More Attractions

More Attractions

Scale City was produced as part of a national public television collaborative to create innovative online math resources for middle school students and teachers. KET’s partners in the collaborative are Alabama Public Television (APT), Arkansas Educational Television Network (AETN), and Maryland Public Television (MPT). Explore their engaging, standards-based resources at the links below.

Proportion Land Park invites eighth graders to reason their way through eight amusement park attractions. Students must solve a variety of science-based proportional reasoning problems before they join in the fun.

Rock-n-Roll Road Trip World Tour invites students in grades 6-8 to take a trip around the world while solving real-life problems using measurement, ratio, and proportion.

Math by Design invites Algebra I and II students to become junior architects as they create an environment by following a series of geometry and measurement tasks.

Other Scale City Destinations

“The World’s Largest…” in Alabama, Arkansas, and Maryland

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