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Program 1428

1. Musicians Daniel and Amy Carwile
2. Stained Glass Artist Bill Brumm
3. Bill Best’s Heirloom Tomatoes
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Fayette County

For more information:
• See videos of the Carwiles’ performances on Facebook.

Producer/Editor: Dave Dampier
Videographer: Dave Dampier, Jason Robinson

Acoustic Masters

Daniel and Amy Carwile

Grand Master fiddle champ Daniel Carwile and his wife, Amy, entertain audiences from the Grand Ole Opry to England with a musical style that hits all the right notes.

Together they operate Carwile String Studio in Lexington, specializing in fiddle, viola, mandolin and acoustic guitar instruction. Daniel and Amy also travel throughout the country and abroad conducting fiddle workshops and master classes in addition to music camps.

The accomplished duo play multiple instruments. Amy plays fiddle and piano and sings. Daniel plays fiddle, standard guitar, mandolin, tenor guitar, viola, and the clawhammer banjo. Both also play the bouzouki, a stringed instrument similar to a mandolin.

The Carwiles welcome us into their Fayette County home, where they discuss their musical backgrounds and the music lessons they provide to diverse student populations.

Wayne County

For more information:
• You can view some of Bill Brumm’s work at

Producer: Jessica Gibbs
Videographer: Michael DePersio, Kyle McCafferty

Art Glass

Stained glass artist Bill Brumm

Many a poet has looked at a forest and compared it to a cathedral, observing the tall drapes of greenery and imagining stained glass windows.

Maybe such thoughts crossed Bill Brumm’s mind. After he retired from the U.S. Forest Service, Bill needed a hobby in addition to refurbishing the 19th century log cabin in Wayne County where he and his wife, Jamison, also an artist, live and work. So he got a few books, watched a few videos, and now he’s a stained glass artist.

Bill, who as a child was fascinated with the stained glass in cathedrals, describes his technique and reveals why he thinks his pieces stand out. His pieces include garden ornaments like sunflowers, and, for the sports fan, University of Kentucky- and University of Louisville-themed items. He also creates custom works, like a bear and cub set against a green and blue background. Pieces about music showcase curving images of guitars or keyboards. All his pieces include the brilliant sweeps of color that the poet in everyone can appreciate.

Madison County

Producer/Videographer: Brandon Wickey
Audio: Chuck Burgess
Editors: Brandon Wickey, Dan Taulbee

Fine on the Vine

Bill Best’s heirloom tomatoes

We’ve got just the thing to make you long for those hot days of summer—juicy, bursting-with-flavor heirloom tomatoes. Join host Dave Shuffett as we travel to Berea to meet Bill Best, grower of wonderful heirloom tomatoes.

Bill, a former professor at Berea College, shares a few of his more than 100 varieties. He explains the difference between heirloom and hybrid tomoatoes, pointing out why he prefers heirlooms. Bill has gardened since he was a child and tomatoes have always been his favorite vegetable.

Bob Perry of the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, whom you may recall from previous Kentucky Life editions about homegrown foods, creates a mouth-watering sandwich and a fresh tomato salad, made with Bill’s best heirlooms and Broadbent bacon.

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