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Program 1510

1. Out of This World
2. Our Town: Hazel
3. From the Land
4. So Long, Sadie
5. Up in Flames
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Shelby County

For more information:
Did You Know That Meteorites Have Hit Kentucky?, a Web page by the Kentucky Geological Survey, has maps and information on Jeptha Knob.

Producer/Videographer: Dave Shuffett
Editor: Wesley Jay Akers
Audio Post: Chuck Burgess
Graphics: Mary Ann Carpenter

Out of This World

Meteorite at Jeptha Knob

Join us as we explore a meteorite impact site at Jeptha Knob in Shelby County. With the help of geologist Warren Anderson of the University of Kentucky, we find evidence just off Interstate 64 of a crater three miles wide.

According to the Kentucky Geological Survey, the impact occurred around 425 million years ago, during the Ordovician Period, a time when the first primitive plants began to appear on land. Erosion has made the outer rim of the crater invisible, but there is still evidence of the central core of rock that was thrust upward from deeper underground by the ancient impact.

What is left for us to see is a group of knobs that stand out from the surrounding countryside. These knobs—the highest elevation in the Bluegrass region at 1,188 feet—offer a commanding view of the region.

Our crater explorations aren’t done yet. Besides Jeptha Knob, there are two other meteorite craters in Kentucky, in Middlesboro and Versailles. We’ll be visiting those later this year.

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Calloway County

For more information:
• The Hazel, Ky., Web site has information on shopping, eating out, and a calendar of events.

Producer/Videographer: Dave Shuffett
Editor: Dan Taulbee

Our Town—Hazel

We travel to Calloway County to visit Hazel, a small town on the Tennessee border that has made a name for itself in the world of antiques. The town may have only about 440 residents, but it boasts hundreds of antiques dealers.

After a day of shopping, visitors can enjoy delicious food at Ann’s Country Kitchen, Charlie’s Old-Fashioned Soda Fountain, or La Cocina, to name a few.

Hazel is the only incorporated city in Calloway County besides Murray, the county seat. Located just minutes away from Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake, Hazel has found its niche catering to tourists and antique lovers.

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Boyle County

For more information:
Rolling Fork Farm, 669 Curtis Road Gravel Switch, Ky. 40328, (859) 332-7253

Producer/Videographer/Editor: Brandon Wickey
Audio Post: Chuck Burgess

From the Land

Rolling Fork Farm

If you long for farm fresh, organic foods, look no further than the surrounding countryside. Our destination this week is Rolling Fork Farm, a USDA-certified organic farm in the Forkland community of Boyle County, run by Carl and Tina Benson and their daughter Ada.

It is among the growing number of farms bringing food directly to your kitchen through Community Supported Agriculture. A CSA sells “shares” of the farm’s produce for the growing season to the public. A full share in Rolling Fork is $700 for the 26-week growing season, or $375 for a half share.

Carl and Tina grow vegetables, strawberries, and raspberries on their 17-acre farm. The Bensons have also offered roasting chickens and eggs and yogurt made from the milk of their cow. Although the growing season is May to October, the work is year-round. Seeds are sown in the greenhouses in March, and in the winter months, Tina can be found baking sourdough bread in a kiln outside her house.

Produce from Rolling Fork can also be found in Lexington at Good Foods Market and Café and in Danville during the summer at the Boyle County Farmers Market.

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Fayette County

Producer: Dave Shuffett
Editor: Kelly Campbell

So Long, Sadie

A Tribute

In our final Paw Pals segment, Dave Shuffett remembers his dog Sadie, who passed away in 2009, and her years of travels with Kentucky Life. Sadie, a mostly black border collie adopted from an animal shelter, joined the show in 2001. She retired from active hosting duty after five seasons.

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Metcalfe County

For more information:
Steve Scherer, 2615 Old Glasgow Road, Edmonton, Ky., 42129-9062, (270) 432-3615, email:

Producer: Kyle McCafferty
Videographers: Kyle McCafferty, Jesse Smith, Mark Irons
Editor: Jessica Gibbs

Up in Flames

Glass Artist Steve Scherer

Since the early 1970s, glass artist Steve Scherer has made a career out of playing with fire. He began learning the art of lampworking from a friend’s father in high school and has been in love with the art form ever since, with unique and beautiful results.

Lampworking is a type of glasswork that uses a torch to melt rods and tubes of clear and colored glass. Steve is known for using his own hand-colored glass. On his Web site, you can view a portfolio of his works: tropical fish ornaments, graceful figures of the human body in motion, colorful frogs and dolphins, goblets festooned with decorative seahorses, and more.

He works six hours a day in his studio. He specializes in creating delicate and fragile figures or scenes—like a bird on a twig—and then enclosing them inside a sealed glass sphere. Join us to view this artwork born of fire.

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