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Program 1511

1. The Icing on the Cake
2. Our Town—Pippa Passes
3. Dave Does It! Ballroom Dancing at Baker Hunt
4. Today's Special—Orchid Flower Restaurant
5. For Body and Soul
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Fayette County

For more information:
Brown's Bakery, 1397 W. Main St., Lexington, Ky. 40508, 859-225-8400, email:

Producer: Valerie Trimble
Videographer: Amelia Cutadean
Audio: Noel Depp
Editor: Kelly Campbell

The Icing on the Cake

Brown's Bakery

On this Valentine's Day weekend we pay a visit to Brown's Bakery, a family-owned operation beginning its fourth year in business in Lexington.

James and Bridget Brown offer a dazzling variety of cupcakes—sundae cupcakes, bourbon chocolate pecan cupcakes, Italian creme cupcakes, and more. James, a professional chef and baker, makes all the pies and cakes from scratch. Bridget, an attorney, manages the bakery office.

The Browns specialize in offering individualized desserts (how about your own mini coconut meringue pie?) as well as specialty and wedding cakes. The special sweets this month aren't limited to heart-shaped cookies and chocolate-dipped strawberries, though. The bakery is also celebrating Mardi Gras with king cakes and beignets.

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Knott County

For more information:
• The Alice Lloyd College Web site explains the origin of the town's name and details the college's beginnings.

Producer/Videographer: Dave Shuffett
Editor: Kelly Campbell

Our Town—Pippa Passes

If there's a verse in your heart, come with us to Pippa Passes. The town's very name comes from a Robert Browning poem about a little girl named Pippa who, despite all the toil and drudgery of life in the sweatshop, inspires everyone on her rare days off by singing a light-hearted song as she passes through town.

From that song comes the famous verse:

"God's in his heaven—
All's right with the world!"

Pippa Passes is the home of Alice Lloyd College, a private liberal arts school whose motto is "A Light Unto the Mountains." The school occupies 175 acres on the picturesque slopes along both sides of Caney Creek in Knott County.

Come with us to get a glimpse of this special mountain beauty.

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Kenton County

For more information:
Baker Hunt Art and Cultural Center, 620 Greenup St., Covington, Ky. 41011, (859) 431-0020

Producer/Editor: Tom Bickel
Videographer: Amelia Cutadean
Audio: Roger Tremaine
Audio Post: Chuck Burgess

Dave Does It!

Ballroom dancing at Baker Hunt

Ballroom dancing is all the rage, and Dave travels to Covington for lessons at the Baker Hunt Art and Cultural Center. Baker Hunt, which offers a wide variety of classes, including painting, quilting, and yoga, has long offered ballroom dancing lessons.

When you think of ballroom dancing, the stately waltz most readily comes to mind. However, ballroom dancing includes so much more: foxtrot, tango, cha cha, and mambo, to name a few. With a little instruction and a few simple rules (men start with the left foot forward, women with the right foot back), Dave is ready to go.

One-two-three-four, one-two-three-four ...

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Fayette County

For more information:
Orchid Flower Restaurant, 3090 Old Todds Road, Suite 160, Lexington, Ky. 40509, 859-543-1126, email:

Producer: Brandon Wickey
Videographer: John Schroering
Audio: Roger Tremaine

Today's Special—Orchid Flower Restaurant

In "Today's Special," a new feature on Kentucky Life, we visit a restaurant and order the special, the dish that the restaurant owner or its customers feels is the best. Our debut segment features the Orchid Flower in Lexington—possibly the only Indonesian restaurant in the state.

The menu includes a sushi bar with octopus salad, tuna wasabi, and more. Specialty rolls include the Yummy Roll, made with crab and barbecued eel, and the Volcano Roll, made with kani, jalapeno, and cream cheese, wrapped with foil and set aflame.

Dave speaks with the owner and chef, Wiwi Harrison, and samples the satay—a shish kebab of marinated meat served with spicy peanut sauce.

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Jefferson County

For more information:
Gallery House, 1386 S. Sixth St., Louisville, Ky. 40208-2261, 502-635-2550 or 877-597-2744

Producer: Valerie Trimble
Videographer: Dave Dampier
Audio: Noel Depp
Editor: Jim Piston
Lighting: Don Dean

For Body and Soul

Gallery House Bed and Breakfast

Amid the historic homes of Old Louisville across from Central Park, you'll find the Gallery House bed and breakfast. You can be forgiven if you mistake it for an older home. Though the look is High Victorian, the house was built in 1997 and was designed specifically for its oddly shaped, narrow lot by the owners, Leah Stewart and Gordon Moffet.

Gallery House was also designed to display the owners' art. Gordon, an art professor who's working on his doctorate in art history, paints in a studio on the third floor of Gallery House. Art is featured in every room of the house—even the bathrooms.

Leah is a professional chef and wedding cake baker. Guests at Gallery House can start the day with meals like scrambled eggs and shrimp, chocolate waffles with strawberries, or lemon pancakes with blueberries.

The beauty of art, the smell of good cooking—even the purring of resident kitties Maggie and Spike—make the cozy Gallery House the perfect place to conclude our day.

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