Information for Parents

KET offers your teenager online learning with a difference.

That difference is our dedication to providing middle and high school students with personalized learning experiences that will help them grow intellectually, work at their own pace, fulfill requirements for college admission, perform better on the SAT and ACT, and prepare for college-level work.

Congratulations!!!!!!! Ben got a 5 on the AP Physics test and you got him there. It’s hard to believe that summer is over, but here we are back again. …[0ne of my students] will be taking AP Physics this year, and [another is] planning to take Honors Physics. …I’ll get the ball rolling from this end, but I’m sure I’ll be emailing [KET] to make sure I did it right. It’s good to be back working with you.

An onsite physics facilitator

What can you expect when your student enrolls in a KET Online Campus class?

  • Responsive teachers and tutors available daily during school hours to answer questions and provide direct instruction
  • Well-designed, challenging courses that appeal to a variety of learning styles
  • Frequent communication with schools to make sure students are on task and on target
  • An onsite facilitator who supervises students and proctors their tests

KET has found that the most successful students are independent learners and self-starters with good organizational skills. KET teachers encourage all students to stay in frequent contact either by phone or email. You can request a pass code to make sure your student is staying on track.

If your teenager is already enrolled, browsing through our links will give you an idea of what to expect this year. If not-and you like what you see-contact your student’s school counselor or principal to see if your son or daughter can be enrolled in our program.