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KET’s Online Campus service is in its final school year. All currently enrolled students/schools will be able to complete the 2017-18 school year through June 30, 2018.

For questions, contact Brian Spellman at 859-258-7274.

John Krueger

German — John Krueger

B.A. German Eastern Kentucky, M.A. German University of Massachusetts, Ed.M. Education University of Kentucky

John Krueger has many connections to Germany having worked and studied there for over five years. He is well familiar with the rich variety of geography and culture that Germany has to offer since he has had the experience of living in diverse regions within the country, in cities such as Berlin, Dresden, Freiburg, and Marburg. John has been teaching German in high school since 1995 and has been a strong proponent of cultural exchange programs between German and American schools.

The experience of learning a language suddenly takes on new relevance and excitement once students begin meeting peers and making friends from the culture they have been studying. They then find that there is so much to talk about. It’s like an ‘aha!’ moment when students realize ‘hey wait a minute…I’m COMMUNICATING in a different language here. Wow, this is fun!’ When you learn German there are so many opportunities for connecting to new people and places.

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Benjamin Patterson

Latin — Ben Patterson

BA, Classics and English, University of Kentucky
MA, Education, Asbury University (KY)

Ben Patterson has been a part of KET Online Campus since he took Latin 1 as a sophomore in high school and has experienced the program as a student, tutor, administrator, and teacher. He has taught middle and high school students for nearly a decade both online and in the traditional classroom. Ben holds a BA (Classics and English) from the University of Kentucky and an MA in Education from Asbury University. Ben teaches all levels of Latin and high school Arts in Culture.

All learning is formative. When I learn something new, in some small way I transform into a new self, with a new perspective on the world.

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Carla Gover

Spanish — Carla Gover

BA, Appalachian Studies and Latin American Studies, University of Kentucky
MA, Teaching World Languages, University of Kentucky

Carla Gover received her BA in Appalachian Studies and Latin American Studies from the University of Kentucky, where she also obtained an MA in Teaching World Language with an emphasis in Spanish. For 23 years, she has taught music and dance to students all over Kentucky as an artist in residence, and has traveled extensively in the US and abroad sharing original and traditional music from Appalachia. Now she brings her love of world cultures and language and her love for Kentucky students to KET’s Online Campus Program, with the goal of helping students achieve a sense of global citizenship, and the language proficiency to communicate effectively in Spanish.

Our online classroom connects language and cultural content to students’ life experiences to make learning engaging and fun. As a teacher, I am committed to helping every student learn Spanish, and to fostering a lifelong enthusiasm for language and learning, as well as a sense of global citizenship.

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Janna Chiang

Chinese – Janna Chiang

BA, Multimedia & Graphic Design, Cal. State East Bay (CA) University
MBA, Healthcare Management, Indiana Wesleyan (IN) University
MA, Education Leadership, Northern Kentucky (KY) University

Janna Chiang is a certified K-12 Mandarin Chinese teacher and lives in Louisville, Kentucky. She has taught Mandarin Chinese for the past 9 years and is an active technology consultant in the field of world languages. She presents nationally and internationally on topics in regards to the latest technology practices in language learning and best strategies to engage 21st century language learners. Previously, she has helped develop curricular materials for the Jefferson County Public School’s World Languages in the Elementary School program and has taught Chinese courses for the Kentucky Virtual High School, and University of Oregon’s online Mandarin Chinese program. She has worked closely for the professional development in Kentucky for teachers of Chinese with the Kentucky Department of Education and is the past-President for Kentucky Association of Chinese Language Teachers. She was the communication director for the Kentucky World Language Association and a consultant for Kentucky Education Television. Her latest position is with Western Kentucky University, the Confucius Institute, where she is an Curriculum Coordinator/Professional Development Specialist and Kentucky Education Television as Mandarin Chinese instructor. She is an active member with ACTFL, NNELL, CSCTFL, CLASS and KWLA and has extensive involvement with federally funded STARTALK programs.

Mandarin Chinese is an extremely useful language to learn since it is the most widely spoken first language in the world. Studying the language opens up endless opportunities in fields such as politics, economics, and history. The study of a culture and its people are at the heart of learning a new language. In order to gain insight into how Chinese society functions and be able to appreciate the values of Chinese people, one must work to understand both the language and its accompanying culture. The courses are aimed to prepare you to be at ease and effective in a Chinese environment. Learning the language is one half of the battle; knowing the culture is the other.

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Abby Lane

Arts in Culture – Abby Lane

BA, University of Kentucky (English and Creative Writing)
MH, Tiffin University (OH) (Humanities)

Abby Lane came to the arts and humanities program at KET Online Campus as a college student working as a teaching and production assistant in 1998. As a co-teacher, she helped develop Arts in Culture in 2011. She loves helping students improve their writing, gain confidence in their self-expression, and acquire an appreciation for all the arts. She has published poems in literary journals, performed on a variety of stages as a musician, and has written multiple dramatic works commissioned for performance by the Owensboro (KY) High School percussion, band, choral, and drama departments. She majored in English and creative writing at Earlham College and the University of Kentucky and holds a Master of Humanities from Tiffin University (OH).

In Arts in Culture, we focus a lot on making connections, between different eras, cultures, genres, and with each other. When you start to make connections between the dance of the Baroque era and your favorite music video, you start to lose some of the barriers that make those things seem distant and difficult, and you start to see yourself as part of the greater story of humanity. As you practice making, understanding, and communicating some of your connections and discoveries, I think you’ll find yourself more perceptive and better able to communicate your observations–skills that will serve you well in college, career, and life.

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