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Program 1514

1. Rural Retreat
2. Our Town—Stamping Ground
3. On Course
4. Wood Work
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Boone County

For more information:
First Farm Inn, 2510 Stevens Road, Idlewild, Ky. 41080 (859) 586-0199

Producer: Valerie Trimble
Videographers: Matt Grimm, Jason Robinson
Audio: Brent Abshear
Editor: Jim Piston
Lighting: Don Dean

Rural Retreat

First Farm Inn

First Farm Inn in rural Boone County offers a unique bed-and-breakfast experience for animal lovers, including horses and horseback riding lessons as well as lots of cats, dogs, and other animals. Guests may bring their own horses. They can also bring their own pets.

An updated 1870s farmhouse on 20 acres of rolling hills, this rural retreat is located just 20 minutes from Cincinnati. The owners, husband-and-wife team Dana Kaisor and Jen Warner, cherish their horses, dogs and cats, and say their animals love the attention they get from the guests. You can bring your own pet if it fits in with the gang at First Farm and behaves well.

Like any good bed and breakfast, First Farm Inn takes pride in the food it serves. They sell their very own cookbook online, with recipes that increase fiber and reduce sugar, like whole wheat biscuits and seven-grain pancakes. The inn's online store sells mugs, calendars, and T-shirts—including, naturally, one for dogs.

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Scott County

Producer: Dave Shuffett
Editor: Dan Taulbee

Our Town—Stamping Ground

Come with us to Stamping Ground in rural Scott County, home of the Buffalo Daze festival. The town was named for the basin in the earth made long ago by the migrating buffalo that trampled the soil by a spring. The annual festival features a mechanical buffalo to ride and buffalo burgers to eat.

The 21st century version of Stamping Ground features a variety of local businesses, including a place to get a hearty country meal. Emi Lou's Country Kitchen gives you a discount on your Sunday meal if you bring in your church bulletin.

Besides being the site of a buffalo trail intersection, Stamping Ground is also where the lives of Zerelda Cole and Robert James officially intersected in marriage, resulting in the birth of the infamous Frank and Jesse James. There's no accounting in the family for those outlaw brothers; their father was an upstanding ministry student at nearby Georgetown College.

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Fayette County

Producer: Steve Shaffer
Videographers: Jason Robinson, John Schroering, Steve Shaffer
Audio: Brent Abshear
Audio Post: Chuck Burgess
Editor: Steve Shaffer
Editor/QC: Kelly Campbell

On Course


If the sight of an empty parking lot has you itching to show off your skill behind the wheel, we have a story for you. Join us at Commonwealth Stadium in Lexington as we explore the motorsport of autocross—the art of maneuvering a car at high speed through a course laid out on asphalt.

Dave Shuffett takes a ride with a veteran driver from the Central Kentucky chapter of the Sports Car Club of America. He gets some up close and personal instruction on how to navigate the sea of orange cones that make up the autocross course.

Though skill is emphasized, the speeds, while not NASCAR caliber, are still substantial for a parking lot: 45-55 miles per hour. Drivers wear helmets, and cars compete in classes based on how they perform. It's a sport of skill—two seconds are added to the final time for each traffic cone that is knocked over, according to the car club.

Join us as Dave tries his hand at the wheel.

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Oldham County

For more information:
Olde Master Originals, 6244 Old LaGrange Road, Suite 3 Crestwood, Ky. 40014, (877) 978-8837 or (502) 241-7071

Producer/Editor: Jessica Gibbs
Videographers: Bentley Blair, Brent Boyens

Wood Work

Olde Master Originals

From a raw piece of lumber, Olde Master Originals creates wooden crafts that are works of art. From all-wood golf putters to personalized baseball bats and police batons, the Oldham County company can create the perfect gift for anyone.

Like a good cook starting with the finest ingredients, the craftsmen start with the best woods in the world, including exotics like ebony and pink ivory. Dave Berger, president of Olde Master Originals, and craftsman Bruce Lang take pride in creating items that are both functional and beautiful.

The company's walking sticks are sure to catch the eye of nature lovers like our own Dave Shuffett. These are no ordinary walking sticks. When you place an order, you can name your hardwood—Osage orange from Kentucky, perhaps, or Dark Cocobolo from Nicaragua or Wild Olive from East Africa. Grip designs can be ornate: chevron, leaf, or even casino (hearts, spades, etc.). Come with us to see how Olde Master Originals sculpts its creations.

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