Information for Counselors & Educators

KET Online Campus offers your students…

Expanded Learning Opportunities

Would your school like to offer a class in arts and humanities? Expand your foreign language program? If a shortage of qualified teachers or low student numbers is keeping you from providing these opportunities, KET Online Campus can help.

Rigorous, Personalized Instruction

We’re a small, specialized non-profit provider dedicated to giving middle and high school students in Kentucky and the U.S. well designed, engaging classes taught by certified teachers. When your students enroll in KET Online Campus, they receive rigorous, personalized instruction that helps them become more independent and productive learners.

You are truly a great teacher. I watched a couple of [physics] lessons and have to commend you for the laborious and well thought out lessons. I absolutely enjoyed and had an easy time using the system. I have seen [other distance learning courses]. But none of them come even close to your instruction quality. When my school reopens, I will publicize your offering and hopefully some students can take advantage of getting an AP Physics credit on their transcript.

A New York City science teacher

Flexible Scheduling

KET courses are designed for flexibility. They can be taken as yearlong courses or semester blocks, with start and end dates that fit your school schedule, not an arbitrary timetable. Onsite facilitators monitor progress and administer tests based on your academic calendar.

Varied and Complete Standards-Based Curricula

All KET courses offer a combination of informative course lectures, lesson plans, activities, and tests-everything your students need to master the subject. To improve oral skills, the Spanish, Chinese and German students participate in oral tutoring or assessment sessions.

KET’s Latin, German, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese courses are aligned with the standards from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. Arts in Culture and the Humanities Through the Arts Resource are aligned with state and national arts standards.