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Program 1513

1. Sounds of the East
2. Our Town—Wickliffe
3. Lingering Spirits
4. Fighting Force
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Fayette County

For more information:
University of Kentucky School of Music
• Read more about Dr. Han in this Making a Difference profile from KET.

Producer: Brandon Wickey
Videographers: Jason Robinson, Amelia Cutadean, Brandon Wickey
Audio: Brent Abshear
Audio Post: Chuck Burgess

Sounds of the East

Dr. Han and the UK Chinese Orchestra

Enjoy the music of the Far East without leaving Kentucky as we meet Han Kuo-Huang and the University of Kentucky Chinese Orchestra.

Dr. Han owns more than 150 instruments from around the world. A world-renowned expert in Far East musical styles and composition, he talks with us about his musical journey. Born in China, he grew up in Taiwan and later came to the United States, where he earned his master's and doctoral degrees in music from Northwestern University. He spent 30 years at Northern Illinois University in Chicago, where he began that school's world music program.

Lexington has been his home since 2004, when he began a three-year tenure at UK as a visiting professor of ethnomusicology. The fruit of his labor is evident as we listen to the UK Chinese Orchestra.

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Ballard County

For more information:
Wickliffe Mounds State Historic Site

Producer/Videographer: Dave Shuffett
Audio Post: Chuck Burgess

Our Town—Wickliffe

Come with us to Wickliffe, the county seat of Ballard County, near the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. The town was founded in 1880 and replaced Blandville, the previous county seat, in 1882.

The town may be best known for Wickliffe Mounds, the site of a prehistoric Native American village. Located on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River, the village was occupied from about AD 1100 to 1350. (You can view our previous visit to Wickliffe Mounds.)

The town is also known for the 90-foot-tall Fort Jefferson Memorial Cross, located at the highest point in the county. Wickliffe tourism officials say the site is popular for weddings, memorial services, and other observances. Nature's abundance can be enjoyed at the Ballard and Boatwright Wildlife Management Areas, which include Swan Lake, the state's largest natural lake.

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Jefferson County

For more information:
Waverly Hills, 4400 Paralee Drive Louisville, Ky. 40272-2692, (502) 933-2142.

Producers: Dave Dampier, Jason Robinson
Director: Frank Simkonis
Videographers: Frank Simkonis, John Schroering
Audio Post: Chuck Burgess
Editor: Dave Dampier

Lingering Spirits

Waverly Hills

Once a hospital for tuberculosis patients, Waverly Hills, located in southwestern Louisville, has been popularized on television as being one of the "most haunted" hospitals in the eastern United States.

Owners Charlie and Tina Mattingly are restoring the 1920s Gothic-style sanatorium and plan to turn it into a hotel that will cater to the haunted hotel crowd as well as regular hotel patrons. The Mattinglys currently offer historical tours of the building as well as "ghost hunt" tours for those whose interests lean to the paranormal.

Why do some people believe Waverly Hills is haunted? The sanatorium was known for its 500-foot long "body chute," a supply tunnel that was also used to discreetly whisk away bodies of the departed to waiting hearses. As you might expect, tales of lingering spirits haunting the tunnel became legendary over the years.

The sanatorium served over 400 patients and was considered a model of good care in its day. TB patients were isolated from the public and prescribed bed rest, sunshine, fresh air, and healthy food. The building's use as a TB sanatorium ended in 1961, but the ghostly tales live on.

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Whitley County

For more information:
Wynn Fire Equipment, P.O. Box 1585, Corbin, Ky. 40701, (800) 639-4966 or (606) 523-9269

Producer/Editor: Jessica Gibbs
Videographers: Zaac Christopher, Kyle McCafferty, Joe Gibbs

Fighting Force

Wynn Fire Equipment

Charles Wynn was looking for a way to get into the fire and safety business, so he started filling fire extinguishers. Twenty years later, Wynn Fire Equipment can now build a fire truck from start to finish in one location at its facility in Corbin.

Wynn Fire Equipment specializes in making its trucks efficient and affordable. Charles is familiar with the tight budgets of small fire departments, and many members of his staff are firefighters themselves.

Wynn Fire Equipment has its own line of own line of tankers, pumpers, brush trucks, and rescue trucks. Meet the workforce behind this Kentucky success story.

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