Editing and Greenscreen Effects for Video Production Workshop with Pinnacle Studios – (pcs) – KET Media Lab

Add greenscreen effects to expand the possibilities of your classroom video productions!

Learn how to use the popular chromakey (greenscreen/bluescreen) video effect seen everywhere in movies and on tv with basic video editing software. Learn how to replace the background greenscreen with images and videos for special class projects, transporting themselves to Rome for a report on features of the empire, or to 1860’s America for an interview with Abraham Lincoln; to locations around the world for a project on endangered species or great music composers. Students can even place themselves on a table to illustrate chemistry experiments, or in outer space to talk about our solar system.  The possibilities are almost endless with simple greenscreen effects planning.

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Explore the use of the chromakey (greenscreen/bluescreen) effects in projects such as school news programs and announcements in this hands on workshop. Teachers and students can edit videos with this technique for classroom projects across subject areas including English studies, social studies, science, arts, and foreign language.

KET Media Lab provides the laptops, software, and other equipment during your workshop. You’ll get hands on experience with a basic video editing program like that includes the chromakey effect.

In The Greenscreen Effects for Video Production Workshop, Teachers and Students will learn how to:

  • Operate Pinnacle Studios software
  • Use still photo and video backgrounds
  • Edit video for greenscreen effects with Pinnacle Studios

Audience: Students, grades K-20; teachers and staff, all grades
Length: 1 hour
Content Areas: All
Offered Year Round with Reservation

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