Workplace Essential Skills Recruitment and Promotional Resources

Need to Recruit Students for Workplace or Adult Ed Trainings?

Posters and postcards are available to use FREE of charge for recruitment of participants for or promotion of Workplace Essential Skills. Promote directly to potential learners for opportunities to study math and language arts used in high-demand careers or soft skills.

Workplace Essential Skills Print Resources

Download and use these posters, postcards and flyers to direct learners to your website or physical location or use Employee break areas, government assistance offices, career centers, factories, mass transit facilities, adult ed centers and daycares are all great places to post these resources to promote Workplace Essential Skills or direct potential learners to more information.

To receive versions of the posters that you can customize, contact KET.

Workplace Essential Skills Poster 1

Workplace Essential Skills Poster 2

Workplace Essential Skills_cobrandedMaterials Poster

Workplace Essential Skills Teacher Postcard

Workplace Essential Skills_LearnerPostcard

Workplace Essential Skills Overview 2019

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