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Program 1102

1. miniature tractors
2. fiber artist Dobree Adams
3. pilot and instructor Lucian Bartosik
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Bourbon County

Producer: Dave Shuffett

Small Delights

Bill Mattox’s toy collection

Our first stop for this edition is in Paris, where Bill Mattox shows host Dave Shuffett his collection of miniature toys. Bill especially enjoys collecting toy tractors and other nostalgic pieces that remind him of rural life in Kentucky.

Franklin County

For more information:
• Dobree Adams, Riverbend Farm, P.O. Box 475, Frankfort, KY 40602
Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, 715 W. Main St., Louisville, KY 40202, (502) 589-0102
National Lincoln Sheep Breeders Association, 15603 173rd Ave., Milo, IA 50166

Producer, editor: Gary Pahler
Videographer: George Breslin

Farm-Fresh Art

Fiber artist and photographer Dobree Adams

Dobree Adams’ art is truly home-grown. At her Riverbend Farm on the Kentucky River in Franklin County, she raises Lincoln Longwool sheep, a rare British breed. The sheep have been raised in Kentucky since the 1930s and are renowned for the luster, length, and strength of their wool. Dobree spins and dyes that wool by hand to make the raw material for her fiber art.

The resulting one-of-a-kind rugs, tapestries, and other weavings are held in collections around the world and have made Dobree one of Kentucky’s best-known contemporary fiber artists. On this visit, we see examples from an exhibition at the Kentucky Museum of Art Craft in Louisville. The artist also takes us on a tour of the farm to meet her four-legged collaborators.

Lately, Dobree has also been exploring the art of photography. She began taking pictures to document her textile work. But her river-bottom farm, with its hills and trees and morning mists, also has inspired her to capture its changing moods in photos.

Christian County

Producer, editor: Cheryl Beckley
Videographers: David Brinkley, Cheryl Beckley, Stephen Kertis, Kristen Churchwell

Three Wheels and a Wing

Ultralight pilot Lucian Bartosik

Lucian Bartosik is a skilled and enthusiastic flyer of “trikes”—three-wheeled ultralight airplanes, often with open cockpits that allow their pilots to feel the wind in their hair ... and the sky beneath their feet.

Bartosik is also a missionary of sorts, dedicated to helping as many other people as possible experience the thrill of flight. Kentucky Life met him when he was owner of Aerial Adventure, based at a 70-acre private airpark near Hopkinsville, where he taught others to pilot trikes, or even to go on to be instructors themselves. Aerial Adventure also sells books and videos, instruments and accessories, and even planes. Many people have dreamed of flying at one time or another, Lucian explains, and ultralights represent a relatively inexpensive way of making that dream come true.

Kentucky has quite a community of ultralight enthusiasts, and Kentucky Life has spotlighted several of them. Program 113 includes a visit with the Bluegrass Ultralight Group, based in Springfield. Program 819 profiles Corbin’s Bill Fortney, who combines his art with his passion for flight to take stunning aerial photographs. And Program 911 features the build-it-yourself airplanes of New Kolb Aircraft in London.

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