FastForward Recruitment Resources

Recruit learners, stakeholders, and employers to become involved with FastForward.


Example PosterUse this customizable artwork to direct potential learners to your website, or use the web address. Place the flyers in areas where you anticipate high volume of your target audience, e.g. social security/food stamp offices, unemployment offices, mass transit facilities, health departments, emergency rooms, etc.

More versions will be available soon.
If you would like customizable posters or flyers like these to promote FastForward, please contact KET at


KET is making available three FastForward videos for partner use.

If you have advanced video skills or partnership with a local television station, these videos can be downloaded from the KET ftp site and customized with web address, logo, and/or phone number. Contact KET for more information at

Otherwise, these videos are available on YouTube for you to share as you need.

YouTube Videos Coming Soon!

Read and share the story of a father daughter who studied using FastForward with support from their local adult education center: Making A Difference

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