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Program 1613

1. Derby City Roller Girls
2. Today's Special—The Porch
3. Sheltowee Farm Mushrooms
4. Historical Marker 1783—Cedar Hall-Helm Place
5. Leslie Nichols
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Jefferson County

For more information:
Derby City Roller Girls

Producer: Matt Grimm
Videographers: John Schroering, Matt Grimm, Jason Robinson
Audio: Brent Abshear

Derby City Roller Girls

Demolition Derby

The Derby City Roller Girls, Louisville's own roller derby team, attracts big crowds for home bouts. A member of the national Women's Flat Track Derby Association, the team demonstrates its athletic skills in scrimmages and competition.

The women, most of whom have "normal" jobs and careers, skate under colorful aliases. Coaches are Mel O'Drama and Sirius Trouble; team members include Kimmy Crippler, Jimi Hitrix, and Slamas Aran. Even the referees and support staff possess frightening monikers like Izzy Demented, Ann Guish, and Daizy Mayhem.

The aliases are in good fun, but the team members take the sport seriously. Team members must try out and make it through boot camp, and they wear protective gear like "multiple crash" helmets for their rough and tumble bouts. The jammer scores points for each opposing blocker she passes legally and in bounds. Blockers try to stop the other team's jammer while helping theirs get through.

The American roller derby started during the Depression as a lap skating spectacle. It later became a contact sport, and has been reincarnated today as a blend of athleticism and campy entertainment.

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Russell County

For more information:
• The Porch Restaurant, 234 Steve Drive, Russell Springs, Ky. 42642, phone: 270-866-8988

Producer: Brandon Wickey

Today's Special—The Porch

Cozy porches and country dining go hand in hand. Russell Springs is home to the Porch restaurant, which is known locally for its scrumptious salads and homemade pies. Dave Shuffett samples the soup and salad and a piece of pie.

Owner Rima David and manager Connie Miller take pride in the fact that many of their menu items are made from scratch. Their time-tested recipes earned them a mention in Gary West's book, Eating Your Way Across Kentucky: 101 Must Places to Eat. The Porch has a loyal following from the locals, and attracts vacationers from nearby Lake Cumberland as well.

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Bath County

For more information:
• Sheltowee Farm Gourmet Mushrooms, 859-219-3400 or 606-768-9465

Producer: Valerie Trimble
Videographers: Dave Dampier, John Schroering
Audio: Brent Abshear, Noel Depp
Editor: Jim Piston

Sheltowee Farm Mushrooms

A Gourmet Harvest

If your night on the town included a dinner featuring fancy gourmet mushrooms, then you may have sampled the produce from Sheltowee Farm.

The Bath County business is Kentucky's premier organic gourmet mushroom farm. Owned by Bill Webb, a retired Navy sailor, the farm supplies shiitake and oyster mushrooms to high-end restaurants in Lexington, Louisville and Cincinnati.

Bill grows the mushrooms indoors, rather than the usual outdoor log method. It's a labor intensive, year-round crop; he picks mushrooms at least once every 24 hours, sometimes twice.

They also offer morels, chanterelles, hen of the woods, and chicken of the woods when available.

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Fayette County

For more information:
Kentucky Historical Highway Marker Program

Producer: Jim Piston

Historical Marker 1783—Cedar Hall-Helm Place

If these walls could talk! The Greek Revival mansion known as Cedar Hall-Helm Place has seen its share of American history.

Now privately owned, the impressive home overlooking Elkhorn Creek in Fayette County was part of the Col. Abraham Bowman estate. When the colonel's days as a Revolutionary War regiment commander were behind him, he settled in Lexington on South Elkhorn Creek in about 1781. There he farmed, built a mill, and entertained fellow veterans like the Marquis de Lafayette. Toward the end of his life, in about 1837, either he or his son George built Cedar Hall.

Behind the Bowman estate was Todd's Station, built by Levi Todd, grandfather of Mary Todd Lincoln and her half sister, Emilie Todd Helm. Cedar Hall itself was transferred to the Helm family in 1912 when Emilie, the widow of Confederate Gen. Ben H. Helm (who was killed at Chickamauga), bought it and renamed it Helm Place, after Ben's home in Elizabethtown.

The mansion was later owned by William H. Townsend (1890-1964), an Anderson County native and attorney who became a leading authority on Abraham Lincoln and in his lifetime amassed the largest collection of Lincoln memorabilia in the country.

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Warren County

For more information:
Nichols Studio

Producer/Editor: Cheryl Beckley
Videographer: David Brinkley, Jessica Gibbs

Leslie Nichols


Leslie Nichols of Bowling Green uses type and typewriters to create unique works of art. Her work includes words in the background of an image, as well as words that form images, creating layered landscapes and portraits.

The Kentucky Foundation for Women recently awarded her a $4,200 grant to fund the creation of her newest body of work and attend Vermont Studio Center. This new body of work will be based on a variety of early feminist texts, and will be exhibited at the Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center in Covington in September 2011.

Leslie, who is originally from St. Louis, is working on obtaining her Graduate Certificate in Women's Studies from Western Kentucky University.

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