Fix Reception Problems

KET has ceased analog transmission statewide and is now broadcasting ONLY digital signals.

If you’ve not yet converted to digital, take action now! With digital television, you’ll receive better pictures and sound and more local TV channels, including KET’s digital broadcast services: KET, KET2, and the Kentucky Channel.

Does your TV have an antenna?

Antennas matter more than ever, and some old antennas may not work as well with digital. If your TV uses an antenna to receive TV signals, then take action today.

1. Explore your options. Use an antenna with a digital TV converter box or a new digital television, or subscribe to a pay service.

2. Ensure a good signal. With a converter box or a new digital TV, your antenna matters more than ever. Digital television signals may be blocked by hills, large trees, and buildings. If you’re not getting a good digital signal with your current indoor or outdoor antenna, you may need an antenna upgrade. For help on antenna issues, visit or You can also call your local antenna installer to have your system checked and find out what you need.

3. Re-scan. If you’re not seeing all the digital channels that you expect to, re-scan your converter box or digital TV set to get ALL your channels. Press “menu” or “set-up” on your remote and choose the channel scan function. By re-scanning, your TV set will find all the channels available in your area.