Fix Reception Problems

KET’s four channels are broadcast free, over-the-air throughout all of Kentucky and the seven surrounding states.  See a list of broadcast channel numbers for KET, KET2, the Kentucky Channel, and KET PBS KIDS.

Antenna/Broadcast TV Tips

1. Ensure a good signal. Your antenna’s location and direction/orientation are important. Antenna television signals can be blocked by hills, large trees, and buildings. If you’re not getting a good digital signal with your current indoor or outdoor antenna, you may need an antenna upgrade. For help on antenna issues, visit or You can also call a local antenna installer to have your system checked and find out what you need.

2. Re-scan. If you’re not seeing all the digital channels that you expect to, re-scan your converter box or digital TV set to get all your channels. Press “menu” or “set-up” on your remote and choose the channel scan function. By re-scanning, your TV set will find all the channels available in your area.