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Career Pathways

Careers of the Future (from the Touch Tomorrow Collection)

Grade Level: PreK-12
Resource Type: Video

Before we can educate and design for our future, we must envision it. This collection provides educators and caretakers with activities and resources on futuristic themes—including robotics, artificial intelligence, futuristic materials, and the cities of tomorrow.

Computer Programmer

Grade Level: 2-6
Resource Type: Video

Check out how humans work to make our computers, tablets and robots seem smart through coding and computer languages. Find more resources in the A-Z Career Lab collection.

Cool Careers in Science

Grade Level: 3-12
Resource Type: Video

Many exciting science careers await those who enjoy discovery and invention. Clean up the environment, solve crimes, create software to help kids understand their emotions, develop healthcare products, or build robots! Learn more about cool careers in these videos.

Video Production: Behind the Scenes with the Pros

Grade Level: 4-12
Resource Type: Video

Members of KET’s professional video production team describe the video production process, the skills required for each role, and provide tips to successfully produce a video.

Careers in Video Game Development

Grade Level: 5-12
Resource Type: Video

Learn how game developers are shaping the future of video games in this video from SciTech Now. The Game Innovation Lab at NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering blends computer science, art, math, education, and design to create innovative games.

Occupation STEM

Grade Level: 6-12
Resource Type: Video

Occupation STEM is a web series designed for 6th-12th grade students to spark interest in STEM-related careers. This collection features interviews with various scientists, engineers, and other STEM-related professionals working in Alabama.

STEM Career Lab

Grade Level: 6-12
Resource Type: Video

STEM professionals can create virtual worlds, design machines, invent materials, construct earth-friendly buildings and engineer vehicles. They describe their educational pathways, what they love about their jobs, and how they use the math and science they learned in high school.

Fast Forward

Grade Level: 6-12
Resource Type: Video

These videos from Georgia Public Broadcasting encourage high school students to consider science, technology, engineering, and math careers by featuring career opportunities available in Georgia, including the Centers for Disease Control, the Georgia Aquarium, and CSX.

What Can You Do with a Physics Degree? | Physics Girl

Grade Level: 6-12
Resource Type: Video

Where do physics majors end up, besides broke and teaching the next mob of physics majors? Learn about the varied career opportunities available to physics majors.

Biotechnology: Careers

Grade Level: 9-13+
Resource Type: Video

Explore the wide range of jobs available in biotechnology, such as research and development, manufacturing and production, quality control and assurance, and clinical research.

The Interview | Workplace Essential Skills

Grade Level: 11-13+
Resource Type: Interactive

Make a great impression at your next job interview with this self-paced lesson from KET’s Workplace Essential Skills series. Included are videos from a professional career counselor, interactive practice opportunities to get you thinking about strategy, and at-home activities.