KET’s Online Campus service is in its final school year. All currently enrolled students/schools will be able to complete the 2017-18 school year through June 30, 2018.

For questions, contact Brian Spellman at 859-258-7274.

Questions About Facilitators

Q: Is a facilitator needed?
A: All schools that register for the KET courses must provide a facilitator The facilitator will be the primary contact between the students and KET, and has responsibilities for the administration of the course.

Q: What does a facilitator do?
A: The duties of a facilitator are:

  • Communicate with the KET teacher and Classroom Administrator to make sure all students are properly enrolled in the course.
  • Ensure that each online student has access to the technology needed to take the course.
  • Ensure that each online student has a properly supervised environment for instruction, homework, and tests.
  • Monitor student’s activity in the course (log-ins, grades, use of social media) and progress toward completion.
  • Act as liaison between the school, parents, and KET for the purpose of requesting grade reports, reporting problems, celebrating successes, etc.
  • Encourage students to be good digital citizens and discourage academic dishonesty (i.e., cheating, copying, using online translators, misusing passwords, etc.) by making students aware of school policies and consequences for academic dishonesty. The extent of their responsibility varies by course.

Q: Who can serve as a facilitator?
A: Facilitators can be classroom teachers, other school personnel such as library media specialists, counselors, and technology specialists, or community volunteers. Except in the case of a homeschool, we do not allow a parent of a student to facilitate due to needing to preserve the privacy of grades of all the students involved, and to ensure the integrity of the tests.

Q: How do I find out more about being a facilitator?
A: Registered sites will have access to multimedia materials designed to help facilitators understand their responsibilities with regard to specific courses. Additionally, KET faculty and staff are available to answer questions and help solve any problems that arise.