publishers or alternate web or used book sources. The list of required and optional textbooks for each course is found on the individual course page.

Q: How many lessons are needed to complete the courses?
A: The number of lessons needed to complete a course for credit varies by course.

Q: How much time do KET classes require daily?
A: The amount of time required depends upon whether a course is taken on a two-semester or block schedule. Students should plan to spend as much time as they would in a regular class at a brick and mortar school on the same schedule.

Q: How do you enroll middle school students for a specific amount of credit?
A: During the enrollment process, middle schools will have the option to choose content comparable to one full high school credit to be taken across 2 semesters (MS = 1 credit/2 semesters), or comparable to 1/2 high school credit to be taken across 2 semesters (MS = .5 Credit/2 semesters).