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Program 1302

1. photographer Dean Hill
2. Sally Brown Nature Preserve
3. glass artist Guy Kemper
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Morgan County

For more information:

Dean Hill Photography, 11607 Hwy. 437, West Liberty, KY 41472, (606) 522-3935

Producers: Joy Flynn, Jim Piston
Videographer: Amelia Cutadean
Audio: Noel Bramblett
Editor: Jim Piston

Back Home Again

Photographer Dean Hill

Like many a young man growing up in a rural community, Dean Hill was determined to get out and see something of the world. So he left Eastern Kentucky for college, then joined the Peace Corps. After living and working in Thailand for a while, he traveled around other parts of Asia, spent five months on a fishing boat in Alaska, and lived in the American West. Along the way, he documented his adventures with a hobby he had picked up in Thailand: photography.

But when word came that his father had died, Hill headed back home to Morgan County and discovered that, though the place hadn’t changed much, he was seeing it in a brand-new way. He built a home on land that had been in his family for generations and set about re-exploring the hills he had known as a boy—but this time with an eye more attuned to nuance and detail. Now the hobby has become a passion for capturing the beauty of Appalachia in photographs.

And it’s a living, too. Hill and his wife, Karen, live at the upper end of Paintsville Lake. She helps process prints of his photographs, and they run a mail-order business and gallery selling the prints and his book, Spirit of Appalachian Kentucky. Their Gallery of the Hills, off Hwy. 172 between Paintsville and West Liberty, is open afternoons Wednesday through Saturday and at other times by appointment.

Garrard County

For more information:
Sally Brown Nature Preserve, c/o the Nature Conservancy, Kentucky Chapter, 642 W. Main St., Lexington, KY 40508, (859) 259-9655

Producer, videographer: Brandon Wickey
Editor: Dan Taulbee


Sally Brown Nature Preserve

The Sally Brown Nature Preserve in Garrard County was created to protect part of the Kentucky River’s spectacular Palisades, a series of limestone cliffs that afford sweeping views of the river as it curls through Central Kentucky. But this visit focuses more on the details: the wildflowers that make every spring a riot of color here.

The preserve is managed by the Nature Conservancy, and our tour guide is Jim Aldrich, director of the Kentucky Chapter. He identifies some common and not-so-common varieties and talks about the special qualities that made this particular place important to preserve. For another perspective on that, we also hear from namesake and benefactor Sally Brown, a Louisville woman known nationwide for her work on behalf of environmental and historical preservation.

Kentucky Life previously visited the Sally Brown Nature Preserve in Program 616. For more about Brown, see the web pages accompanying the KET documentary Sally Brown: Force of Nature.

Woodford County

For more information:

Kemper Studio, 1425 Elliston Lane, Versailles, KY 40383, (859) 254-3507
Kentucky Muse presented a look at Kemper's work for a Seattle rail station in "Painting with Glass," a film produced and directed by Mark Pengry and written/edited by Guy Mendes.

Producer: Tom Thurman
Videographer: Prentice Walker
Audio: Brent Abshear

Liquid Light

Glass artist Guy Kemper

Though his works are made of glass, Guy Kemper describes himself as a painter. Focusing on the interplay of color and light, the Versailles artist uses traditional glass blowing and pouring techniques as well as some innovative methods of his own to create abstract stained glass windows and other architectural pieces. His works have expanded people’s conceptions of what “stained glass” is and won him recognition around the world. Travelers see his work at both the Baltimore/Washington, DC and Greater Orlando International airports, Sheikh Maktoum al-Maktoum of Dubai commissioned a private piece, and visitors to Ground Zero in New York can meditate in the Catholic Memorial chapel while bathed in light streaming from Kemper’s windows.

Or, if you’d like to see some of his work closer to home, you could stop by the media center at Woodford County High School in his hometown of Versailles, the Beaumont Branch of the Lexington Public Library, Lourdes Hospital in Paducah, the Anderson County Public Library, or Jewish Hospital’s Heart and Lung Center in Louisville.

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