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Program 1103

1. glass artist Ashley Watson
2. Babe Ruth bat
3. down Tygarts Creek with Soc Clay
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Fayette County

For more information:
• Ashley Watson, 605 Arcadia Park, Lexington, KY 40503, (859) 278-3143

Producer, editor: Philip Allgeier
Videographers: Philip Allgeier, Cassandra Arza


Glass artist Ashley Watson

Lexington’s first glassmaking studio was located in a building that doesn’t look particularly artistic—a low-lying collection of office suites where you’d expect to find help with your finances or maybe your aching teeth. But inside Suite 120 of 1050 Enterprise Drive, we found GlitterBug Glass and Handmade Beads, where Ashley Watson was creating colorful and often whimsical jewelry.

Ashley was a cartoonist before she discovered the joys of glassworking, and the bold shapes and bright colors of cartoons have also found their way into her new medium. Blowing and shaping each piece by hand, she combines various sizes and shapes of beads into frogs or bugs. Other pieces consist of a central large bead decorated with patterns of smaller ones, while still others are single pieces of multi-colored glass twirled into graceful abstract shapes.

Since our 2004 visit, Ashley has moved her shop. Her new name for her business venture, Broke Down Barn, reflects another adventure that occupies much of her time: an attempt to save her family’s neglected farm.

Jefferson County

For more information:
Louisville Slugger Museum, 800 W. Main St., Louisville, KY 40202, (502) 588-7228

Producer: Dave Shuffett
Videographer: Matt Grimm
Editor: Jim Piston

Babe’s Bat

A Slugger used by Babe Ruth

In 1927, George Herman “Babe” Ruth performed the then unheard-of feat of hitting 60 home runs in one season. Though that record has since been eclipsed several times over, the Sultan of Swat still reigns as one of baseball’s most colorful and heroic figures, and memorabilia connected with him brings top dollar from collectors.

Imagine Cheryl Frazer’s surprise, then, when a bat she found stuck in a closet turned out to have been used by the Babe during that magic ’27 season. Cut around the Louisville Slugger logo are Ruth’s own “notches” representing several of those 60 home runs. Cheryl had the bat authenticated and appraised—and was told that it is now valued at more than $100,000.

Baseball historians also helped her track down the bat’s own history. It seems that Ruth gave it to a fellow Hall of Famer, Walter Johnson, who passed it down to his niece, who gave it to Cheryl Frazer’s father-in-law, who passed it along to his son ... who at some point put it away in a closet. After he died, wife Cheryl found it while going through his things.

When we went to see the bat, it was on display—in a special high-security case—at the Louisville Slugger Museum, having circled all the way back to its birthplace.

Carter County

For more information:
Carter Caves State Resort Park, 344 Caveland Drive, Olive Hill, KY 41164-9032, (606) 286-4411, reservations (800) 325-0059

Producer, editor: Treg Ward
Videographers: Treg Ward, Matt Grimm

Up the Creek

Canoeing Tygarts Creek

Clarence Henry “Soc” Clay has spent much of his life—60+ years at the time of our visit—in the great outdoors. This dedicated fisherman and hiker has built a sterling reputation as a writer and photographer in the process. He has ranged far and wide, and his articles on everything from fishing techniques to camp cooking have been published worldwide in newspapers, magazines, and books. He is a member of several halls of fame honoring outdoorspeople, and he’s even a former Kentucky Poet Laureate—although he says that was for “writing poetically” rather than for writing poetry.

But however far he roams, northeastern Kentucky remains his base, and he knows its streams intimately. For this visit, he takes Kentucky Life host and fellow fishing enthusiast Dave Shuffett on a canoe journey along one of his favorites: Tygarts Creek.

This 90-mile stream originates in southern Carter County, in the northern reaches of the Daniel Boone National Forest. On its way northeast to an eventual meeting with the Ohio River at Soc’s hometown of South Shore, it flows through a steep-walled gorge in the Cascade Caverns State Nature Preserve, a small enclave contained within Carter Caves State Resort Park.

In addition to stunning scenery, Tygarts Creek offers some relatively benign whitewater, several prime fishing spots, and, near South Shore, a recently restored covered bridge.

Harlan County

For more information:
Kingdom Come State Park, Box M, Cumberland, KY 40823-0420, (606) 589-2479

On Location

Dave hosts this edition from Kingdom Come State Park, located on the crest of Pine Mountain near the Kentucky-Virginia border. Featured in Kentucky Life Program 104 as a place where you might spot black bears, the park offers hiking trails through rugged mountain scenery as well as a fishing lake and other recreational opportunities.

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