Facilitator Training for Ready to Learn Workshops

KET is now offering in-person, facilitator training for PBS Ready to Learn (RTL) workshops. RTL is an effective children’s media program targeted toward America’s most at-risk kids, but made available to all families and children across the country, Ready To Learn’s high-quality transmedia content is unparalleled in its impact, value and necessity. The math- and literacy-based educational programming created by RTL provides families with effective, non-commercial content that helps prepare kids for success in school.

All of the materials are available to download to conduct the workshops on your own. However, the Early Childhood Education team at KET has executed these same workshops across the state and an Early Childhood Credentialed trainer can lead you through the steps for making yours a success. Here is a list of just some of the topics that will be included in your training based upon the workshop you choose to host:

  • Knowledge of the structure and general flow of the workshops.
  • Understanding of the science inquiry and engineering design processes.
  • Fundamentals of being an engaged and trusted facilitator.
  • Requirements for each of the facilitator roles.
  • Details about the content and requirements for each workshop session.
  • Familiarity with the resources and tools available through PBS Kids to continue the learning process with families.


Amanda Wright – Director, Early Childhood Education

Plan approximately 2 hours for the training session.


Workshops are divided into two overall categories: family and kid. Family workshops involve all interested members of a student’s family and are aimed at providing families the tools they need to continue the lessons at home. Kid camps or workshops are centered around the kid participating in the activities independently.


PBS KIDS Family and Community Learning is a series of workshops that engage families in a project -based creative process. Designed for families with children ages 5-8 (and younger/older siblings), the series uses creative play to introduce both kids and grownups to exciting digital and tangible tools that they can use to develop computation and engineering knowledge, practices, and perspectives as they imagine, plan, design, and create their own child-led projects. The series aims to support and foster collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills among family members while empowering them to create and express themselves with media and technology.

LENGTH: ~2 hours for each session. There are 4 sessions total spread out over a 4 week time period.

Ruff Ruffman Scratch Junior

Explore creative coding for young children with PBS LearningMedia’s free app, PBS KIDS Scratch Jr. It focuses on learning core coding concepts through fun, interactive stories, games, and animations featuring PBS KIDS characters. It was developed through a collaboration between PBS, Tufts University, the MIT Media Lab, and the Playful Invention Company. The app was funded by a Ready To Learn grant  provided by the Department of Education..

Ruff Ruffman Science Camp







These after-school experiences are meant to build upon the skills taught in the classroom by engaging kids in a fun, creative way of learning.

LENGTH: 3 – 6 hours for each session. There are 5 sessions total.

At the “Odd Squad: Be the Agent Camp,” children will take on the role of an Odd Squad agent, just like the ones in the show. Campers will spend five days as Odd Squad agents, solving odd cases and creating useful gadgets by using teamwork, math knowledge, science inquiry practices, the engineering design process, and creativity. By the end of the week, they will have solved up to 10 cases, engineered several gadgets, and spent lots of time having fun as a group!

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