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The KET School Video Project is a place to share Kentucky school, government, and non-government organization public service videos in a safe online environment. To upload your videos to the KET School Video Project website, register your Kentucky school or sign-in and use the Upload tab link in the menu at svp.ket.org. We’ll publish uploads online after review and processing. If uploads haven’t been published within 24 hours please email Cynthia Warner. Kentucky public, private, and homeschools are eligible to participate as well as Kentucky government and non-governmental organizations related to youth resources.

File Uploading:

  • Uploading of student-produced media is for Kentucky public, private, and homeschools; Kentucky government offices; or Kentucky community organization use.
  • In addition to videos files you may also upload graphic, music/audio, and document files that support or share resources from your multimedia projects.
  • Student-produced media containing copyrighted media from other sources will be rejected for web publication. Please include credits and sources for media used.
  • No inappropriate content is allowed: no bullying or slander; no hate references regarding race, religion, ethnicity, sex or sexual orientation.

Technical Information:

  • During uploading please be patient. The upload page will confirm your upload when it’s 100% completed. Larger files may take some time. When the progress bar reaches 100% your file is uploaded.  There is no other confirmation.
  • Upload size limit is 1024MB (1GB). Short videos are preferred, 20 min. max, please. Most video file types are acceptable.
  • Schools uploading files from Apple computers may need to add the URL to the school proxy server’s “whitelist” of approved sites for uploads to KET.

For assistance, contact Cynthia Warner, KET, at 859-258-7263.

To register, sign-in, or upload to the KET School Video Project…

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