Transition to PBS LearningMedia

How can teachers and schools learn more about PBS LearningMedia?

KET’s education consultants work with schools and preservice programs to provide onsite consultations, workshops, and trainings about multimedia resources, classroom technology, video production, and more. Contact your consultant to set up your free training.

What resource can I use in place of my “favorites” on Discovery Education?

To assist with the transition from Discovery Education, KET is providing a resource crosswalk. It lists the resources most often accessed and links to comparable resources in PBS LearningMedia. Download PDF

How do I access PBS LearningMedia?

You can access PBS LearningMedia from

Why is the Discovery service being canceled?

Based on the continually increasing usage of PBS LearningMedia resources and the decrease in usage of Discovery Education, PBS LearningMedia presents a more sustainable and scalable model.

What do we have to do at the school or district level?

After June 30th 2017, schools using Discovery content under the KDE/KET contract will no longer have rights to continue using these assets. Districts, schools, and teachers will need to erase or delete the content from any storage devices, including but not limited to servers, hard drives, CDs, flash drives, or zip disks.