Transportation Reimbursement for KET Media Arts Workshops

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Thanks to a grant from the Kentucky Department of Education, KET is offering travel reimbursement for media arts workshops at the KET Media Lab during the 2017-2018 school year. The goal of this program is to help schools implement the new
Kentucky Arts Standards in Media Arts.

At Media Arts Workshops in the KET Media Lab you can build your and your students’ skills in video production and editing; explore using iPads and apps to make classroom multimedia projects in less time and for less cost; introduce students to Minecraft educational gaming; and find out about KET’s numerous online classroom resources for teaching media arts.

Workshops are conducted by KET education consultants and other KET production professionals. They are FREE—and now your transportation costs to the KET Network Center in Lexington are covered too!

KET Media Lab Workshops

Program guidelines:

  • This reimbursement program is available to Kentucky public schools for teachers and students, grades K-12.
  • There is a limit of 60 students (plus staff/teachers) per visit day. You may submit additional request forms for more than one visit day.
  • Costs that will be reimbursed include bus driver and mileage cost.
  • Teacher-only workshop groups not traveling in buses, private auto mileage will be reimbursed at the current Kentucky state mileage reimbursement rate.
  • Reimbursement will be offered on a first-come basis, based on when you schedule your workshop or workshops. (So even if you can’t come until later in the school year—book now to reserve your travel funding.)

Online Workshop Request Form  — Fill-out to request your KET Media Lab reserved workshop and request travel reimbursement.

Workshops offered

  • Basic Video Production – Video/audio recording, sharing and classroom applications
  • Basic Editing with Pinnacle Studios – (PCs)
  • Greenscreen Effects for Video with Pinnacle Studios – (PCs)
  • Mobile Video Production and Editing with iMovie – (iPads)
  • Mobile Greenscreen Effects with DoInk – (iPads)
  • Minecraft for Education – (PC’s) – Introduction for Students and Teachers
  • PBS Kids ScratchJr – (iPads) – Introduction for Students and Teachers, Grades K-3
  • GarageBand – (iPads) – Introduction for Students and Teachers

Important Planning Notes:

  • KET Media Lab seating capacity is 30 per workshop (maximum of two workshops per day). You may return for more visits if you have a larger group.
  • Workshops are available for teachers and students grades K-12.
  • Workshops last 1-1.5 hours and may be booked for Mondays through Fridays during the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 5:00.
  • An additional tour of the KET production facility can be added as an option for any workshop visit (tours last from 30-minutes to an hour).
  • A workshop visit schedule can be created depending on the time you have to spend at KET.
  • You may bring lunches or order food to be delivered to eat while at KET.


In addition to the comprehensive workshops at the KET, you can schedule a basic workshop in video production and editing to be conducted at your school.  This workshop will be conducted by and scheduled through your KET regional education consultant. If you do not know who your consultant is visit Contact KET Education.

For more information about media arts training and resources from KET, contact your KET education consultant or Cynthia Warner at

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