KET’s Online Campus service is in its final school year. All currently enrolled students/schools will be able to complete the 2017-18 school year through June 30, 2018.

For questions, contact Brian Spellman at 859-258-7274.

Questions About German

Q: Does the facilitator need to speak German?
A: No. The facilitator does not need to speak German in order to act as a liaison between students and KET, to download tests and proctor the test taking, to maintain discipline in the classroom, and to keep students on task. Learning German along with the students would be an added benefit.

Q: Do students need textbooks?
A: Yes, with the exception of German 3. For German 1 and German 2 there are required textbooks. German 3 does not require a textbook. Textbook information is available on individual course pages.

Q: How long are the tutoring sessions?
A: Depending on class size, tutoring sessions last approximately 15-20 minutes two days a week. Students will also have time to complete other homework or quiz activities on tutoring days.

Q: Does the school need to pay for tutoring session calls?
A: No. Tutors from KET make calls to students for tutoring session, either using the telephone, skype, or video conference built into the web site. Students and facilitators also have a toll-free number they may call for daytime help, as well as an online message system to contact the teacher, tutors, or KET staff.

Q: How do you find your tutors?
A: The German tutors have a variety of backgrounds. While some are native speakers living temporarily in the Lexington, Kentucky area, others are graduate or undergraduate German students at the University of Kentucky, Transylvania University, or other local colleges. Retired and substitute teachers may also be part of the team.

Q: I took German 1 in a “regular” classroom and we used a different book. Can I take German 2 with KET?
A: YES! The KET instructor will determine at what level you should continue your German studies; you may be required to take a placement test or do an interview with the instructor.

Q: Do I need any special equipment to take a KET German course?
A: Yes. A speaker phone and/or preferably a web camera/microphone for Skype or video conferencing through the web site is required. Students working independently will be expected to have use of headphones with attached mic during regular tutor lessons. A Web or Video Camera is also needed for some of the Performance Assessments.

Q. Are any of the German courses offered as dual credit?
A: Yes. German 1, German 2 and German 3 may be taken as dual credit courses. The college credit is awarded by the Morehead State University Early College Program.