MinecraftEdu Workshop: An Educational Gaming Experience for Students and Teachers – KET Media Lab

Build Worlds With Your Students Using MinecraftEdu and Support Your Teaching with Something They Already Love!

Try MinecraftEdu software for educational gaming projects in a classroom/pc-lab setting in this workshop from the KET Media Lab.

Note: MinecraftEdu has been purchased by Microsoft to be used within Microsoft’s new version of the educational gaming system called Minecraft Education Edition. KET’s Media Lab will soon update its MinecraftEdu workshop to one on using Minecraft Education Edition software. See the Minecraft Education Edition website for information on its features and requirements.

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Participants will navigate the built-in Tutorial World while we go over the program’s teacher and student controls. Also, you’ll learn how to support your classroom teaching with examples we share of teacher-built game worlds, projects, and activities.

During the MinecraftEdu – An Educational Gaming Experience for Students and Teachers Workshop, students and teachers will learn how to:

  • Begin using the MinecraftEdu software educational game
  • Use MinecraftEdu as a teacher to support learning in many subjects
  • Explore the built-in Tutorial World, which quickly orients student users (and teachers!) to the MinecraftEdu user interface and controls
  • Find and build your own educational project worlds to supplement and expand classroom learning!

If you’re thinking about adding Minecraft gaming as an educational resource in your school, come to the KET Media Lab to try out MinecraftEdu, and Minecraft Education Edition when it’s available.

Additionally, our KET IT staff will be available to discuss how easy it is to install and configure MinecraftEdu software on classroom pcs or on a networked school server, and we’ll share helpful MinecraftEdu resources.

Audience: Students, grades 4-8; teachers and staff, all grades
Length: 1 hour
Content Area: All
Available Year Round By Reservation

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