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Program 107

1. young musician Aaron Orin
2. Herschel House’s hand-made rifles
3. Grayson Lake
4. Jazz Week at U of L
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For more information:
Aaron Orin, 157 Jones Lane, Versailles, KY 40383, (859) 873-8378

Producer: Joy Flynn
Videographer: David Brinkley
Editor: Dan Taulbee

Starting Young

musician Aaron Orin

At the time we visited Aaron Orin for this segment, taped in 1995, he was a 10-year-old music prodigy, already an accomplished pianist and composer. Citing Beethoven as his hero, he talked of using music to describe things we usually think of as “visual” and of his dream to someday play at Carnegie Hall.

Since then, the boy has grown up considerably, but music is still in his soul. While still a piano performance major at the University of Kentucky, he released a CD of his own “poems for piano” called Part of Something Vastly Larger.

Producer: Jerry Barnaby

Double Do-It-Yourselfer

rifle maker Herschel House

In the 18th century, a well-made and reliable rifle was a pioneer’s best friend. Explorers like Daniel Boone depended for both food and protection on guns made by hand by artisans of German or Swiss extraction. Eventually, the German Jäger rifle was modified into a distinctive style that became known as the Kentucky, or sometimes the Pennsylvania, long rifle.

Then mass production began to take over in the 19th century, and the hand-crafted rifle became a luxury item, too expensive for most ordinary uses. But the art of the gunsmith was never completely lost. This segment profiles one contemporary Kentuckian who is carrying on the tradition of rifle making.

In fact, Herschel House of Butler County even makes his own hand-made tools to make his hand-made rifles—an art in itself. The final results are sought after not just by collectors, but also by Hollywood filmmakers looking for historically accurate weapons.

For more information:
Grayson Lake State Park, 314 Grayson Lake Park Road, Olive Hill, KY 41164-9213, (606) 474-9727

Producer/videographer: Gale Worth
Editor: Esther Reed

Going Batty

Grayson Lake

Grayson Lake, a 1,500-acre body of water in Carter County surrounded by sandstone bluffs, historically attracted fortune hunters following rumors of untapped deposits of gold and other precious minerals. While nothing like that has ever been found, what visitors have found is a peaceful enclave for boating, walking in the woods, or just relaxing on a sandy beach (a relative rarity in this land of limestone).

On this visit, led by ranger Bernie McCloud of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, we also come away with a more tangible souvenir of our visit: a “bat box” designed to provide a roosting place for the nocturnal flyers. Classes held regularly at the park allow visitors to build these shelters along with nesting boxes for bluebirds or butterflies.

Grayson Lake State Park also has an outdoor theater, where the musical Civil War drama Someday is staged each summer.

For more information:
Jazz Studies Program, School of Music, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY 40292, (502) 852-6032

Producer: Charlee Heaton Pagoulatos
Videographer: Gale Worth
Editor: Esther Reed

Jazzed in Louisville

Jazz Week at U of L

Each February, the University of Louisville School of Music hosts Jazz Week, when student musicians of all ages gather to perform and learn more about this original American art form. Though the students usually excel in band or orchestra settings, they soon discover the extra difficulty—and the extra freedom—of creating music through improvisation, rather than re-creating it from written notes, as they do in most other settings.

The Jamey Aebersold Jazz Studies Program at the U of L School of Music proclaims itself to be “serious about America’s music.” Jazz Week, which also includes lectures, film presentations, and professional performances, is just one of many community and educational outreach programs run by the school.

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